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Thousands of highly-paid jobs in Chinese companies are announced for recruitment in 2022. International candidates, foreign students studying in China, and professionals can apply for these Chinese jobs. Chinese companies are famous for providing high-class work environments to international employees with unmatchable salaries. In this post, you will find the names of hundreds of Chinese companies where you can search for their current job openings and apply for them.

China’s ever-rising economy provides thousands of job opportunities for international applicants who want to work there. However, in order to do that, interested applicants should have a bit of work experience under their belt, and a job offer from China to acquire their work visa and permanent residence.

Highly Paid Jobs in China

The economy in China has been booming and likewise, it has tremendously increased the job opportunities for not only the locals but also foreigners. Albeit the latter have to go through the tiresome process of acquiring a work visa and a residence permit before they can start work in China.

Nevertheless, certain job roles have dominated their sectors and are earning the highest salaries. These include the jobs of doctors, sales executives for luxury goods, CEOs, CFOs, judges, lawyers, bank managers, computer software application engineers, advanced financial controllers, and fund managers to name a few.

It’s no surprise that surgeons are at the top of the list considering the skill, focus, dedication, and hours that go into their work every single day. Some of the highest-paid surgeons such as cardiologists and neurosurgeons earn almost 170,000 CNY per month if they are working in the best hospitals in China.

This is followed by judges who can earn up to 145,000 CNY per month and lawyers who can earn as much as 120,000 CNY per month if they’re working in the top law firms. Bank managers and fund managers, aka people with a lot of financial responsibility, can make as much as 110,000 CNY per month.

If you’re tasked with leading huge organizations to success as the Chief Executive Officers (CEO)s, your monthly salary can range from 30,000 CNY to 103,000 CNY. Similarly, as CFO, your monthly salary can range from 28,000 CNY to 96,000 CNY.

Do keep in mind that although these are the average salaries for the given jobs, your actual salary can vary tremendously depending on the city you work in, your level of expertise and experience, your age, and your employer.

How to Apply for Chinese Work VISA: Requirements and Process

All foreigners require a Chinese work visa and a residence permit before they can start work in China. A work visa allows you to stay in China for 30 days while you and your employer seek a residence permit for the duration of your stay.

Before you start your work VISA process, make sure that you check the following boxes to be eligible to apply:  You should have at least 2 years of experience in the field you’re applying in, you must be at least 18 years of age, and not have a criminal record, you must have a job offer from an employee in China and have a valid passport and other international travel documents.

The Chinese work visa can be obtained by the agency named SAFEA (The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs). This agency allows both, the employer and foreign applicant to upload the documents required for the work visa online. The visa application process is initiated by the employer in China as they submit the registration form and ID information of the employee.

Next, what you need to do is apply online for a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice from outside of China. This work notice document is needed before the work visa can be acquired and is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social security of China. The following documents are required to obtain your work permit:

  • A scanned copy of your passport information page
  • Foreigner’s Work Permit application form
  • Verification of past employment
  • Copy of your job contract
  • Medical examination report from an authorized hospital
  • A recent passport-sized photo
  • Reference letter
  • A non-criminal record that has been translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy
  • A copy of your bachelor’s degree translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy
  • TEFL/ TESOL certificate translated and authenticated by the Chinese embassy.

Once SAFEA has gone through all of the documents and is satisfied with them, you will be required to submit a hard copy of all the documents.

Next, you need to apply for a Z-class visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate. To apply for the Z visa, you need a completed visa application form, one recent passport-sized photo, your actual passport, your work permit, and any other required documents. The other type of visa is the R visa; however, those are only reserved for high-level employees. After this, you will be required to turn in your work permit and visa application at the Chinese consulate or embassy and wait for a reply.

Once you receive your visa, you will then travel to China where you will work on getting your work and residence permit, both of which require you to get a medical verification and a temporary resignation with the police.

