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Diploma Admissions in United Kingdom (UK)

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Get admissions in Diploma certificates offered in Brtish Universities and technical colleges in 2022 under various technological disciplines. Britain Technical Universities are known for offering various diploma courses with no IELTS requirements to international and local students.

So, if you want to begin your career in a short time, opt for the diploma course and take a step towards a brighter future.

The prestigious universities and colleges of Britain have never failed to attract international students when it comes to education. Passionate and deserving students from all over the world come here to complete their high education by taking admission into their recognized Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree programs under the multiple diverse fields.

Such British universities also offer dozens of funded scholarships and Diploma courses without IELTS. So, applicants who want to start their professional journey earlier must apply for the suitable diploma program without stressing about the IELTS scores as the Britain universities are accepting ILETS alternative tests and other language certificates.

Benefits of doing a Diploma course from the UK:

Earning a diploma, either Regular, Postgraduate, or Advanced, from reputable Britain Universities serves a lot of benefits. For instance;

  • Candidates can start earning at a very young age
  • Wide Networking options
  • Increased Employment chances
  • Opportunity to learn all the skills and techniques required in the professional field
  • Practical Training
  • A chance to enter into the Professional life sooner
  • Lastly, completion of studies in less time at affordable cost.

English Language Requirements of British Diploma Schools

Applicants are required to prove their English language proficiency but that does not mean IELTS is mandatory for this purpose. IELTS alternative certifications are also accepted in various British colleges for evaluating the English language proficiency of international students.

IELTS Alternatives Accepted Language Tests to Apply for The Diplomas in Britain:

Some of the IELTS alternative exams accepted for diploma admissions in British Universities and colleges are DET, PTE, Cambridge CAEL, Cambridge English tests, TOEFL, and others.

Britain universities have launched various diploma courses with no IELTS requirements. Hence, it is a golden chance for all the interested candidates who did not score the required IELTS test scores and remain a step behind in securing admission into the diploma course. Submit the IELTS alternatives test scores, like TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, Password English Language Test, C1 Advanced, etc.

Applicants with a degree from an English medium ex-institute or nationality of an English-speaking country do not need to submit IELTS scores. On the other hand, candidates can also submit language proficiency certificates from previous universities.

British Diploma Courses and its Types:

There are a lot of students who do not know much about the diploma course and often worry about the lengthy degree programs due to financial load. Hence, here we will discuss everything related to diploma courses offered by Britain universities that will help these candidates in making a better decision for their future.

A diploma is a short or long course that solely focuses on the particular field chosen by the candidate, based on the practical approaches and course-related training, and theoretical work.

If we talk about the types of diplomas, the following are the categories;

  • Regular Diplomas (completed in two years max),
  • Postgraduate Diplomas (started after earning a Bachelor’s degree). Further divides into two categories (One-year / Two-year diploma)
  • Lastly, Advanced Diploma (focuses specifically on the related field).

List of Britain Universities Offering Diploma Courses:

Several universities are there in the UK, offering various Undergrad, Postgrad, and Advanced Diploma courses;

  • Eaton Business School.
  • London Film Academy
  • University of Essex
  • Cambridge Management and Leadership School
  • Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Lloyd’s maritime academy
  • International Career Institute
  • University of Lincoln
  • Liverpool Hope University
  • University of Surrey
  • Royal Agriculture University
  • Nottingham College

List of Courses Offered by the Britain Universities for Diplomas:

Following are the fields in which the Britain Universities are offering diplomas;

  • Business and Administration
  • Hospitality Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • TV & Filmmaking
  • Global Business Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technologies
  • Marketing
  • Nursing & Healthcare
  • Computer Science
  • Arts and Design

Top British Diploma Options for Students in 2022

Following are our recommended options for you to study Diploma in UK this year;

1# British Filmmaking Diploma:

The very famous London Film Academy is known for offering Filmmaking diplomas for all the passionate candidates who want to make their careers in television or film. It is a one-year diploma course that allows the students to learn every skill and knowledge related to films and TVs, from production to budget estimation, direction, casting, and much more. The cost of this diploma is £23,000. However, candidates can submit any English language test equivalent to B2 CEFR.

2# Extended Diploma in Global Business Management:

The Extended Diploma in Global Business Management is a 6 months diploma course offered by the Eaton business school. Through this diploma, candidates will get their hands-on leadership & management skills, business strategies, and business models. Meanwhile, it also prepares students to understand the global business environment. The cost of this diploma is GBP350 with any IELTS alternate test scores to meet the entry requirements.

3# British Post-Graduate Diploma in TQFE:

If you want to become an educationist and work as a lecturer in Scottish-further education, it is time to apply for the PG Diploma in Teacher Qualification Further Education. During this diploma, one can adopt all the necessary skills and qualities required to be a professional and qualified educator and play a dominant role in the field of education. That PG Diploma in TQFE is a 9-month program that cost £1,820. However, TOEFL iBT, CPE, CAE, PTE, Trinity ISE II Pass, DET, ESOL B2 Communicator, etc.; are acceptable.

