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Canadian Jobs 2023 Urgent Requirement – Send Your CV

Urgent Employees Requirements in Canadian is recently observed. Thousands of highly paid jobs are available in Canada. Canada is a highly fruitful job market with various job openings for local and international people. There are different Canadian Jobs available that are in different fields ensuring handsome salary packages for the selected candidates. These job openings also provide numerous benefits for the candidates. Canadian Jobs are more rewarding in some fields than others.

Some of the positions are highly demanded in Canada making them common offerings. Due to this, they have better salary packages and overall benefits. This article will explore the top jobs in Canada, their salary ranges, the companies they are available at, benefits, and application procedure.

List of Top 20 Canadian Jobs in 2023

The most in-demand and highly paid jobs in Canada include:

1# Web Developer

Web Developers are growing in demand with an understandable and deliberate shift toward technology to generate jobs. Web Developers are required to build applications. They can work in numerous work environments including small enterprises, medium-sized startups, and governmental organizations.

The average salary for Web Developers is estimated at $69,305. Some of the top companies in Canada that regularly require Web Developers are Azura Digital, Symmetries, Plentitude, Essential Designs, Ankit Designs Inc., Computan, etc.

2# Physician

There is a high demand for Physicians in Canada. Physicians are required to operate in healthcare environments performing physical checkups to diagnose acute and chronic conditions. The Physicians also work toward the treatment of the diagnosed condition or disease. The average salary for Physicians is estimated at $253,843 per year in Canada. Some of the best healthcare facilities in Canada for Physicians include the Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, etc.

3# Full Stack Developer

Due to the recent shift toward technology, there is an increasing demand for Full Stack Developers in Canada. Professionals working in the mentioned field require high salaries because it requires top-notch expertise in IT.  The average salary for Full Stack Developers in Canada is estimated at $87,915 which is far higher compared to other job fields. The top companies in Canada requiring Full Stack Developers include CGI Inc., Freshbooks, Telus, etc.

4# Lawyer

There is growing scope for Lawyers in Canada. While it is a highly paid field, there are various niches in the law industry that allows professionals to choose the niche of their choice. However, Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law are the most highly paid fields with huge future potential. The average salary for Lawyers in Canada is projected at $97,944 per year. Some of the renowned and successful law firms in Canada include Dentons, Gowling WLG, Baker Mckenzie, etc.

5# Architect

With growing infrastructure, Architects are required more than ever in Canada. Due to the high demand, Architects have a higher salary package than other job posts. Besides the financial advantage, Architects have a chance to pursue their creative choices by choosing architecture as their profession. The earnings for Architects in Canada are projected at $94,153 per year. Some of the top architectural companies in Canada are Jackpine, Cutler, Hager Design International Inc., etc. However, it is a field that gives individuals an opportunity to work on their own without associating with any major company.

6# Registered Nurse

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada requires more healthcare workers. Nursing is a profession that has grown in demand over the past few years. Moreover, the profession is a relatively higher-paid field when compared to other professions in Canada. The average salary for Registered Nurses in Canada is $89,579 per year. Top hospitals in Canada requiring Registered Nurses are the Mount Sinai Hospital, NorthYork General Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, etc.

7# Dentist

Dentistry is a profession that is not covered under state insurance. Therefore, professionals in this field have an opportunity to practice privately. Private practice is highly rewarding due to the high earning potential in the field. The average yearly salary for Dentists in Canada is projected at $177,266. The top dental centers in Canada include Upper Canada Dental Centre, Canada Way Dental, Silverhill Dental, etc.

8# Psychologist

Psychology has begun to receive increased acknowledgment due to the awareness campaigns surrounding mental health. Following the awareness among the masses, there has been a significant shift toward psychologists seeking mental health therapy. The scope of psychologists has been further strengthened due to the poor mental health following the Covid-19 pandemic. The year average salary for Psychologists in Canada is $138,000. Some of the renowned psychology centers in Canada are CAMH, Rotman Research Institute, Margaret, Charles Juravinski Centre, etc.

9# Human Resource Managers

Human Resource Managers are tasked with performing recruitment duties, handling employees in work environments, deciding the firing procedures, and shaping human resource policies. Human Resource Managers must have excellent man management skills to extract impressive performance from the employees. The average yearly salary for Human Resource Managers is $89,003. The best human resource firms in Canada include Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, ScaleX, Recruitment Canada, etc.

