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Free Courses by British Council Available in 2023

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You can now get yourself enrolled in high-quality academic courses offered by British Council in the 2023-2024 academic session. British Council is teaching English for the past 75 years and taught about 100 million students to learn and improve their English language skills from all parts of the world.

There are thousands of British Council Scholarships available for students but the most important entry requirement for those is to have good English language proficiency. And for that British Council is also one of the amazing platforms for online courses with free certificates. These free courses also help students in improving their English language skills to stand eligible for British Scholarships.

Benefits of British Council Courses

By enrolling in any of the courses offered by the British Council; the following benefits can be availed:

  • Free Literature for self-study
  • Free certificates for most courses
  • No-cost audio or video lessons
  • Free IELTS preparation material
  • Free IELTS mock tests

List of Courses Offered by British Council in 2023:

Following are the courses offered by the British Council for students of various disciplines in 2023:

1# British Council Self-Study IELTS Prep Courses

British council facilitates international people in way of providing them with loads of literature and recorded English language improvement course videos (available for free for self-studies). This course helps students in improving their vocab, grammar, and skills.

2# English in early childhood: language learning and devolvement MOOC:

This is an amazing course for getting the skills about how children learn English as an additional language. This free online course for parents and practitioners will understand how young children learn English and understand many new skills to educate adults.

3# English for the workplace MOOC

This is an amazing course for people who are seeking different kinds of jobs in the UK. By learning the basics of English an employee get various advantage in professional life. This course is also helpful for developing skills related to the English language and its basics. During this course, you can watch multiple videos and audio for preparing job interviews and working with new colleagues.

4# Succeed in the Global Workplace MOOC

This is a very special course for beginners who find a job and want to maintain it in the perfect manner. So with the help of this important course, you get guidelines about a positive start to your professional life. In this course, you can watch videos from employers, giving you insights from around the world into what they look for from their employees. It also helps employees to build and maintain strong relationships with employers, colleagues, and other clients.

5# Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching MOOC

This is one of the free courses of the British Council for teaching English. It is also a helpful skill for continuing professional life as the best employee. This is the part of teaching for success and a lot of practice for the English language program.

6# Spanish Courses for Beginners:

This is a special course of the British Council for students who want to learn specific terms in Spanish. This course covers all the daily basic words used for greeting and many other purposes. So basic Spanish language and some important topics are associated with this course.

7# Enhance your creative empathy

British Council also introduced a very important course named “how to enhance your creative empathy”. With the help of this course, a student learns to tackle their customers with creativity. This course is also very important for students who want to learn a better understanding of different kinds of customers and build empathy with a creative sense.

8# Successful negotiation skills:

British Council courses are also important for people who want to get a better understanding of all negotiation skills. People also learn how to apply these strategies in real life. Different skills and strategies for negotiation help to improve your life structure. This is a free course for 6 weeks but you have to pay for the certificate after submitting your exam.

9# Fashion’s future: the sustainable development goals

British Council also offers courses regarding fashion and styles. Explore the fashion industry’s impact on people and the planet, what the Sustainable Development Goals are, and the link between them.

10# Learn How to Bake Showstopper Cakes with BBC Good Food

In the above-mentioned course, you can learn various recipes and also learn different foodie ideas. It also helps and creates important skills for showstopper cakes and different ideas for baking cakes and other bakery items.

11# Learn French for global communication

British Council courses are also very important for learning the basics of the French language. By learning from this course, a student can confidently speak in French for traveling or other purposes.

12# Genomic medicines

British council courses also help you to get brief information on the different common diseases and treatments. With the help of the “Genomic medicines course,” each student learns about how developments in genomics are transforming our knowledge

13# Became a better music teacher

ABRSM is an online course for people who want to improve their music skills. By learning from British Council courses, everyone can improve their nodes and vocals. This is an amazing course. It is a 5-week course and a student needs to spend3 hours weekly.

14# Introduction to Applied Linguistics and TESOL

During this course, a student learns the basic knowledge of applied linguistics and helps to know about how linguistics applies in various fields. This is also a 6-week course and a student has to spend 3 hours per week.

15# British council strategies for IELTS

With the help of British council courses, a student can learn everything about the IELTS test. The strategies and practices in IELTS are really important for a student to communicate with the multicultural states of the world. This is a 6-week course and a student has to spend 2 hours per week.

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