To acquire the work permit (a process that usually takes 10 days), you need to submit your passport, an ID photo, the police housing registration form, a medical report verification, and other documents from the company.

Next, you will acquire a resident permit from the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau by submitting your passport, police housing registration form, resident permit application form, ID photo, and original work certificate. Acquiring the resident permit takes about 7 business days.

Chinese Jobs for International Applicants

Now that you know how to apply for a Chinese Work VISA, let’s take a look at the various job opportunities available in china for international applicants.

1# Engineering Jobs in China

The engineering field in China provides a vast job market for foreigners. This is due to the increased industrialization in China, which has led to many job vacancies in various engineering fields.

The engineering companies in China can be divided into four main categories: Civil work and engineering, energy, shipbuilding, and computer engineering.

Some of the top companies in the Civil work and engineering sector are CGC Overseas Construction Group, China Railway Seventh Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Machinery Engineering Corporation, China Road and Bridge Corporation, and China Aluminum International Engineering.

Some of the top Chinese companies in the engineering sector offering jobs include Power grid corporations of China, Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy Company, Datang International Power Generation Company, Panjiang Coal and Electric Power Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Sunergy, Topray Solar, China Power New Energy Development Company Limited,  and China Three Gorges Corporation.

Examples of different shipbuilding companies are the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation.

Lastly, computer engineering companies where applicants can look for jobs are Seioglobal, the Electronic information industry in China, TENCENT, the Software industry in China, BAIDU, and Dalian Hi-Think Computer Neusoft Corporation.

In order to be eligible for Chinese jobs in these companies, the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Of course, having a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in a specific field will only increase your chances of landing a higher-paying job in an internationally recognized company.

When it comes to Chinese Work VISA (Z Type), most engineering companies will take care of your visa application process for you, and provide some sort of housing allowance, along with healthcare packages. However, not all companies do that, so it is possible that you might have to search for housing on your own.

Nevertheless, a career as an engineer is a great choice in China as well-settled engineers can make around 24,700 CNY per month. Some of the higher-paying engineering job titles include assistant chief engineer (salary: 29,700 CNY per month), automation engineer (salary: 28,500 CNY per month), biochemical engineer (salary: 24,500 CNY per month), civil engineer (salary: 27,100 CNY per month), communications engineer (salary: 28,900 CNY per month), electrical engineering manager (salary: 36,900 CNY per month) and field engineering manager (salary: 41,800 CNY per month).

2# Jobs in the Healthcare Sector in China

China’s medical market is one of the largest in the world, making China one of the most popular places for people seeking excellent jobs in the healthcare sector. Some of the top Chinese companies in the healthcare sector that are currently hiring include IQVIA, Johnson & Johnson China, Pfizer, Octave, SA Health, GE Healthcare, BeiGene, Sartorius, and Luye Medical Group, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, and Raffles Medical.

Additionally, some of the top Chinese hospitals, which offer the best healthcare include Sun Yat‑sen University Fifth Hospital, Center for Disease Control and Prevention China, Wuhan Union Hospital, West China Hospital, and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center. Aspiring physicians should aim to find work in these institutions to land the best jobs.

For almost two decades now, foreign nationals have been allowed to practice medicine in China after passing the official physician examination and obtaining P.R China and the necessary qualifications.

In order to start work in the healthcare sector in China, the first thing international applicants need to do is to get their hands on a “Foreign physicians practicing certificate” and a work visa. This certificate, issued by the Ministry of Health, is required by all foreign doctors to be able to practice medicine in China.

Unfortunately, foreign doctors in China can only work in medical institutions and are not allowed to practice medicine individually. Before they can start work, doctors need to apply for registration in the Health Administrative Department and submit the required documents in order to find work.

Nevertheless, the average salary of a physician working in China is about 70,000 CNY per month. A chiropractor in China makes 35,600 CNY per month, a clinical psychologist makes almost 90,000 CNY per month, and a general medical practitioner makes about 57,000 CNY per month.

