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Germany Work VISA Application Process Explained (2023)

If you want to work in Germany then you need to apply for a German Work VISA, German Work Permit, or a German Employment Permit to enter Germany for work purposes. Thousands of jobs are available in Germany but some are contractual, some are permanent, and some are offered by the government. Therefore, for each job type, the German government issues a specific type of German Work VISA. This article will guide you on which type of German Work VISA would be an ideal choice for you.

Germany is a country where there are a lot of job opportunities for its citizens as well as for foreigners. If you are not a German citizen and want to apply for a job in Germany as an International Applicant, then you would be needing a valid job offer from a German company to apply for a German work permit or German Work VISA.

German Work VISA/Permit Types

Germany Work VISA is issued to international applicants for different purposes. Therefore, the Germa Work VISA is classified further into different types which are listed below:

  • Job Seeker VISA of Germany
  • German Blue Card
  • German Permanent Settlement Work Permit
  • German Temporary Permit
  • Long-Term EC Work Permit

1# Job Seeker VISA of Germany

If you don’t have a job offer in Germany but want to enter Germany to find jobs there. Then in this case you would apply for a Job Seeker VISA from Germany because you want to travel to Germany to look for jobs in their market.

2# German Blue Card

German Blue Card is issued to highly qualified professionals, talented people, and researchers in order to retain them in Germany by providing them with the main residence permit in Germany. The blue card of Germany is issued to individuals earning €56,400 or more.

3# German Permanent Settlement Work Permit

The German Permanent Settlement Work Permit is also known as the Settlement Permit of Germany. The Settlement Permit of Germany is issued to foreign non-EU applicants living in Germany for over five years duration.

4# German Temporary Permit VISA

The German Temporary VISA is issued to foreign nationals for the purpose of legalizing their short-term stay in Germany for a valid and provable reason. The temporary or contractual employees may also be issued with German Temporary work permits.

5# Long-Term EC Work Permit

This is the most universal Work and Study VISA type through which you can enter Germany for study or work purposes. The long-term EC work VISA is issued to foreign nationals of work or study in Germany or other EU Member States.

Germany Work VISA Issuance Process in 2023

International applicants who want to work in Germany require a German Work VISA, German Work Permit, or Employment VISA to legalize their stay in Germany.

Basic Requirements for German Work Permit/VISA:

There are some legal requirements to be completed to obtain a german employment visa. Before applying for any job in Germany, you should have a clear knowledge of the legal requirements of the visa process and its completion. These requirements are:

  • An applicant has a valid national passport with over six months of the passport expiry date.
  • An applicant has the application form for a residence permit.
  • Report of a clean criminal record.
  • Applicant should have proof of german language.
  • The applicant should have proof of the job offer.
  • The applicant should have travel health insurance for Germany.

Who Can Apply for a German Work VISA:

Job applicants from any country are eligible to apply for a German Work VISA except those applicants from countries that can be or have been restricted by German law.

Some of the countries are exempted from German Work VISA requirements as well. These countries are EEA/EU members, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and The Republic of Korea. Job applicants from the rest of the third-world countries are required to enter Germany with a working visa.

How to Apply for a German Work VISA?

If you got a job offer in Germany then the next step would be to apply for a German Work Permit/VISA and here you can find its basic details to start your application process:

  • If the applicant needs a Work visa for a long stay in Germany, then the applicant should apply according to it.
  • Collect all required and essential documents that are indispensable for applying for the visa.
  • Make an appointment for a German Work VISA interview.
  • Pay the required fee for a german employment work visa.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Wait for the final response.
  • After that, if your German Work visa process and legal requirements are successfully completed, you will be issued a valid German Work VISA.

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