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Canadian Jobs for Students 2023 – Apply for Canada Jobs for Students

Thousands of high-paying jobs in Canada for students in 2023 were announced in top multinationals and government sector organizations. If you are a student and interested to work in Canada then consider applying for the jobs listed in this article to earn some cash while studying there.

Canada has been a favorite location for international students to consider and apply to for their higher studies. The country provides an exceptional standard of education for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. But everyone is not so lucky to grab a fully funded Canadian Scholarship to finance their studies there.

Therefore, most students studying in Canada need to work part-time to meet their financial needs. In this article, I’ll uncover such easy-to-learn opportunities for international students of Canada. The standards of higher-level education are very elevated but so are the tuition fees and living expenses. Unless of course, you are a grant or scholarship awardee. Then you may be able to live a certain student lifestyle in Canada.

However, the majority of international students rely upon doing some sort of part-time job to reduce their financial burden of study and living expenses.

Requirements for International Students to Work in Canada

Before you apply for jobs anywhere in Canada, you must be aware of the work regulations for international students.

So, is it legal for an international student to work in Canada? Yes, it is completely legal for international students to work in Canada if they have a study permit. the study permit ensures that you are a full-time student in Canada.

However, another follow-up question that pops into a person’s head is, are international students required to have a study work permit?

Well, if you intend to work on or off-campus then you can only start once your semester begins on campus. This is followed by another condition that you will only be allowed to work on campus if your study permit includes working on or off campus. Hence, working on campus does not require any study work permit.

However, if you are working off-campus then you need to ensure that you have a valid study permit and a valid university letter that contains information about confirming your enrollment in the respective university. Or the letter must confirm that you are allowed to work as an international student to support yourself. Only then will you be issued a Co-op work permit with your study permit.

International students often work up to 20 hours per week or full-time during holidays. So, you do not need to worry about an official work permit until your degree is concluded. Ensure you have all the necessary study work permits. If you are proven of fraud or working with fake study work permits, you will be deported from the country.

Now that the requirements for part-time jobs are cleared, let us dive into the list of fifteen jobs for international students in Canada.

15 Canada Jobs for International Students in 2023

Having a part-time job with the constant pressure of studies is hard to balance. But some part-time jobs offer flexibility and are cooperative enough to allow you to work according to your study schedule.

Each job listing has its minimum wage mentioned as well. However, keep in mind that the minimum wage changes according to the state you reside in.

1# Barista Jobs for Students

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a barista is the infamous coffee shop, Starbucks. But you can get this job in any coffee shop off-campus or even on your campus. The tips will not be coming through but at least you will earn (and learn how to make great coffee)

The average Barista earns is CA $14 per hour

2# Tutor Jobs for Students

Tutoring is a quite common job international students apply for. Various tuition centers encourage international students to apply as tutors. So, if you are great at any subject in school and are wonderful with kids then this is the right job for you.

Tuition centers have certain rules and regulations and limited pay for the tutors they hire. But if you are going solo then you can charge whatever amount you and the parents agree on.

The average pay rate for a tutor is CA $16 per hour.

3# Bartender or Waiter Jobs for Students

Bartenders and Waiters come under the same category because their pay rates and requirements are the same. And this is another quite common job for international students. This is because the job offers highly flexible timings so you can work and study. Plus, you also get to put in extra hours easily on special occasions or weekends.

This job is not high-paying for international students, but the tips make it worth it. Because with just a smile and some politeness you can earn terrific tips! The standard tipping rate is 15 to 30% in Canada.

The average pay for a bartender or waiter is CA $12 per hour.

4# Delivery Rider or Driver Jobs for Students

Uber and Lyft apps have created very convenient job opportunities for many individuals, especially students. Both apps offer extremely loose working hours.

However, to commence, you must fulfill all the requirements of the company. You must be over twenty-one, have a valid driving license, and have a car and a smartphone.

This service is prominent at office times, weekends, and around special occasions when everyone is running around to get to places. The average Uber or Lyft pays ranges anywhere from CA $19 to CA $25.58 per hour

The major drawback of this listing is that one needs to own a car. But if you apply for the UberEATS job, then you can deliver the food packages on a bicycle which not only costs no fuel, but the maintenance is also cheaper than a car. However, you must have great stamina to ride around to deliver the orders on time.

The average rate per hour for UberEATS is CA $17

5# Teachers Assistant Jobs for Students

Teachers assistants or TAs is a quite common part-time jobs on campus. This job requires the student to have exceptional organizational skills so they can help with study plans, arrange all the study material, and run other certain course-related tasks. An additional requirement of the student applying is that they must have completed a year of the university they are enrolled in. You may apply for the TAship openings in whichever course you like, or you may choose your TAship according to the professor you look up to.

