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European High Demand Professions for Job Seekers in 2023 – Submit Resume (CV)

The world is moving towards a more inclusive front, and thus, people prefer being global citizens and working outside of their domestic countries. Are you on the lookout for job opportunities in Europe that could help you build a career there? If yes, then you have an excellent choice in regions, because Europe is the home of career breakthroughs, and you can find ample reasons that will make you stick with your goal of working in Europe. 

Living abroad comes with many general advantages: there is better exposure to cultures, heritage, and work environments, better opportunities in employment and business start-ups, and you also get to build an improved and global version of yourself.

However, moving abroad for work, specifically to Europe is the cherry on top. Why? Well, Europe is ranked one of the highest when it comes to the OECD Better Life Index: the continent enjoys high life expectancy, a better quality of air and water, and is also doing well in terms of quality and gender equality of education, and employment opportunities. However, this is not all. There are many more reasons that make Europe an ideal place to work in. 

So if you are still torn about whether Europe is your final choice or not, continue reading to find out.

6 Most In-demand Jobs in Europe in 2023

Once your decision to move to Europe for work becomes concrete, the next step is to research the well-paying career options and emerging industries. You already know that Europe is one of the most acclaimed economies in the world, which shows that opportunities are limitless. The continent keeps growing, new industries are constantly explored and commercialized, and thus, there is something for everyone to do- both European citizens and the overseas community in search of work in Europe.

So, whether looking to move to Europe for a complete career transmission, to excel in your field of prior work experience, or you are a fresh university graduate- you have made the right choice because Europe is the prime destination. We have further compiled a list of the most in-demand career, and jobs in Europe, for the year 2023. We are sure this list will help you make a choice.

1# IT specialists Jobs in Europe

IT Specialists take up a lot of space in the European Market as Europe is a progressive region, and its pace of digitalization in all industries is very fast-paced. Thus, there is high demand for IT specialists, to be able to create and maintain information technology systems, to improve system efficiency. The demand for IT specialists in European countries is ever-growing, and not being fully met by locals- thus it is a good option to pursue in Europe as an overseas employee. 

Many companies in Europe have said that they are welcoming towards, and expect to hire more foreign IT specialists in the coming years, with very good salaries. In the UK, experienced specialists have an earning bracket of £25,800 – £64,000 a year and in Germany, it is £25,600 – £72,000.

Moreover, employment prospects are high for the younger generation in Europe due to upcoming retirements in the mechanical, electrical, and economical sectors, as well as due to industrial growth. In Germany alone, over 52,000 job openings are available for IT specialists and engineers. Additionally, Europe also has very renowned research centers creating jobs for such specialists. 

That being said, it is not easy to get into the IT field in Europe because it has strict requirements, such as a university degree in a related disciple, and a STEM background. If you qualify according to IT jobs eligibility criteria, this is an amazing career option to explore in Europe.

2# Health care specialists Careers Jobs in Europe

Europe has a high old age population as life expectancy is quite high in this region. Resultantly, the need for medical staff is greater as well. Thus, a medical career, be it as a doctor, nurse, EMT, and everything in between is an ideal idea if you wish to join Europe’s workforce. Europe is also home to an extensive and widely applauded health care system, thus, your learning, work experience, and career development as a medical specialist would be maximized by working in Europe.

3# English teachers and Education Facilitators Jobs in Europe

As English is becoming more widely popular all across Europe as a global business language, educational jobs as English teachers are widely available in several European countries that are non-English. This is because the English language is treated as a necessity in today’s world.

You will find job opportunities at several schools and English centers, easily. English teacher jobs are also greatly beneficial because you get an easily manageable schedule, a good amount of vacation hours, and a stable career. Here, having previous experience as an English teacher or education facilitator, or a TEFL certification will help you score an English teaching job in Europe with ease.

4# Social workers Jobs in Europe

Since human and community rights are given due importance in Europe, the social services field is really important. The numerous ongoing social projects, as well as upcoming ones, require staff and personnel, so becoming a social worker is a good idea. This job is also different compared to other conventional jobs and could be more soul-satisfying, as you would get to help the local communities, by making health and safety for all citizens a priority- irrespective of age, background, religion, etc.

5# Lawyers Jobs in Europe

In Europe, both the public sector, and the private sector have growing demand for lawyers, and legal specialists/advisors. Given the many laws, guidelines, business practice regulations, etc., lawyers are a need for every corporation, government organization, and business. Thus, demand is high and you could make a great, and well-paying career as a lawyer in Europe.

6# Digital Marketing Jobs in Europe

The digital marketing field is generally easier to enter, as a formal university degree or prior experience is not always a prerequisite to be considered for digital marketer job opportunities. You can opt for this as your main career, or keep it as an additional income source, basically like a side job. Since many multimedia and digital marketing jobs are offered remotely as well, the income and experience earned can be used to make a better living in Europe, and support your main endeavors: such as investment, and digital marketing expertise for your own small business, or to cover the commuting expense of your corporate job, etc. this option is good on its own, and also as a side hustle.

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