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Canadian Government Jobs Average Salaries in 2023 – Canada Jobs Pay Rate

Answer to How Much Canadian Government Employees Earn

Government Jobs in the Canadian Government are highly paid with a generous set of financial benefits. Canadian Government Jobs are considered one of the safest and most highly paid career opportunities.

You can apply for Canada Government Jobs throughout the year if you fulfill eligibility requirements. Not only this but Canadian Private Sector Jobs are also available in a large number throughout the year. International applicants are also required to obtain Canadian Work VISA in order to start working in Canadian companies.

Average Salaries of Jobs Offered by the Canadian Government

The Canadian Government offers several jobs that have a huge number of benefits. As the Canadian market is multi-dimensional, it thus offers job opportunities to applicants from diverse academic backgrounds.

The complete list of all job designations with salaries offered by the Canadian government is listed as follows:

  1. Canadian Policy Analyst Salary Range: C$49k – C$92k, Average Salary: C$68,025
  2. Canadian Departmental Project Manager Salary Range: C$62k – C$123k, Average Salary: C$86,893
  3. Canadian Administrative Assistant Salary Range: C$36k – C$58k, Average Salary: C$47,582
  4. Canadian Project Manager Officer Salary Range: C$61k – C$146k, Average Salary: C$86,731
  5. Canadian Research Analyst Salary Range: C$47k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$59,889
  6. Canadian Intelligence Analyst Salary Range: C$51k – C$84k, Average Salary: C$65,801
  7. Canadian Intelligence Officer Salary Range: C$65k – C$114k, Average Salary: C$86,560
  8. Canadian Human Resource Advisor Salary Range: C$61k – C$105k, Average Salary: C$80,800
  9. Canadian Senior Economist Salary Range: C$94k – C$165k, Average Salary: C$121,353
  10. Canadian Procurement Officer Salary Range: C$38k – C$65k, Average Salary: C$50,585
  11. Canadian Program Manager Salary Range: C$44k – C$86k, Average Salary: C$61,569
  12. Canadian Programmer Analyst Salary Range: C$76k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$91,481
  13. Canadian Project Coordinator (General) Salary Range: C$45k – C$77k, Average Salary: C$59,246
  14. Canadian Project Coordinator (IT) Salary Range: C$52k – C$87k, Average Salary: C$67,185
  15. Canadian Research Scientist Salary Range: C$53k – C$98k, Average Salary: C$73,467
  16. Canadian Security Officer Salary Range: C$40k – C$104k, Average Salary: C$63,753
  17. Canadian Senior Account Manager Salary Range: C$49k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$71,612
  18. Canadian Senior Network Administrator, IT Salary Range: C$68k – C$103k, Average Salary: C$84,123
  19. Canadian Senior Policy Advisor Salary Range: C$71k – C$123k, Average Salary: C$90,786
  20. Canadian Senior Procurement Manager Salary Range: C$70k – C$110k, Average Salary: C$88,482
  21. Canadian Senior Program Officer Salary Range: C$57k – C$99k, Average Salary: C$75,181
  22. Canadian Senior Project Manager, IT Salary Range: C$108k – C$169k, Average Salary: C$133,943
  23. Canadian Senior Research Scientist Salary Range: C$116k – C$172k, Average Salary: C$140,851
  24. Canadian Senior Solutions Architect Salary Range: C$83k – C$139k, Average Salary: C$107,668
  25. Canadian Social Media Specialist Salary Range: C$42k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$57,368
  26. Canadian Programmer or Developer Salary Range: C$47k – C$83k, Average Salary: C$62,963
  27. Canadian Program Manager (Engineering) Salary Range: C$85k – C$166k, Average Salary: C$118,666
  28. Canadian Software Engineer Salary Range: C$85k – C$145k, Average Salary: C$110,889
  29. Canadian Structural Engineer Salary Range: C$77k – C$136k, Average Salary: C$103,091
  30. Canadian Technical Advisor Salary Range: C$70k – C$136k, Average Salary: C$97,556
  31. Canadian Technical Services Manager Salary Range: C$56k – C$142k, Average Salary: C$85,298
  32. Canadian Policy Officer Salary Range: C$49k – C$90k, Average Salary: C$66,349
  33. Canadian Administrative / Office Manager Salary Range: C$39k – C$83k, Average Salary: C$55,937
  34. Canadian Police Detective Salary Range: C$61k – C$118k, Average Salary: C$87,869
  35. Canadian UX Researcher Salary Range: C$52k – C$95k, Average Salary: C$71,107
  36. Canadian Administrative Officer Salary Range: C$39k – C$70k, Average Salary: C$52,258
  37. Canadian Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Salary Range: C$53k – C$75k, Average Salary: C$63,668
  38. Canadian Case Manager Salary Range: C$53k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$69,237
  39. Canadian Communications Coordinator Salary Range: C$48k – C$74k, Average Salary: C$59,870
  40. Canadian Compliance Analyst Salary Range: C$66k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$80,816
  41. Canadian Computer / Network Support Technician Salary Range: C$49k – C$86k, Average Salary: C$64,510
  42. Canadian Computer Systems Analyst Salary Range: C$53k – C$81k, Average Salary: C$65,993
  43. Canadian Correctional Officer / Jailer Salary Range: C$37k – C$71k, Average Salary: C$58,028
  44. Canadian Criminal Defence Lawyer Salary Range: C$65k – C$175k, Average Salary: C$102,041
  45. Canadian Customer Service Agent Salary Range: C$40k – C$71k, Average Salary: C$53,435