It’s simple, the more specialized your field is, the higher your salary will be. For example, people working as cardiologists can make up to 121,000 CNY per month, neurologists can make around 90,500 CNY per month, and radiologists can make around 93,000 CNY per month.

3# Construction Jobs in China

There are a number of jobs found in the construction sector in china. These include the positions of plumbers, architects, project managers, interior designers, building administrators, carpenters, electricians, and construction project managers.

The top construction companies in China are Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, and China Wu Yi co., Ltd.

If you’re working in the construction sector you can expect to make about 17,000 CNY per month, which includes certain housing and transport benefits. Regardless, the salary in this sector can vary a lot depending on your position. For example, an average steel construction worker only makes about 10,000 CNY.

However, with certain job roles such as a building sales manager (average salary: 39,000 CNY) or a construction general manager (average salary: 50,000 CNY), you can expect to make a lot more money. These are the job titles that come with a lot more responsibility and require well-experienced applicants.

4# Banking Jobs in China

China is way ahead of most countries when we talk about finances, as it represents 40% of all global venture capital investments. Companies such as PwC, HSBC, Accenture, KPMG China, Sequoia Capital China, BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase & Co, HAX, and Payoneer are some of the most well-known in the Chinese financial and banking sector and are currently hiring.

The vacancies found in these companies are for the positions of traders, fund managers, investment analysts, client advisers, risk managers, compliance officers, operations analysts, IT specialists, and security and fraud specialists. Interested applicants can look at their respective websites to check for specific vacancies available and details on how to apply for them.

Additionally, banks in China that are currently hiring include the Bank of China, Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank, and OCBC Bank. The average salary of a person working in the banking industry in China is about 32,000 CNY per month, however, it can vary substantially depending on your position and work experience.

An assistant bank manager makes about 51,000 CNY per month, whereas a bank accounts manager makes 36,000 CNY per month. Bank managers and other heads of operations can make as much as 60,000 CNY per month, whereas an average bank clerk usually only makes 10,000 CNY per month.

5# Government Jobs in China

All of the government employees in China are known as civil servants. This includes national leaders, provincial leaders, district level leaders, legal employees, taxation officers, employees of the education sector, police, and firefighters.

Apart from the police and firefighter positions, international applicants can only apply for the civil servant positions if they have Chinese citizenship and a bachelor’s degree. The more qualifications you have, the more eligible you are to apply for jobs of higher merit.

The average salary of someone working for the government in China is 32,000 CNY per month, but this number will vary depending on your job.

An armed forces officer in China makes about 25,000 CNY per month, a public information officer makes 21,000 CNY and a defense officer makes about 32,000 CNY. Similarly, a government officer makes almost 40,000 CNY per month and a government affairs director (who sits at a higher post) makes almost 50,000 CNY. The average salary of military personnel is 35,000 CNY and that of a soldier is 22,000 CNY.

If you’re looking to go into the education sector, you’ll be in luck because teaching is a great career option for ex-pats in China. The minimum requirement to be a teacher is a bachelor’s degree but if you have a master’s degree under your belt, it increases your chances of landing a higher-paying job. You can make anywhere from 11,000 CNY per month to as much as 30,000 CNY per month by working as a teacher in China.

Some of the best educational institutions that you can aim to work in China that are currently hiring are China Admissions, Duke Kunshan University, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Nord Anglia Education, Aston Educational Group, SuzhouNorth America High School, and the Western Academy of Beijing.

6# Aviation Jobs in China

In the aviation industry, you can opt for the following career options: commercial airline pilot, flight attendant, airline customer service, supervisor of airport operations, aircraft maintenance planner, aeronautical engineer, and aircraft dispatcher.

The top airlines in China in which interested applicants can apply for jobs include Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Spring Airlines, Air China, and West Air.

