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Fully-funded Turkey Success Scholarships 2023 – Turkish Scholarships Without IELTS

Deadline November 30, 2022
Opening date April 14, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Turkey
Type Fully-Funded
Location Turkey

The Turkey Success Scholarships 2022-2023 is now open for online applications this year for all international students who wish to study for free in Turkey. It is one of those high-paid Turkish scholarships that are only awarded to international students.

There was a time when studying abroad used to be a big deal. And the first country that popped into everyone’s minds after hearing ‘studying abroad’ was England. But this is the 21st century and things have made a remarkable change. Universities have matured, the standard of education has risen up to an extravagant level and there is rivalry everywhere. In these circumstances, choosing a university might be an arduous task for some. Don’t worry people! We’re here to the ultimate rescue. In this article, we’ll tell you all about one of the best scholarship programs in one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality education.

Success Scholarships in Turkey:

The Republic of Turkey is the second country in the world in access to a 94.2% of higher schooling rates. Also, the diploma/degree acquired from a Turkish university holds impeccable value and will be recognized in all European countries. Furthermore, the Turkish government has founded ‘Turkiye Scholarships Program’ which offers fully-funded scholarships to international students. The aim of providing these international scholarships is to create leaders, impart quality education and build up close correlations with other countries.

Please keep in mind that IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for admissions in Turkish Universities.

Programs offered by the Turkey Success Scholarship Program:

The Turkey Success Scholarship program offers the following degrees to its grantees:

#1 Undergraduate Level:

The Turkey Success Scholarship offers a degree for Bachelor’s level which is usually 4 years. The minimum requirement for this field is 12 years of academic history, along with a minimum 70% score and a maximum age requirement of 21 years. It is offered in the following areas: 

      • Social sciences
      • Engineering
      • Humanities
      • Health sciences
      • Music
      • Fine arts

#2 Postgraduate Level:

The Turkey Success Scholarship also offers a postgraduate degree which is normally 2 years. This level requires a minimum of 14 years of educational record, with a minimum 75% score and a maximum age limit of 30 years. Master’s degree through the Turkey Success Scholarship Program can be pursued in the following fields:

      • Social sciences
      • Engineering
      • Humanities
      • Music 
      • Fine arts

#3 Doctoral Level:

The Turkey Success Scholarship also offers a Ph.D. degree which is normally of 2 years. This level requires a minimum of 16 years of educational record, with at least 75% score and age below 35 years. Doctoral degree through the Turkey Success Scholarship Program can be pursued in the following fields:

      • Social sciences
      • Engineering
      • Humanities
      • Fine arts

Perks of Turkey Success Scholarship Program:

The awardees of the Turkey Success Scholarship Program enjoy a lot of benefits in the form of expense coverage by this scholarship program. These advantages are listed below:

  • Language Course:

It is necessary to know the language of the region you’re residing in, even if your stay is just for a year. The Turkey Success Scholarship offers a Turkish language course that is 1-year long, but you will become an expert in this language.

  • Airfare:

The air tickets of the awardees are the responsibility of the Turkish government.

  • Health Insurance:

This Turkish success scholarship program promises health insurance for its grantees as it is beneficial for international students.

  • Accommodation Support:

One of the most difficult tasks during studying abroad is finding yourself a place to live. The Turkey Success Scholarship promises accommodation for its awardees.

  • Monthly Stipend:

The turkey Success Scholarship offers stipends to its awardees on monthly basis. However, the amount of the stipend differs according to the different levels.

      1. Undergraduate program —– 800 Turkish Lira
      2. Postgraduate program —– 1,100 Turkish Lira
      3. Doctoral Program —– 1,600 Turkish Lira
      4. Language and cultural program —– 2,000 Turkish Lira

Steps to apply for Turkey Success Scholarships:

You can easily apply for the Turkey Success Scholarship Program by following these simple steps:

    1. Download the application form from the official website and fill it with accurate information.
    2. Recheck the filled form at least twice.
    3. Upload the form with a copy of passport or ID, along with the student certificate and transcript bearing a signature and seal from the registrar’s office.
    4. Select any 12 Turkish universities that are registered under the Turkey Success Scholarship Program.
    5. Clear the tests of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and SAT. (If required)

Turkey Success Scholarship Application Deadline:

The admission applications for the Turkey Success Scholarships for the batch of 2023 will be accepted until November 30, 2022.

Fully-funded Scholarships (Dr. Yousaf)

Dr. Rana works on this platform as a scholarship mentor for international students. Dr. Rana inspires and motivates young students to pursue their academic dreams. He is a famous Scholar and mentor who himself won five fully-funded Scholarships in the US, China, Turkey, Portugal, and Europe. Now he helps students to enable them to apply for international scholarships and study abroad for free. Dr. Rana is a famous scholarship speaker and for that reason, he keeps visiting Universities across the globe to deliver lectures on scholarships.


  1. I am very interested to apply for this Turkey opportunity. Your service is also very nice. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity. Does Turkey have a Forest Governance with Emphasis in Climate Change program at their institution?


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