Jobs in Canada 2023

Canadian Job Vacancies With FREE Work VISA 2023-2024

Send a Resume (CV) to get considered for highly paid Canadian job Vacancies in top multinationals being operated in Canada. These Canadian Jobs are offered in top Canadian companies which also provide assistance and sponsorship to obtain a free Canadian work permit or a work VISA of Canada.

Jobs Available in Canadian Companies for International Applicants

1# Manulife Jobs

Another financial company operating in Canada is looking for foreign employees to either fill their labor shortage or get expert opinions. The company offers investment and insurance solutions not only for individuals but also for private organizations.

Vacancies: Numerous vacancies are present for those collaborative and ambitious individuals who are experts in their respective fields.  You can apply for different roles like customer service, and advanced analytics. Finance, communication, development, risk, technology, marketing, and actuarial.

Benefits: You will get multiple benefits at the company. Some of them include health and life insurance, retirement and financial benefits, parenting plans, family programs, and paid vacations.

You can apply for jobs here.

2# Suncor Energy Jobs

Another Oil and gas company that works to synthesize crude from oil sands is Suncor Energy. The energy-based company is providing opportunities for individuals from foreign countries to join hands with them.

Vacancies: you can apply for different job openings like senior credit analysts, process engineers, development engineers, equipment operators, and accounting analysts. You can also apply for jobs in sales, finance, and IT.

Benefits: the company offers numerous benefits to its employees including health and life insurance. Health insurance covers all problems like dental, vision, disability, critical accidents, and life.

You can apply for jobs here.

3# Bell Canada Jobs

Bell Canada is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Canada that provide home phone services, wireless and high-speed internet, TV, and mobile phone to people. The company is promoting foreign experts to join hands with them and help the company in introducing new and innovative products.

Vacancies: Jobs are open in the fields of retail, media, sales, corporate services, marketing and communication, and technology.

Benefits: Bell offers numerous benefits to its employees. These include mental health and wellness programs, dental and health insurance, flexible work arrangements, discounts, training programs, innovation, family assistance, and savings plan.

You can search for jobs here.

4# Canadian Natural Resources Jobs

One of the biggest natural gas and crude oil producers in the world, i.e., Canadian Natural is looking for experts to join their team and fill the labor shortage. The company is popular for producing natural resources in cost-effective ways.

Vacancies: You can apply for Operations engineer, emergency management engineer, accountant, an administrator in different categories, analyst, dispatch engineer, geotechnical, mining, and exploitation engineer.

Benefits: The company offers numerous benefits. These include vision, dental, health, both short-term and long-term disability, accidental death, and life insurance. They also offer performance, shared annual, and stock option grant bonuses. You can also enjoy their social functions, fly-in, our programs, and stock savings plan.

You can apply for jobs here.

5# TC Energy Jobs

Another company that operates in the oil, power, and gas industries, i.e., TC Energy is looking for foreign employees.

Vacancies: You can apply for different categories. Some of them are engineering, technology, IT, Development, production, Operations, management, finance, and technical tasks.

Benefits: The company also offers benefits like health and life insurance, paid leaves, vacations, retirement and financial plans, savings program, and some other perks.

You can look for jobs here.

6# Rogers Communications Jobs

Rogers communication is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Canada. The company is working in the fields of internet, wireless, telephony, television, cable, and wireless communications. They are offering visa sponsorship to experts from all over the world.

Vacancies: You can apply for jobs in different fields. And some of them are digital technology, retail, corporate, sales and marketing, and related fields. Jobs range from managing positions to engineers and developers.

Benefits: The company offers life, health, and dental insurance like other companies. They also offer a global employee stock exchange program, 401 (k) plan, group term life insurance, and flexible savings and spending accounts.

You can look for jobs here.

7# CGI Inc. Jobs

CGI is one of the biggest business consulting and IT companies in Canada. It provides a wide range of innovative products, like cloud computing. The company wants to introduce new products in the market and therefore they are hiring experts from different countries of the world.

Vacancies: They offer limitless opportunities in different fields. And some of them are business analysts, lead analysts, Developers, Designers, managers, and related jobs.

Benefits: in addition to life and health insurance, the company offers flexible spending accounts and paid vacations.

You can look for jobs here.

8# Bombardier Jobs

When it comes to new and innovative aerospace products, no one is even comparable to a bombardier. The company manufactures jets, planes, trains, and other public transport vehicles. They are hiring foreign employees to bring experts to their fields.

Vacancies: If you have experience in the related fields, then there will be a lot of opportunities for you. Especially, those with manufacturing, development, IT, and production experience are welcome.

Benefits: The company offers benefits to its employees like health and life insurance that also covers mental health, employee assistance programs, disability benefits, pension plans, and annual bonuses.

You can apply for jobs here.

9# Shopify Jobs

Shopify is another well-known retail company that is offering visa sponsorship jobs.

Vacancies: Engineers, designers, project managers, developers, and production experts are welcome to apply.

Benefits: in addition to life and health insurance, you can enjoy retirement plans, paid leaves, family planning, and lifestyle spending account.

You can apply for jobs here.

10# Teck Resources Jobs

Teck resources is another popular mining company that is hiring foreign professionals.

Vacancies: vacancies are present in the fields of geoscience, equipment operators, engineering, business professionals, trades, and others.

Benefits: The company offers numerous reward programs like generous vacations, compensation, retirement plans, bonus, and stock purchase options for employees.

You can apply for jobs here.

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