As a pilot, your salary will vary depending on your age, years of flying, gender, the city you’re working in, and the airline you’re working with. However, generally, the average salary of a pilot in China is about 50,000 CNY per month.

7# IT Jobs in China

The technology industry in China is one of the fastest growing market sectors and hence a great place for interested software developers, and other IT professionals such as computer network architects, IT project managers, web developers, information security analysts, and computer systems analysts to look for a job.

The easiest and best way to find work in a Chinese company as an international applicant is to apply at a company that is qualified to hire foreigners. Once you’ve received a job offer from the company, they will be able to help you with the visa process and you can eventually work towards obtaining your residence permit which will allow you to work in China.

Some of the most well-known IT companies in China, currently hiring are Kuaishou Technologies, Xiaomi Technology, Duolingo, Siemens, Tesla, Huawei, IHS Markit, Tenneco, Tenneco, Bytedance, AppinChina, Italki, Shopee, Cactus Communications, Picsart, Electronic Arts (EA), Tencent, Alibaba Group, Paypal, Oculus VR, Netease, Meltwater, China Mobile International Limited, The Open Group Asia-Pacific, Chaoly, IBM and GitLab.

An average person working an IT job in China can earn anywhere from 16,000 CNY per month up to 44,000 CNY per month.

8# Machines Driver Jobs in China

Being able to operate heavy machinery is one of the most sought-after skills in China with a massive increase in construction due to globalization. All construction companies are constantly in need of forklift operators, CNC machine operators, NC machine operators, cutting machine operators, bus drivers, crane operators, etc.

In China, some of these companies include Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Dalian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, China State Construction Engineering, and Sichuan Road and Bridge Group, and Sinosteel Corporation.

Typically, machine operators can make almost 99,000 CNY per year by working at an average rate of 48 CNY/hr.

9# Insurance jobs in China

China has one of the largest insurance companies in the world, so ultimately, the insurance sector includes some of the highest paying jobs in China for financial analysts and insurance managers.

The insurance industry covers all aspects of our lives: health, life, houses, cars, and more. Job roles in this sector include an underwriter, insurance sales representative, insurance claims adjuster, claims representative, state farm agent, insurance adjuster, insurance broker, insurance producer, insurance sales manager, and risk analyst.

Some of the top insurance companies in China are the China Life Insurance Group Company, People’s Insurance Company of China Group, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company Ltd., and New China Life Insurance.

On average, a person working in the Chinese insurance industry can earn approximately 30,000 CNY per month. An actuary will have an average monthly salary of 38,000 CNY, an assistant broker will earn about 19,000 CNY/ month and an insurance manager can earn up to 50,000 CNY per month.

Other high-salary job posts in this sector include insurance sales directors (47,000 CNY/month), loss prevention managers (41,000 CNY/ month), risk management directors (54,000 CNY/month), and risk managers (56,900 CNY/month).

10# Jobs in Chinese Legal Sector

Unfortunately, international applicants cannot practice law in China if they do not have Chinese citizenship. Only Chinese citizens, who have passed the bar exam and obtained their legal qualifications can practice law in China. So to be able to work in the Chinese legal system, applicants must first obtain Chinese citizenship and permanent residence.

If a foreigner wishes to set up a legal practice in China, they must first obtain approval from the Ministry of Justice of China before setting up a representative office in China that can only engage in legal activities if it employs Chinese citizens.

Some of the job roles in the legal sector include staff attorneys, general counsels, senior attorneys, trial attorneys, contract attorneys, in-house counsel, legal counsel, litigation attorneys, associate attorneys, and paralegals.

Some of the most powerful law firms to work with in China are Dentons (Dacheng), King & Wood Mallesons, Yingke Law Firm, and Zhong Lun Law Firm.

In this field, you can expect to make anywhere from about 27,000 CNY per month to approximately 92,000 CNY per month by working as an attorney. The amount of money you make will depend on the city you’re in, the firms you’re working with and the type of law you are practicing. According to our research, lawyers tend to make the most money in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.

