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1000+ Content Writing Jobs 2023 – Home-based Article Writing Jobs

Thousands of Content Writing jobs are posted on daily basis to hire new, experienced, and professional content writers. These content writing jobs are available on online job board websites for a variety of content types.

Definition of Content Writing:

Content Writing is defined as a process to pen down unique ideas, stories, factual information, poetry, academic notes, academic research, or blogging articles.

Understanding Blog Writing:

Developing, creating, and editing article is known as blog content writing, and it is often done for digital marketing goals. Creating content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms or text posts on Reddit, can include authoring blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for blogs and websites.

How Much Can A Content Writer Earn? 

The amount of money a content writer makes directly relates to the number of years of experience. While GlassDoor reports a $48,700 annual average, writers with four to six years of expertise can earn $53,250. The average salary for writers with more than ten years of experience is over $65,700.

The pay scale for content writers is also influenced by where they work. Depending on the region of the country, a higher pay rate can be necessary. A writer in rural Kentucky cannot make the same income as a writer in New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, for instance.

Types of Content Writing Formats

Most people think of creating articles when they hear “content writing.” Writing content is crucial for more than simply blog articles, though. Content authoring is crucial for a variety of content formats, such as:

  • YouTube Scripts
  • Email Bulletins
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Posts On Social Media
  • Podcast Names
  • White Papers
  • Web Content
  • Page Landings
  • Video Descriptions On YouTube

Is Content Writing A Home-Based Job? 

There are benefits and drawbacks to working from home as a content writer. Knowing all of the advantages and disadvantages of a profession in content writing is essential before you start one. When you work from home, you must do all the research a potential employer would require. Although working from home seems straightforward, there are numerous drawbacks. These are some of the following you need to see as a home-based content writer:

  • Skills and Experience – Your income in home-based article writing employment is based on the caliber of your work and your experience. Even if your job is excellent, you won’t be paid much if you lack expertise. Even if you have experience, if your work is not of high quality, you will not get compensated and may even be fired. Additionally, depending on the availability of jobs, the income may fluctuate.
  • A chance to work on a range of projects at once – One benefit of working from home as a writer is taking on as many customers as you like. Managing multiple projects at once not only increases your income but also develops and exercises your multitasking abilities. Regular employees are not subject to this obligation from their employers.
  • Competence and Commitment – You must demonstrate professionalism and commitment if you want to improve as a writer and a worker. In the realm of content writing, these principles are highly regarded. When working with a client, you need to be effective and professional. You must promise to provide them with what they ask for and to do it promptly and accurately.
  • Remaining comfortably at your home – The majority of writers believe that their homes are the ideal workspaces. You can work from the convenience of your home when you have a career as a content writer. You would save the time and money that would have been required for daily uphill travel. Although there are no set schedules, you can have particular deadlines to meet.
  • Author’s Block – One of the few issues that home-based writers have to deal with is writer’s block. Every writer experiences writer’s block, which can be challenging to recover from. When you work from home, you are free to take as much time off as you need to rest.

Required Skills & Qualifications to become a Content Writer

Along with creativity and versatility, a content writer should possess various skills. Although being a content writer is challenging initially, it is possible with a lot of effort. You need to have these natural talents in content creation if you want to be a good content writer:

  • Making Creative and Original Material – Even though a content writer may lack expertise in the subject matter, the material they produce must be distinctive and distinct. After performing in-depth research, the author should be able to transform their findings into original, well-informed material. More readers are drawn to original content that is imaginative and distinctive than to unoriginal and protracted, dull items. When optimizing for search engines, original work is crucial.
  • Good Knowledge of SEO – Writers of content have a variety of educational backgrounds, including those in literature, journalism, and public relations. You must understand SEO, though, if you want to use your passion for writing to launch a lucrative career as a digital content writer.
  • Organizational Abilities – An essential soft skill for a content writer is organizational ability. Here, organization entails much more than simply stacking items neatly on your desk or putting books alphabetically. When you have several assignments to complete, managing deadlines is essential. It also helps you stay on top of your personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Communication Abilities – The cornerstones of content writing are abilities like understanding fundamental syntax, crafting suitable phrases, and research. These are the essential subject skills, though. A skilled writer entails more than just producing grammatically sound phrases and meeting word requirements. The information should serve a purpose and be directed toward your client’s objectives.