4# British Diploma in Crew Management:

The British Diploma in Crew Management offers you to learn about ship recruitment & retention, shipping industries, crew management, etc. Such a diploma is a program started By Lloyd’s Maritime Academy that will take approximately 9-months to complete with GBP 3,599 fees and no ILETS requirements.

5# British PG Diploma in Global Digital Marketing:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Global Digital Marketing, offered by the University of Essex, gives you a chance to get your hands over the marketing skills, available digital channels, and international marketing strategies to succeed in the business world. The duration of this online diploma is 16 months, with £7,714 as tuition fees. Moreover, IELTS is not mandatory. Candidates can go for the online English Assessment offered by Essex University.

6# British Diploma in Logistics Management:

A diploma in Logistics Management from British Lloyds Maritime Academy provides a golden opportunity to learn how to execute, plan, and handle materials and services during the supply chain process. That twelve-month diploma costs around GBP 3.239 with no IELTS requirements.

7# British Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism:

Apply for the Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism offered by the International Career Institute to embrace all the essential skills that will help the students ace in their practical lives. Being enrolled in this diploma allows you to get a better vision of the tourism and travel industry through practical approaches. It is a 31 weeks diploma course that costs GBP25. However, there are no IELTS conditions to apply for the Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

8# British Level 3 BTEC Foundation Diploma in Travel and Tourism:

The most prestigious Nottingham College in the UK has a Level 3 BTEC Foundation Diploma in Travel and Tourism that focuses on customer services, event management skills, plus work experience in the professional field. Candidates enrolled in this two-year diploma will have to submit relevant Level 2 vocational qualifications in English and Mathematics to abide by the entry requirements with no tuition fees (for 16 to 18 years of age).

9# Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management:

The Higher National Diploma in Hospital Management is a two-year program organized by the renowned London Churchill College. The objective of this diploma course is to provide a challenging yet stimulating environment to understand the principles of hospitality management where students can co-relate their knowledge and skills with the subject. The tuition fee for this diploma is £6000/Year. Meanwhile, to abide by the entry requirements, a GCSE grade A* to C or equivalent is required to submit.

10# British Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science:

If you are a computer geek and hold a passion for new technologies, apply for the online PG Diploma in Computer Science offered by the University of Essex. During this program, candidates will get to learn about Python & SQL and develop the skills required to work on traditional and advanced software engineering projects. Meanwhile, the tuition fee for this 16-months diploma is £7,714. On the other hand, IELTS is not necessary to submit, an online English Test by Essex University will also fulfill the language requirements.

11# British Postgraduate Diploma in International Taxation:

The Postgraduate Diploma in International Taxation is a two-semester program based on the knowledge of Cross Border taxation, Policy Development, and Tax treatment. The cost of this diploma is EURO 6,000 per year. Candidates can submit TOEFL, PTE, and Cambridge proficiency scores to meet the English Language requirements.

12# British Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing:

If you want to serve, heal, and treat the people, a diploma in nursing is giving you this chance. Apply for the PG Diploma in Nursing from Essex university to polish your communication & decision-making skills and gain knowledge about healthcare management and system. It is a 16-month online diploma that costs £7,714. Meanwhile, candidates who belong to English-native countries and have a degree from the UK do not need to prove language proficiency.

13# Postgraduate – Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance:

For all the finance managers and accountants, it is time to opt for the PG LEVEL-7 Diploma in Accounting & Finance, offered by the Cambridge Management and Leadership School to excel in your business and learn all the essential tactics and tools required to run the organization. It is a full-time/ part-time (6 / 12 months) diploma course that charges GBP 990 per semester. Meanwhile, no IELTS requirements for this diploma.

14# British Graduate Diploma in Arts & Design:

If you are interested in Arts and Designing but do not have an undergraduate degree in the relevant fields, opt for the Graduate Diploma in Arts & Design offered by the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts. It is a golden chance to build the context, historical, and contemporary skills needed in the Arts and Design.

That one-year diploma requires GBP 4,500 per semester as tuition fees. IELTS is not required if a candidate belongs to English speaking country or has language certificates.

15# British Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies:

The notable University of Lincoln is offering a one-year Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies for the students who belong to the non-conservative environment. By doing such a diploma, their knowledge and skills will get polished, plus they will also get access to analytical equipment to gain practical experience. Meanwhile, the tuition fee is 15,900 per year.

On the other hand, candidates can opt for the TOEFL, Duolingo, PTE, Password English Test, Language Cert online, & Lincoln PEASS course to abide by the language requirements.

British Diploma Scholarships in 2022

Do you know studying in British Universities is quite expensive! So why pay hefty tuition fees, when you can opt for the fully-funded British Scholarships? There are tons of scholarships in Britain available for international students each year. Please hit the apply now button below to land on the page of British Scholarships.

As a bonus please also check out our article on British Council Scholarships for international students.

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