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British McDonald Fellowships Without IELTS in 2023: Study for free in UK

Deadline June 30, 2022
Opening date April 16, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Europe
Type Fully-Funded
Location United_Kingdom (UK)

Apply for British McDonald Fellowships Program in 2023 to take a step forward in pursuing higher education in the UK. The applications for the very reputable, fully funded McDonald Fellowship offered by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation in honor of Professor Ian McDonald are currently open.

All the interested international candidates can apply for the fellowship scheme and do extensive research in multiple sclerosis while being enrolled in the Ph.D., MD, and MSc degree programs.

It is a golden chance to get your research program fully financed for two years via McDonald Fellowship. Applicants can become a part of the virtual or visit projects and gain expertise from highly skilled professionals. On the other hand, passionate researchers can also be a part of the joint research project to upgrade their level.

McDonald Fellowships and its Types:

The McDonald Fellowship is a fully-funded program available for young & passionate researchers from lower or middle-income countries who wish to conduct their research and thesis in multiple sclerosis. Generally, there are two kinds of McDonald Fellowship.

One is offered in collaboration with the European Commerce for Treatment and Research in MS, known as the ECTRIMS, given in different parts. However, the other one is granted in partnership with the ARSEP, a member of MSIFs.

Funding Grants of McDonald Fellowships:

Interested applicants must ponder the following list of funding coverage provided by the McDonald Fellowship to the early-career researchers:

  • A fellowship grant of £30,000/ year for two years.
  • An additional grant of GBP 2,000/year, only for the host institution.
  • However, once the Covid ends, the second-year fellowship grant of the host institution will be used in the travel expenditures of fellowship winners to attend seminars and ECTRIMS annual congress.
  • Meanwhile, other benefits of the fellowship include living costs and travel expenses.

Eligibility Criteria for McDonald Fellowship:

Applicants who want to apply for the McDonald Fellowship must read this section carefully before applying for the fellowship scheme to avoid any inconvenience during the procedure:

Applied candidates must be nationals of lower or middle-income countries or working/ studying there at the time of application. Meanwhile, their focus must lie in the specific field relevant to multiple sclerosis. Also, the candidates enrolled in the postgraduate studies, including Ph.D., MD, or MSc, are eligible only.

Moreover, candidates working in another country on a project started at least six months before the application are eligible. Similarly, candidates studying a project financed by the MS International Federation grant in another country can also apply for the fellowship.

On the other hand, after the completion of the fellowship program, applicants have to return to their homeland to provide their services and conduct research on multiple sclerosis (MS). Meanwhile, candidates who could not join the training session for MS in the renowned institute due to financial crisis can also use this fellowship grant.

Lastly, due to Covid restrictions, there is a slight modification in the eligibility criteria for the research program. Applicants can carry out their research project on MS in a research institute or a hospital abroad (only if permitted)/ in their home countries/ or work on a virtual project. For this reason, candidates will also have to fill out the application form to mention their plans & strategies related to how they will carry out the research program due to travel restrictions.

Application Process for the McDonald Fellowship:

Following is the procedure that needs to be followed while applying for the submission of the McDonald Fellowship application:

First, the whole application process is solely online. But, before starting the application process, candidates are requested to discuss their research proposal related to MS with the host institute. Once it is done, applicants are bound to visit the official site of MSIF to proceed further. Then attach the required documents with the supporting statement provided by the host at the end of the application. In the end, submit the application before the last date.

Documents needed for the McDonald Fellowship Application:

All candidates are obliged to attach the following listed documents in the required format:

  • Supporting Statement
  • Study Goals
  • Contacts of three respectable Referees

McDonald Fellowship Application Deadline:

The last due date to submit the application for McDonald Fellowship is June 30, 2023. It is highly significant to follow the application deadline to get your application considered and increase the selection chances.

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