How to Sharpen Your Content Writing Techniques? 

Competent writers continuously improve via practice, which sets them apart from average writers. Here are some strategies for enhancing your article writing abilities:

  • Refresh your knowledge of the basics because they never change. When you are very creative, some rules can be broken. But keeping an eye on the fundamentals helps you get back on course.
  • As SEO changes constantly, pay attention to know it. It always works better to have material with the right keyword volume and ratio.
  • Write content that is original, practical, educational, and pertinent. Search engine algorithms grade the quality of the information.
  • Write daily, even if you are only a part-time content creator. Perfectionism comes with practice. If you don’t write often, you can write reviews of the things you buy, the movies you watch, etc., to keep you at it.
  • Make reading a daily routine as well. To gain inspiration from the vocabulary, writing style, and tone of other excellent content writers, read their work.
  • Don’t undervalue the importance of research, whether an expert or a novice; reading pertinent and useful material keeps you current.

Jobs You Can Get as a Content Writer

These are some of the jobs listings you can find:

  • Technical Writers – All industries have a significant demand for technical writers, but technical areas are where they are most prevalent. Before I continue, I want you to understand that, while it is not necessary, learning technical skills is unquestionably advantageous.
  • Medical Writers – A medical writer is someone who uses clinical research concepts in the development of clinical trial materials that clearly explain study conclusions, product usage, and other medical information. To stay informed about recent developments, medical writers provide the most current health news.
  • Research Writers –Writing that uses evidence from books, magazines, journals, specialists, the internet, etc., is known as research writing. To make complex concepts understandable to everyone, research writers translate them into simple terms.
  • Copy Writers – Writing to sell is a common practice for copywriters. The idea’s core theme is marketing and advertising. It necessitates unconventional thinking. They seek to increase any company’s sales. It is written with ATL (above the line) commercials in mind to make an impact.
  • Creative Writers – Professional creative writers use their writing to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity. The language is chosen in a way that appeals to the reader’s five senses. It can be roughly categorized as either fiction or non-fiction writing.
  • Freelancer – It is usually a good idea to start your career as a freelance content writer as a novice. It describes it as a self-employed job you can complete on your schedule. It is not required to work from 9 to 5.

Platforms for Content Writing Jobs – Content Writing job Board 2023

  • Upwork One of the most well-known websites for independent contractors is Upwork, formerly Odesk. The marketplace includes job listings for freelance writers, content marketing specialists, and graphic designers. Both short-term and long-term projects are open to writers’ bids.
  • iWriter One of the top freelance websites is iWriter, which helps new freelancers discover clients more efficiently. You must complete a form and compose two 250-word writer prompts to participate. You’ll be able to choose among writing jobs and start picking up new clients based on your test results.
  • FlexJobs Professional writers can identify new clients and write assignments on FlexJobs, a website that also serves as a freelance writer job board. All freelance job listings on FlexJobs have been reviewed and validated, a perk. You won’t need to be concerned about fraud or low-paying jobs.
  • BloggingPro BloggingPro offers a freelance talent locator for businesses. This employment board, unlike FlexJobs, does not have a screening procedure. Therefore you will need to verify any potential opportunities to avoid scams independently.
  • Guru One of the top platforms for getting freelance work is Guru. So that potential clients can see the kind of content you write, you might set up a writing profile and showcase previous works.
  • com A job board called Freelancer.com lists writing positions at small enterprises and major corporations. Freelancer, like Upwork, lets authors submit bids for jobs. While some of these initiatives are past engagements, others may offer employment for several months.
  • People-Per-Hour Another job site like Fiverr is called People-Per-Hour. It enables independent writers to register and set up profiles promoting their writing services. The platform makes it simple to examine offers and bids, and it even has built-in channels for communication that can help move projects down the pipeline. On the platform, designers can compete for assignments while showcasing their work in design competitions.
  • Craigslist Although Craigslist isn’t the best work site, with time and effort, you might be able to discover writing jobs to supplement your income. With enough work, you can locate writing tasks that help you develop your portfolio, though you’ll need to weed through frauds and low-paying projects. These results are also restricted to your area, so there might not be many options available based on where you live. Consider Craigslist as a resource for locating side gigs or career opportunities that can enhance your portfolio.