11# Jobs in China’s Tourism sector

The tourism industry in China employs about 10% of the Chinese working population, making it a very important contributor to China’s economy, and a great place to go looking for a job! Thanks to social media, tourism is booming in China now more than ever. Places like Shanghai Disney Resort and Universal Beijing Resort are attracting tourists from all over the world.

Interested applicants can apply for the positions of destination manager, remote travel specialist, multilingual tourism guide, tourism development manager, tourism and hospitality developer, travel agents, hotel managers, assistant hotel managers, etc in Chinese travel agencies and tour companies.

Some of the top Chinese travel agencies in which applicants can apply for jobs are CITS Group Corporation, China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd., HNA Tourism Group, Beijing Tourism Group, and Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd.

Typically, a person working as a travel agent in China will make about 17,600 CNY per month, however, this number can go up to 28,000 CNY if you’re working with the top travel agencies.

Generally, most companies are willing to employ international applicants because it increases the flow of international tourists.

12# Jobs in China’s 5-star hotel chains

The top 5-star hotels in China include the Four Seasons Hotel, Amanfayun, Amanyangyun, China World Summit Wing Beijing, The St. Regis Zhuhai, Shangri- La Hotel, Regent Beijing, and the Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts.

Interested applicants can apply in any of the following branches in each hotel: the food and beverage department, management and headquarters hotel position, and front office position. You can apply for various job roles such as restaurant manager, kitchen staff, chef, room service staff, hotel porter, maintenance and cleaning staff, hotel concierge, housekeeping manager, marketing manager, sales manager, and hotel manager.

As a hotel manager in China, you can expect an average salary of almost 51,000 CNY per month. However, this can change depending on the hotel you are working for. Similarly, the average salary of a food and beverage manager in a Chinese hotel is typically around 36,000 CNY per month.

13# Jobs in China’s Modeling Industry

In order to work as a model in China, foreign applicants can reach out to modeling agencies in China. They can apply for jobs by sending out their CVs and checking the social media sites of different agencies for details on any additional information required in their applications. A modeling agency will then help you start your career by booking various shoots for you.

Some of the top modeling agencies that you can sign with are, Esee Models, Elite Models Asia, FMI Models, Rage Models, Synergy Model Management, Halo Models, and Style International Management.

On average, a model in China works at the rate of 50 CNY/ hr and can make about 110,000 per year.

14# TV Channel Jobs in China

In the television industry, there’s a variety of jobs available for people both on and off-screen. On-screen, there are the news anchors, weather forecast reporters, actors, and performers. Whereas behind the screen, people interested in the television industry can work as TV producers, production assistants, field producers, video multimedia producers, supervising producers, directors, writers, etc.

Some of the most popular TV channels in China are CCTV (China Central Television), Phoenix Media Inv, Anhui Television, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Zhejiang Television, Hunan Television, Dragon Television, and CGTN.

A person working as a TV producer in China can earn anywhere from 16,000 CNY per month to about 51,000 CNY per month. As an actor, you can expect to make about 300,000 CNY per year by working at a rate of 140 CNY/ hr.

Becoming an actor in China is all about being in the right city and the right location. For example, you are much more likely to find a job in more populated cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. It also helps to sign with an agency that can help you land sponsors and get you to the more important auditions!

15# Clerical Jobs in China

Clerical jobs are a popular career option amongst both locals and ex-pats. This is because most clerical jobs usually require pretty basic skills such as typing, sorting, record-keeping, data entry, answering and routing phone calls, scheduling appointments, photocopying and collating, etc.

These jobs can be found under the titles of general office clerks, administrative assistants, receptionists, and office assistants in almost every office space. Additionally, one may find clerical jobs at the front desks of schools, libraries, shops, banks, hospitals, and hotels.

In China, a clerk’s salary ranges from 5,300 CNY per month to 15,600 CNY per month.

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