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Australian Jobs for International Applicants Without IELTS in 2023

If you want to migrate from your home country to Australia to work there, you must have the proper knowledge about career opportunities in Australia. If you have skills and abilities, then you can migrate to Australia. To migrate and work in Australia, you will have to apply for an Australian work Visa.

There are different kinds of Australian Visas designed for foreigners to travel to Australia to work there. These Visas are commonly Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme Visa, Skill Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Training Visa, and many others.

List of Jobs in Australia for International Applicants in 2023

Here, we will discuss the career opportunities for international applicants in Australia in different fields that can be helpful for you to find and see suitable career options and opportunities in Australia.

1# International Jobs in the Australian Health Care Sector

International applicants can apply in the Australian health care sector to get jobs. In the Australian healthcare sector, there are many medical institutions and hospitals that are usually looking for applicants from all over the world. These medical centers and institutions are Harbour Radiology, Blue Tooth Dental, Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria, Perth Radiological Clinic, Sunblade Enterprises Pty Ltd, and NeuroRehab Allied Health Network.

The possible job opportunities in the health sector and these medical institutions are for Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Radiology Receptionists, Nursing staff, Dental receptionists, Ambulance Transport Attendants, X-ray Assistant Trainee, Health Screening assistants, and General Health Practitioner.

The average salary of an Australian Doctor is $170 625 per year, whereas the average salary of an Australian nurse is $79 771 per year.

2# International Jobs in Australian Education Sector

You can get a job as an International Applicant in the Education sector of Australia, where a number of job opportunities are available in different educational institutions.

The Australian institutions that offer jobs for international applicants where they can apply for open vacancies are UOW College Australia, Hays Education, Skills Australia Institute, The University of Sydney, The University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and Torrens University Australia.

The possible job opportunities in these institutions are Linguistics and Social Sciences Professor, Science Lecturer, Student Support Officer, research scholar, subject specialists, Examination and Result officer, and International Admissions officer.

The average salary of an Australian teacher is $89 838 per year, while the average salary of an Australian University lecturer is $112 886 per year.

3# International Jobs In Australian Aviation Industry.

The Australian Aviation industry is also a great opportunity for those who want to make their careers in Australia.

Here are some institutions where an international applicant can apply for a job, Tesman Cargo Airlines, Jet Aviation, Hardy Aviation, CAE Australia, Recreational Aviation Australia, Aviation Component Services, and Queensland Airport Limited.

The possible job opportunities in different designations in the Aviation industry are Aviation logistics, Aviation Consultant, Aviation Engineering Services Team Member and Airline Safety Specialist, Air hostess, and Aviation Engineer.

The average salary of an Australian pilot is $104 748 per year, and the average salary of an Australian Aviation Technician is $75 625. The Flight Attendant’s Salary in Australia is $89, 327 per year.

4# International Jobs in the Australian IT Industry

There are a lot of job opportunities in the Australian Information Technology industry. Many companies and Institutions recruit skillful and experienced professionals from all around the world.

International Applicant can get in touch and apply for open vacancies in these companies, JobAdder Pty Ltd,

Recruitment Hive, Wycom Technology, Robert Half, Stainfield IT, Cloud Collective, Azstar Technologies, EHW Technology Pty Ltd, and BlueReef Technology.

The possible vacancies in these companies are IT Support Officer, IT Technician, Software Engineer, Computer Operator, and IT System Administrator.

The average salary of an Australian IT Technician is $78 512 per year, whereas the average salary of a software engineer in Australia is $78,785 per year.

5# International Jobs in Australian Tourism Industry

An international Applicant can also get a job in the tourism sector of Australia in different designations.

These companies hire applicants for vacancies related to tourism,

Nova Cruises Pty Ltd, Paro Shire Council, Australian Sunset Safaris, Inspiration Outdoor, APT Travel Group, TUI Musement, and Town of Claremont.

The possible designations in these Companies for International Applicants are Manager Tourism and Events, Tourism Services Officer, Tourism Product Supply Specialist, Travel Consultant, and Tourism Support Officer.

The average salary of a travel consultant in Australia is $62, 500 per year. The average salary of an Australian travel manager is $94, 953 per year.

6# International Jobs in Australian Insurance Sector

The insurance sector of Australia is also a great option for international applicants applying for a job. Many insurance companies and institutions hire people on different designations throughout the world.