  46. Canadian Customer Service Representative (CSR) Salary Range: C$33k – C$59k, Average Salary: C$44,412
  47. Canadian Detective or Criminal Investigator Salary Range: C$63k – C$113k, Average Salary: C$86,642
  48. Canadian Policy Advisor Salary Range: C$46k – C$81k, Average Salary: C$62,699
  49. Canadian Economist Salary Range: C$43k – C$73k, Average Salary: C$57,587
  50. Canadian Financial Advisor Salary Range: C$47k – C$91k, Average Salary: C$65,175
  51. Canadian Financial Analyst Salary Range: C$60k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$76,248
  52. Canadian Geographic (GIS) Specialist Salary Range: C$58k – C$95k, Average Salary: C$74,000
  53. Canadian Instructional Designer Salary Range: C$64k – C$97k, Average Salary: C$78,550
  54. Canadian Internal Auditing Manager Salary Range: C$69k – C$131k, Average Salary: C$102,635
  55. Canadian Lead UX Designer Salary Range: C$74k – C$137k, Average Salary: C$102,084
  56. Canadian Web Developer Salary Range: C$54k – C$99k, Average Salary: C$75,050
  57. Canadian Marine Biologist Salary Range: C$39k – C$58k, Average Salary: C$48,051
  58. Canadian Office Administrator Salary Range: C$41k – C$65k, Average Salary: C$51,633
  59. Canadian Paralegal Salary Range: C$57k – C$101k, Average Salary: C$75,828
  60. Canadian Pension Administrator Salary Range: C$44k – C$68k, Average Salary: C$56,351
  61. Canadian Pharmacologist Salary Range: C$50k – C$104k, Average Salary: C$73,435
  62. Canadian Environmental Scientist Salary Range: C$71k – C$129k, Average Salary: C$99,422
  63. Canadian Doctor Salary Range: C$10K – C$18K, Average Salary: C$13,328
  64. Canadian Interns Salary Range: C$4K – C$6K, Average Salary: C$4,571
  65. Canadian Communication Manager Salary Range: C$7K – C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,308
  66. Canadian Gov Department Program Assistant  Salary Range: C$3K – C$5K, Average Salary: C$3,788
  67. Canadian Government Recruiter Salary Range: C$4K – C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,923
  68. Canadian Civil Servant Salary Range: C$5K – C$12K, Average Salary: C$7,066
  69. Canadian Consultant Salary Range: C$7K – C$11K, Average Salary: C$8,561
  70. Canadian Director Salary Range: C$10K – C$19K, Average Salary: C$13,759
  71. Canadian Payment Services Officer Salary Range: C$3K – C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,192
  72. Canadian Construction Manager Salary Range: C$7K – C$11K, Average Salary: C$9,103
  73. Canadian Systems Engineer Salary Range: C$7K – C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,530
  74. Canadian Trade Commissioner Assistant Salary Range: C$4K – C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,853
  75. Canadian Head of Communications Salary Range: C$7K – C$12K, Average Salary: C$9,232
  76. Canadian Executive Assistant Salary Range: C$4K- C$6K, Average Salary: C$5,269
  77. Canadian Exercise Physiologist Salary Range: C$5K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,965
  78. Canadian Government Writer Salary Range: C$4K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,700
  79. Canadian Engineering Program Manager Salary Range: C$10K – C$24K, Average Salary: C$14,593
  80. Canadian Operations Manager Salary Range: C$6K – C$13K, Average Salary: C$8,709
  81. Canadian Deputy Director Salary Range: C$9K – C$14K, Average Salary: C$11,427
  82. Canadian Budget Analyst Salary Range: C$5K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,976
  83. Canadian Contract Specialist Salary Range: C$6K – C$8K, Average Salary: C$6,804
  84. Canadian Sales Associate, Salary Range: C$3K – C$7K, Average Salary: C$4,258
  85. Canadian Testing and Commissioning Engineer Salary Range: C$7K- C$10K, Average Salary: C$8,336
  86. Canadian Program Assistant at Foreign Ministry Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,318
  87. Canadian Water Resources Engineer Salary Range: C$6K- C$10K, Average Salary: C$7,794
  88. Canadian Marketing Manager Salary Range: C$8K- C$15K, Average Salary: C$10,127
  89. Canadian Procurement Officer Salary Range: C$5K- C$8K, Average Salary: C$6,292
  90. Canadian Service Administrator Salary Range: C$3K- C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,125
  91. Canadian Cyber Security Analyst Salary Range: C$5K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$6,965
  92. Canadian Business Development Assistant Salary Range: C$4K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$5,914
  93. Canadian International Program Specialist Salary Range: C$5K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,629
  94. Canadian Director of Finance Salary Range: C$10K- C$28K, Average Salary: C$15,642
  95. Canadian Forestry Technician Salary Range: C$3K- C$5K, Average Salary: C$4,231
  96. Canadian Sr Commercial Officer/manager Salary Range: C$7K- C$12K, Average Salary: C$9,424
  97. Canadian Government Product Manager Salary Range: C$9K-C$16K, Average Salary: C$11,406
  98. Canadian Gymnastics Coach Salary Range: C$3K- C$4K, Average Salary: C$3,390
  99. Public Relations Specialist Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,661
  100. Canadian Help Desk Analyst Salary Range: C$4K- C$7K, Average Salary: C$5,314
  101. Canadian Database Administrator Salary Range: C$6K- C$9K, Average Salary: C$7,034
  102. Canadian Energy Specialist Salary Range: CAD$5K- CAD$12K, Average Salary: C$7,279

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