The average pay rate for the teacher’s Assistant is CA $16 per hour.

6# Nanny or Babysitter Jobs for Students

Another very cliché part-time job is babysitting or nanny. If you have previous experience from your childhood, then this is your best option. However, if you have no experience but are fantastic with kids then you can surely be a part-time babysitter.

The working hours are flexible according to the needs of the parents.

The pay rate for this job is what often worked out between you and the parents. You will surely be tipped and paid more according to the responsibilities of the day.

The average pay per hour for nanny or babysitting is CA $15

7# Dog Walker Jobs for Students

If you are a dog lover, then this part-time job is the best for you. Dog walking is not a super flexible job, but it is also not a significantly duration-committed job. You can easily adjust a few hours after your university time to walk a couple of your new furry friends.

If you have trouble finding dog owners, you may register yourself in a dog walking business or reach out through social media. You can determine your pay rate with the dog’s owner. You will acquire occasional tips and will get paid more depending on your increased responsibilities.

A dog walker earns an average of CA $14.50 per hour.

8# Sales Assistant or Salesperson Jobs for Students

A sales assistant or a salesperson needs to have a way with their words and people. The schedule may not be very flexible, but you can adjust this job with your studies well, especially on the weekends. A weekend is a foremost time the shopping is majorly done.

However, the main point to keep in mind is that sales jobs are commission-based. So, the more customers you sell to, the additional you earn. But the downside is if you are having a bad week or month and you sold to few customers then your payment will be less automatically.

An average salesperson or assistant earns about CA $13 per hour.

9# Translator Jobs for Students

As an international student, you comprehend a second or a third language. So, if you are bilingual, you may use this privilege for good and apply for a job as a translator. The only demand of this job is that you must know the language well enough to read, write and speak it.

These basic requirements will further be required to do additional tasks of documenting and communicating. You may apply to an institution or go solo looking for clients.

The average pay rate for a translator is CA $22 per hour

10# Freelancer Jobs for Students

You may have heard of freelancing. The freelancing job can be of any skill at which you are excellent. It may be writing, graphic designing, web designing, videography, photography, and so on. Freelancing is the most flexible job for students. However, you will be required to meet the deadlines of your clients. You can work from anywhere and get paid at whatever rate you will be asking for.

Most of the freelancing is done through various freelancing sites created such as Fiverr, Upwork, and 99Designs.

The average pay rate for freelancing is CA $25.60 per hour.

11# Paid Internships Jobs for Students

You are required to at least do one internship in your study years. So, if you are going to get some experience you might as well make sure you are getting paid for it. Paid internship opportunities can be found on various online websites, but you may contact the student affairs office for direct and hassle-free details.

Your pay will depend on the internship program you have been selected for. however, the average pay rate per hour for an intern is CAD $16.89

12# Virtual Assistant Jobs for Students

A virtual assistant is a remarkably superb work opportunity for students in Canada. The job requires the person to work from home and offer any sort of help their client would need. The tasks just require one to make a phone call or appointment scheduling. Moreover, they manage all their accounts like social media and emails. It is like a TA but virtual.

So, all you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a modern smartphone. Alongside, you also need to be familiar with all the office apps and be well at communication as professionalism is needed in this job.

You may either search for jobs or virtual assistants online or apply to some firm that is seeking virtual assistants.

The average a virtual assistant earns is CAD $24.16 per hour.

13# Earning Extra Cash via YouTube monetization Jobs for Students

Earning extra cash via YouTube Monetization is very trendy. if you are creative, have your way with storytelling, or would just like to document your days in Canada as an international student, then this part-time job could be right for you!

YouTube monetization is a way to make money by making YouTube videos. However, before you start so, there is a set of requirements you must fulfill to start monetization. You must point YouTube Partner Program (YPP). You will also need to be above 18 and meet other various requirements.

If you meet all the requirements, well then do not forget to inform everyone to hit like, subscribe and comment!

One can make up to CAD $20 per hour on average.

14# Modeling Jobs for Students

Have you always had an impact on people because of your looks? Do you often get compliments saying that you are a model or should give modeling a shot? Or do people absolutely love your fashion sense?

Well, now is your time to put your looks (and wardrobe) to some clever use and make money out of it! And who knows you might even have a big shot at appearing on the cover of Vogue! Nothing is impossible.

Even if you do not start off well, modeling in Canada offers a sufficient salary as a part-time job and is stable enough so you can always flourish in the world of fast fashion and modeling.

If you are confident enough that you will do well in this field, then make sure you have an incredibly unique portfolio in your hands!

The average a model earns is CAD $28.68 per hour.

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