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FLY AIRLINK Flight Attendant Jobs 2023 – Send CV

Deadline August 31, 2022
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The job openings for Flight Attendants are available at AIRLINK. Follow this article to know more about the position, application process, and eligibility criteria. AIRLINK is an airline located in Johannesburg, South Africa. AIRLINK has expanded into a sizable airline as it covers mainline routes. It operates over 60 routes and 50 destinations.

AIRLINK Jobs Eligibility Criteria

The position requires different educational qualifications, legal documents, and personality traits. The applicant must have a Grade 12 certificate or an equivalent to be eligible for the position. Moreover, English language skills are of primary importance. Therefore, the applicant must have a Higher Grade D or Standard Grade C in English.

The applicants having a CAA Flight Attendant License will be preferred for the position. Considering that it is a job post of a Flight Attendant, the applicants must have a valid passport. Additionally, medical fitness is a necessity because of extensive travel. The applicants will be required to display leadership skills because they carry out operations individually without supervision.

A minimum height of 1.55m and a maximum height of 1.73m are required. The position will be filled after an intensive training program of six weeks which will include interviews and assessments. Therefore, the applicant must be willing to adhere to the training program guidelines. The selected candidate will also be subjected to various security checks, medical examinations, and psychological evaluations before assuming the position. There shall be a willingness to undergo these procedures.

Swimming is a primary requirement for this position. Therefore, the applicants must know how to swim. Only South African nationals are eligible for the position. Their identity documents will be scanned. The applicants residing within a certain radius of the airport will be preferred.

Available Job Designations

The Flight Attendant will have numerous responsibilities during flight operations. The Flight Attendant will be tasked to handle passengers. Therefore, strong communication skills and a groomed personality are required. The Flight Attendant may also be required to solve passenger inquiries. Any problem arising in these subject matters will be solved by the Flight Attendant. Therefore, strong problem-solving skills are required.

The Flight Attendant will also give instructions regarding evacuation and other emergencies. The Flight Attendant will be tasked with delivering first aid and protecting the flight deck.

Flight Attendant Job Application Procedure

Follow the steps below to apply for the Flight Attendant position at AIRLINK:

  • Visit the AIRLINK Careers website
  • Search the Flight Attendant job
  • Click on the job listing
  • Scroll down at the end
  • Click the “Apply” button
  • Add your details and attach the required documents
  • Submit the application

AIRLINK Job Application Deadline: August 31, 2023 

The deadline for application submission for the Flight Attendant position is 31st August 2023. We hope that you liked our guide! Follow our articles for more such updates!

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