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Academy of Finland Scholarships 2023 – Finland Government Scholarships

Deadline December 8, 2022
Opening date September 29, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Finland
Type Fully-Funded
Location Finland

It is time to apply for the fully-funded Scholarships announced by the Academy of Finland for the class of 2023-2024. Online applications for Finland Academy fellowships for the coming month are currently open.

Interested eligible researchers and potential candidates from various countries can apply for suitable fellowship programs with no specific language requirements. However, young and motivated researchers can avail themselves of the golden opportunity by getting funds for their research or clinical project via the Academy of Finland.

Who will Get a Sponsorship from the Academy of Finland?

The Academy of Finland will grant funds, stipends, and salaries for the students, researchers, and the whole team working on a research project in the following places:

  • University
  • Research Institutes
  • University Hospitals
  • Foreign Companies
  • Other Research conducting Organizations

Meanwhile, Academy Researchers, Clinical Researchers, & Research Professors are eligible for Research and Science Funding programs.

Brief Information about Finland Academy of Research:

The Academy of Finland is a government organization that believes in providing funds and monetary support for various types of research activities. On the other hand, that reputable academy also strengthens science and research fields by sharing their expertise. Meanwhile, the Academy of Finland works hand in hand with the Science, Culture, & Education Ministry of Finland.

Finland Academy of Science Fellowship Application Call:

Spring & Autumn are the two seasons when applications are open for Academy of Finland Fellowships every year. Another point of consideration is that the deadline for the application call cannot be changed. Hence, submit the applications before the due deadline.

However, only the Research Organization or Principal Investigator of the research project can submit the applications for funding programs. Similarly, applications from other references will not be entertained.

Types of Fundings Available at Finland Academy:

There is a wide range of funding options available at the Academy of Finland considering individual Researchers, Research Team Work, University research Programs, & Strategic Research programs. Let us discuss each type in brief detail.

1# For Individual Researcher:

Being independent Researchers, they can apply for the four-year Research Fellowship, which will help them to hire a skillful team and cover the basic cost of the research program. However, clinical physicians pursuing part-time clinical research careers can also receive funds via Finland Academy.

2# For Strategic Research Work:

In this category, the Strategic Research Council grants funds for long-term research projects that focus on the outcomes that will work for the betterment and improvement of Finnish society and its challenges.

3# For Research Teams:

A bunch of extra talented researchers working on an Academy Program or Academic Project will get sponsorship coverage to increase international research collaboration.

4# For Research Companies:

Lastly, Finland Academy funding also helps the research organizations to build & upgrade their infrastructures, including material, services, equipment, information networks, etc. On the other hand, Finnish universities will also get funds to improve their quality of research.

List of Available Academy of Finland Fellowship:

Following are the Academic Fellowships with the coming and ongoing deadlines:

1# Academy Research Fellowship:

It is a 4-year program for an individual researcher in all research fields, covering wages plus other essential costs related to research. Early career researchers who have completed their Doctorate 2 to 9 years ago can apply for this fellowship.

2# Funding Program for Clinical Researchers:

Medical researchers involved in the clinical patient program are eligible for Clinical Research funding of around EUR 240,000/ individual. Only the candidates with a Doctoral degree in DMedSc, DDS, or DVM belonging to the healthcare profession are suitable applicants.

3# Mobility Seminar with China:

The Academy of Finland has announced funding for a mobile research seminar in foreign countries. Finnish or overseas researchers can apply to receive funds for travel, living, and other necessary facilities.

4# Mobility Corporation Funding:

Next is joint mobility funding for research programs within China, Germany, & Japan. Independent Outward Researcher or Research team can apply for this mobility program and enjoy research costs sponsorship with other exclusive benefits.

5# JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship:

JSPS fellowships are open for individual researchers based in Finland, providing funds for 1 to 2 years to pay for their travel, living, and research costs in Japan. Meanwhile, interested applicants can apply for the fellowship.

6# Academic Project Funding:

Research teams or Consortia of more than one team are eligible for Academic project sponsorship. Meanwhile, selected researchers will get Euros 400,000–500,000 for hiring and actual research costs.

7# Sports Science Research Project Fellowship:

In such a fellowship program, the funders will check the quality and possible results of the Sports Science research project. However, the applicant must be a PI of the research program, as applications will only be submitted on behalf of the research organization.

8# NordForsk Research Program:

With the help of Finland Academy, NordForsk has announced the initiation of a long-term research program on the specific group of youth and children to study and understand the long-lasting effects of Covid 19 on these people.

If you want to be a part of this program, submit your applications before December 8, 2023.

9# NOS-HS Project Grants:

The Nordic Research Council in Humanities and Social Science has announced funding of NOK 8 million for workshops & every research project conducted by investigators. To become eligible for this grant, the applicant must be a skillful and qualified researcher with an experience of two to seven years. However, the funding duration is 3 years maximum.

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