How to Work With Netflix as a Scriptwriter? 

Netflix doesn’t get in straight contact with the scriptwriters and all. However, you can pitch your work to managers and people working on Netflix. It’s time to make the pitch after researching and locating your connection. It’s best to go with some fire while marketing your project. Since everyone wants to work with Netflix, there are many content providers out there. Finding techniques to make your project stand out from the crowd makes perfect sense if you want to be recognized.

Working for Content Writing Service Providers:

For content writers looking for a simple way to engage with potential customers, a content writing service is a perfect option. These organizations across many industries post jobs for content writers. While some agencies only serve to match authors with customers, others also manage the content, including editing, revisions, and publication. Some of these content writing services are listed below:

  • Writing FinderA Growth Machine enterprise, The Writer Finder connects business owners with freelance writers for content development. They’re always looking for fresh writers of all experience levels focused on producing high-quality material. To join their writer database, freelance authors can register on their websites. They’ll get in touch with you if any writing opportunities would suit your skill set. These possibilities are primarily in writing SEO content for blog posts. Still, they occasionally have opportunities to write web copy for landing pages, home pages, and websites, produce white papers, design websites, and create social media material.
  • Constant Content A writing service called Constant Content assists companies in finding writers to produce digital content, such as blog entries and social media updates. More than 100,000 professional writers who have written material for more than 50,000 companies are listed in the website’s database. Create your profile first, emphasizing your prior experience and writing abilities. Next, submit applications for jobs that fit your area of expertise and desired pay. You can develop a reputation and enduring relationships with brands as you operate on the platform.
  • Textbroker Another writing service that helps writers locate new clients is Textbroker. The site offers thousands of writing jobs, and signing up as a writer gives you access to them all. Additionally, the website manages payments and offers project management tools to facilitate simple and effective client interactions. The website also provides writers with access to writing resources so they may hone their craft and receive feedback on the material they create.
  • Writer Access On the website Writer Access, businesses can order articles. More than 15,000 writers who have produced white papers, case studies, blog posts, and other content are featured on the website. Additionally, the platform offers valuable tools to assist business owners with keyword and web development. You must be a resident of one of the following countries to join: the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, or the United Kingdom.

Working for Content Production Magazines

  • Earth Island Journals – “Compelling and unique articles that predict environmental difficulties before they become real problems” are what Earth Island Journal is looking for. It addresses various environmental issues, such as protecting wildlife and the environment, climate change, energy, animal rights, and environmental justice.
  • VQR With a concentration on publishing the most outstanding work they can discover, from prize-winning authors to up-and-coming writers, VQR is a journal of literature and discussion. It pays $200 for each poem poetry (up to four). You’ll get $1,000 if they choose five or more of your poetry. Prose pays about 25 cents per word, and a published short tale can earn $1,000 or more.
  • AMC Outdoors Magazine The Northern Appalachian region, which spans the states of Maine to Virginia, is covered by AMC Outdoors magazine’s articles on outdoor recreation, instruction, and conservation. For features, which typically run between 2,000 and 2,500 words, it pays around $700.
  • The Sun’s MagazineWe’re looking for articles, interviews, fiction, and poetry for The Sun Magazine. Although they favor personal essays, they will also publish work on social, political, and cultural topics. For fiction, articles, and interviews, The Sun pays $300 to $2,000, and for poetry, $100 to $250.

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