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Canada Government Jobs May 2023 Update – Get Your Resume Ready

You can submit a job application for Canadian Government Jobs announced for the 2023 recruitment cycle. Working in Canada under the federal or provincial government departments is not as easy as it seems so not everyone gets this amazing opportunity, as only people with a vision and aim to achieve something in their lives can make this happen.

Package of Salary for Employees of Canadian Government

Following are the benefits that will be given to eligible employees of Canadian government departments:

  • Retirement Funds
  • Lifetime Insurance
  • Holiday Packages
  • Paid Sick Leaves
  • Maternity & Paternity Leaves
  • Monthly Sakary
  • Health And Accident Insurance
  • Residence Facilities
  • Travel Costs for Work-Related Tours
  • Free Meals

Process of Application for Canadian Government Department Jobs:

First of all if you are a job seeker and interested to work for Canadian government then check out their work related immigration programs through which you can find skill shortage jobs of Canada and then you can directly submit your job application for jobs at departments of Canadian government. Later, if you are recruited by Canadian government for any of their job positions then your next step will be to apply for a Canadian work VISA by using which you will enter Canada, start your job and then later on you will convert it into Canadian work permit and in case if you are interested to enter Canada to find jobs locally then you need to apply for a Canadian open permit VISA.

And if you are interested to apply for a high paying job at departments of government of Canada then make sure to apply for a valid Canadian work VISA with a job offer letter from Government approved employer and have the relevant educational degree with experience and other VISA requisites

In the same way, English language proficiency is also needed to apply for Canadian jobs. Individuals can apply for jobs at the website of the Government of Canada and co-partnered organizations (Links available at the end), offering multiple positions in different sectors. However, Canadian visa requirements might vary in some cases. For instance, healthcare professionals required registration with the Medical Council of Canada.

List of Jobs Available in Departments of Canadian Government in 2023

Jobs are available in the following set of Canadian departments for recruitment in 2023:

  • Transportation Department Jobs
  • Department of Finance Jobs
  • Department of Justice Jobs
  • Food & Agriculture Department Jobs
  • Health Canada Department Jobs
  • Environment & Climate Change Department Jobs
  • National Defense Department Jobs
  • Veteran Affairs Canada Department Jobs
  • Public Safety Department Jobs
  • Social Development & Employment Department Jobs

1# Transportation Department Jobs in Canada:

The first one on my list is transportation department in Canada which is responsible for providing safe, secure, and hassle-free transport to its locals and you can find a skilled shortage job in this department and take advantage of Canadian express entry program to get settled there.

Transport Canada is a federal run department that works with different organizations to provide low-cost transportation via car, bus, boat, train and plane and currently transportation department is looking for highly qualified and skilled professionals who can work with their team to run transportation operations smoothly. And if you want to know which job positions would be open then you can work in administrative, transport, communication, and mechanical sectors in Transport Canada as a Senior Communication Advisor, Marine Safety Inspector, Administrator, Policy Advisor, etc.

Considering the educational requirements, a diploma or a university degree in business and transport administration is necessary, with a valid work permit & English proficiency.

Meanwhile,  salary scale ranges from $31.55 to $92.45/ year, with other perks. Jobs are open at the Official Recruitment Page of Transport CanadaVIA Rail Canada, Canadian Blood Services, etc.

2# Department of Finance Jobs in Canada:

Being an international finance skilled professional job applicant you can also be a part of this essential Canadian government department if you hold a BS or MS degree in finance, accounting, and mathematics, moreover, a relevant work experience, with English language proficiency and a work permit plus a passport, are some manadatory requirements.

You can provide their services as a Finance Analyst, Director of Financial Service, Finance Manager, etc. However, the expected salary ranges from $41,000–$84,500/ year.

Jobs are open at Asian Infrastructure BankEuropean Bank for Reconstruction & DevelopmentInternational Monetary Fund, and more.

3# Department of Justice Jobs in Canada:

Like the other departments of the Canadian government, The Justice and Legal department has its significance. Maintaining peace and harmony in the country without it is impossible. Under the justice sector, hundreds of professional lawyers, solicitors, & attorney generals are working day and night to ensure all legal policies and legislations must abide in the country.

Interested ones can also serve in the Justice Department by holding a professional LLB or LLM degree with training experience in any international law firm. Moreover, candidates with bilingual skills are also welcome to apply.

The salary package of professionals working in the department of Justice might vary due to employment position and past work experience. However, the estimated range is around $60,066 to $117,332/ year.

Similarly, applicants can find recruitment opportunities at Canada Justice & Legal Department, the Government of Alberta, & Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

4# Food & Agriculture Department Jobs in Canada:

Next is the department that works for the agriculture and food industries and their growth to boost Canada’s economy. The Agriculture and Agri-food department has opened various job opportunities in partnership with several agencies and companies. Moreover, they also organize youth training programs for young talent and farmers.

Join their force and work in different fields, like business, information systems, technology, and farming. The most in-demand jobs in this department are; Data Specialist, Research Assistant, Laboratory Safety Coordinator, etc.

Meanwhile, the chance of earning per annum lies from $41,675 to a maximum of $90,041, including other luxuries. Similarly, the qualification required is; post-secondary education or an equivalent degree, English/ French Proficiency, 2-3 years of work experience in the agriculture or farming industry, and a valid work visa.

Students, professionals, and recent graduates can also try their luck and find jobs at The Nature ConservancyFarm Credit CanadaSollio agriculture, etc.