10# Electrical Engineer

The use of electrical appliances and circuits has increased manifold. Owing to this situation, Electrical Engineers experience growing demand and a boost in their earning potential. The Electrical Engineers are responsible for shaping electrical systems. They also analyze and test these electrical systems to ensure compliance with safety procedures. The average yearly salary for Electrical Engineers is estimated at $91,832. The top engineering firms in Canada include Stantec, Jacobs, AECOM, etc.

11# Financial Advisor

Advisory services have started to receive the recognition that they deserve. Therefore, Financial Advisors have experienced a boost in their earning prospects. Financial Advisors are mainly tasked with advising people on how to manage their financial resources. Moreover, they work toward the promotion of the products/services of the institution in which they work. The yearly income of Financial Advisors is projected at $62,971. Some of the popular financial consultancy firms across Canada are Deloitte, BMO, Raymond James, Sia Partners, etc.

12# Welder

Welding is a profession that doesn’t necessarily require a professional degree. On the contrary, it is a profession that falls under the category of skilled labor. Canada is observing high demand for Welders because of the decrease in skilled workers. The retirement of many experienced professionals and inadequate entrants has induced this gap. Due to this, the average yearly salary of Welders has grown to $73,504. People willing to exceed this earning potential can explore the underwater welding field. The top Welding companies in Canada include Canaweld Inc., STH Welding, MWC Major Welding, Construction Ltd, etc.

13# Commercial Driver


There is a shortage of Commercial Drivers in Canada because of this the demand has grown leading to an increased earning potential. Commercial Drivers would be required to operate commercial vehicles for the transport of goods. The applicants must have the required driving licenses to be eligible for this field. The average yearly salary for Commercial Drivers is projected at $44,836. The top transport companies in Canada include Canada Cartage, Mullen Group, Morning Star Trucking Company, etc.

14# Pharmacist

Pharmacists are required to work in hospitals, pharmacies, or drugstores. The role of pharmacists is highly important in maintaining patient health. The demand for Pharmacists has increased significantly in recent times owing to a shortage of professionals in the field. The average hourly rate for Pharmacists in Canada is $45 which amounts to a yearly average of $129,600 for working 12 hours/day. The top pharmaceutical companies in Canada include Astellas Pharma Canada, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., Contract Pharmaceutical, etc.

15# Veterinarians

The trend of maintaining pets has been on an incline in Canada. Previously, Veterinarians weren’t in high demand. Therefore, there is a shortage of professionals presently. This has increased the earning potential as well leading to a projected annual earning of $95,804 for Veterinarians. Leading veterinary hospitals in Canada include Animal Care Hospital, Beckett & Associate Vets, Duncan Animal Hospital Ltd, etc.

16# Account Manager

Account Managers have an opportunity to work in various setups like marketing, banking, sales, information technology, consultation, etc. The Account Managers must be able to build strong client relationships coupled with a specialization in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The average salary for Account Managers in Canada is projected at $86,104. Some of the top account management companies in Canada are RBC, Soft Choice, Dell Technologies, etc.

17# Merchandiser

Merchandisers are required to make buying choices for retail stores. Moreover, they’re required to decide when the stock will be shelved for purchase. They have a vital role in the success of a business. The average yearly salary for Merchandisers is estimated at $48,610. Merchandisers can work at retail stores according to their professional expertise and experience. The retail giants in Canada include Walmart, Amazon, etc.

18# Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers work toward the development, analysis, specification, fine-tuning, and evaluation of aerospace vehicles and systems. There is an overwhelming gap in this field of engineering because of the numerous retirement cases in the past few months. The high demand has increased the earning prospects of Aerospace Engineers. The average yearly salary for Aerospace Engineers is $98,347. The top Aerospace Engineering companies in Canada include Sandvik Aerospace Solutions, Northrop Grumman, GE Aerospace, etc.

19# Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are in high demand in Canada. Administrative Assistants assist colleagues in a variety of tasks. People specializing in accounting or bookkeeping have a higher chance of landing jobs in the field due to the high market demand. The average yearly salary for Administrative Assistants is estimated at $45,927. Administrative Assistants can work in numerous Canadian companies because there are many vacancies for this position in Canada.

20# Project Manager

Project Managers are required to operate in different fields. They are tasked with handling various projects. This requires them to exhibit top-notch man management skills. Moreover, they are required to manage budgets given under the projects. Professionals displaying a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification are more likely to land jobs in the field. The average yearly salary for Project Managers is $91,425. The top project management companies in Canada include Knickerbocker & Associates, Deloitte, BLUESCAPE Construction Management, etc.

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