The insurance companies like Allinsure, EML,  Three Peaks International Pty Ltd, Integra Insurance Brokers, Employee Matters, and Ironbark Insurance Pty Ltd hire applicants on different designations like Insurance Broker, Claims Consultant, Insurance Representative, and Claims Officer.

The average salary of a Claims Officer in Australia is $77 638 .per year, while the Claims Consultant’s average salary is $66 252 per year.

7# Engineering Jobs for International Applicants in Australia

International applicants also have the chance to get highly paid jobs in different engineering institutions and companies in Australia.

The applicant can look forward to opening vacancies in these companies like NeoProducts Pty Ltd, Gradient Australia, Master Steel, Ivory Group, Corin Australia, Ultracut Tools Pty Ltd, and Fletcher Building Limited.

The possible jobs in these companies where an applicant can apply are Process Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Surgical Planning Engineer, Product Design Engineer, and Project engineer.

The average salary of an Engineer in Australia is $110 000 per year. The Mechanical Engineer’s salary in Australia is $92750 per year.

8# Driver Jobs In Australia

Different companies in Australia hire drivers because of their delivery and Courier Services. If an applicant is an expert in driving and has experience in it, he can apply to these companies to get hired.

The companies that hire drivers from all over the world are Australia Post Group, Direct Freight Express, FS Courier Pty Ltd, MKF Enterprises, LTD Transport Pty Ltd, and Tuber Australia.

The possible open vacancies where an applicant can apply are Delivery Driver, Courier Driver, and Truck or Van Driver.

The average salary of an Australian Driver is $59, 998 per year.

9# International Jobs In Australian Banking Sector

International applicants who want to make their career in the Australian Banking Sector can apply for jobs in different banks in Australia.

The job opportunities where applicants can apply for open vacancies are ANZ Banking Group, Common Wealth Bank, NAB- National Australia, and Westpac Group.

The possible vacancies in this sector are Banking Consultant, Associate CLS, Lone Service Consultant, Customer Advisor, and Executive Assistant.

The average salary of a Banking Consultant in Australia is $74, 023 per year. The Average salary of an Australian Customer Advisor is $60, 000 per year.

10# Office Jobs In Australia

If an applicant wants to get a job in Australia as an office administrator, Customer Service Provider, Office Assistant, and Receptionist and has experience in that specific job, he can apply to different companies to get that job.

The companies that offer office jobs to International Applicants are Sunlife, GML Heritage, Southdale Petmeats, CK Connect, VHIA, Private Advertiser, and Veritas House.

The Average Salary of an Australian Office Assistant is $55, 672 per year, and the Receptionist’s average salary in Australia is $54, 098 per year.


In this article, we have discussed the job opportunities in Australia for International applicants. There are many job opportunities in Australia in different fields, departments, and institutions for experienced and skillful foreigners. We hope this article will be helpful for you in getting a reasonable job in different companies and industries in Australia.

Dr. Youasf Saeed

Dr. Rana is a renowned scholar and scholarship mentor, having received five Government Scholarships from Turkey, China, Portugal, USA, and Canada during his educational career. Students can turn to him for advice and guidance on applying for scholarships. His articles on scholarships and related topics such as immigration and jobs equip young students with the tools they need to succeed in life. As the #1 Scholarship Speaker, Dr. Rana travels widely to universities around the world to assist students in pursuing fully-funded scholarships.


  1. I wish to apply for a job in the Australian IT Industry. I am an Electronics and Information Technology Technician by profession, I was last employed by the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea as the Onsite Electronics Technician for the currency department. Currently, I am unemployed but doing my own Electronics repair services and IT support services.

    Can i apply for jobs in Australia based on my credentials?

    1. Based on your experience, and work skills you may get selected by Australian IT sector companies for job placement. Therefore, consider applying with all required documents.

  2. Dear Sir/madam,

    I’m searching for a university to do my master’s in Perth or Melbourne Australia.
    I would like to do IT, Project management, OR Education stream for a Masters’s degree.
    I have done Bsc(Hons) in Software Engineering at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.
    I have good English knowledge as I have done my education in English medium from Nursery to highest studies.
    Please let me know if i can get sponsorship easily?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    1. Your academic background is strong and i hope you may have professional experience as well. Please consider applying for Australian jobs this year.

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