5# Health Canada Department Jobs in Canada:

One of the noble yet prestigious departments is Health Canada, working with hundreds of honorable healthcare professionals day and night. Their sole motive is to ensure the health and safety of their people by providing a good & hygienic environment with the best healthcare facilities.

Being an international healthcare professional, you can also contribute to this noble cause. One can work with government hospitals, health ministries, and healthcare & rehabilitation centers and enjoy a handsome pay package. Meanwhile, the salary of each professional, like a pharmacist, nurse, physician, etc., may vary based on their job status, experience, and skills. According to the rough estimate, one can earn $59,840 to $96,310 per annum, or maybe more, depending on the duty hours.

However, a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine with 3 to 4 years of work experience in your home country is a must with English proficiency. In the same way, after coming to Canada, these healthcare professionals must register themselves with healthcare regulatory bodies.

Find jobs at Ontario Institute for Cancer ResearchCanadian Red CrossPeterborough Regional Health Centre, etc.

6# Environment & Climate Change Department Jobs in Canada:

The climate change and environmental sectors are of great significance due to the massive rise in global warming after the destruction of natural habitats and heritage. For this reason, that department is working effortlessly with Canadian universities, the provincial government, and other reputable organizations to preserve the natural habitat and provide a safer and clean atmosphere to future generations.

Countless working opportunities & fields are available in this department, like weather & environment, climate change, plants & wildlife, etc. Interested ones can make their career in any field of their choice and earn from $52,861 to $106,933 per year. Meanwhile, the most in-demand jobs in this field are; Officer of Environmental Programs, Wildlife Biologist, Physical Science Officer, etc. Fresh graduates & students are also eligible to join this department under the federal government quota.

While applying for jobs at Environment and Climate Change Department, one must be proficient in English with a degree in aquatic ecology, toxicology, or relevant education. In the same way, knowledge of environmental management programs and their impact on aquatic life and climate is also essential.

Interesting job positions are open at WSP CanadaHatchFraser Health, etc.

7# National Defense Department Jobs in Canada:

The defense department in every country holds a special place in the federal cabinet and works on the social security and protection of the country. The Canadian national defense sector works with the armed & air force, navy, marine, and other special forces.

Getting a job in such a department as an international candidate is not a walk in the park. One has to pass many obstacles. Relevant or equivalent education with training from the special task force is not sufficient. A clean and crime-free background check is also essential, with a valid work permit and a permanent residence status.

Salary might vary based on employment status, expertise, and working hours. But generally, it is possible to earn around $45,820 to $89,272 per year on average. Meanwhile, potential candidates can serve as Signals Officers, Navigating Officers, Avionics System Technicians, etc.

Check out the jobs on the official page of Canada Defence forcesCanadian CommissionairesCanadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, and more.

8# Veteran Affairs Canada Department Jobs in Canada:

No wonder the younger generation is the most valuable asset of any country. In the same way, in Canada, their veterans, retired army or military officers, and old civilians are also equally important. Considering this factor, the government of Canada has opened a Veteran affairs department that works for the welfare and benefits of senior plus retired citizens and officers.

In partnership with different insurance companies and welfare organizations, the veteran affairs department provides timely pensions and other services to these eligible people.

If you have a passion for doing something for such citizens, apply for the available posts and start working as a Case Manager, Veterans Service agent, Policy & Program Officer, etc. However, the salary will range from $40,251 to $96,564 per year with other annuities.

Meanwhile, educational requirements ask for a BS or MS degree in the relevant discipline/ regulatory affairs/ customer care services, etc. Similarly, language proficiency is another mandatory factor.

Vacant posts are open at the Government of Canada Veteran Affairs.

9# Public Safety Department Jobs in Canada:

The public safety sector working with the federal plus provincial government and security agencies is always ready to deal with emergency issues and natural disaster situations in the country. Whether it is a horrifying hurricane, human trafficking, or cyberbullying, they work 24/7 to serve the nation.

If you want to work for them and play your role in making a safer and prosperous society, here is your chance. You can work as an Intelligent Monitor Analyst, Senior Advisor, Emergency Management Director, etc., and make money around $37,658 to $96,690/ year.

On the other hand, a BS degree in Law, journalism, or political science is required for jobs in the Public Safety department. However, candidates must have experience in conducting legal and complex investigations, with knowledge of using investigating tools and intelligence procedures.

Jobs are open at the Senate of CanadaToronto Airports AuthorityAspirant Security, etc.

10# Social Development & Employment Department Jobs in Canada:

Lastly, the Employment department in Canada works for the betterment of the country’s labor market. Moreover, this department also focuses on providing initiatives and opportunities that require skilled laborers. Their main purpose is to provide high-quality life to their people with all the necessary facilities.

Under this department, you will get a chance to make programs and schemes that will provide a good standard of living. On the other hand, the chances of earning range from $45,869 to $79,478. The most in-demand jobs in the Social development sector are; Communication Officer, Information Manager, Program Consultant, IT Technical Advisor, etc.

Qualifications required to serve in the Employment and Social Development (ESDC) department include; a relevant educational degree with experience in applying policies and procedures, establishing a relationship with stakeholders, etc.

Apply for suitable posts at the ESDC official recruitment siteWorld University Service of CanadaFederation of Canadian Municipalities, and so on.

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    1. Your driving license needs to be checked as per your country’s rules as stated by immigration department of Canada. Otherwise, you can apply for a new driving license in Canada upon getting a job offer.

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