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Jobs in Europe Paying €10k/Month Salary 2023 – Apply Directly for European Jobs

European Professions Paying €10,000 Per Month Salary

You would consider starting working in Europe by the end of this article because we are going to unveil some interesting facts about jobs in Europe. Most European Countries are paying high salaries to their employees compared to the rest of the world for the same or less amount of work. Therefore, you might make a better fortune if you start looking for a nice and highly paid job in Europe!

Working in Europe is not more than a dream come true because not everyone gets this golden opportunity. If you want to work in any of the European countries in different fields, like dentistry, healthcare, aviation, IT, etc., go for it now. Check out all the necessary information, eligibility & academic prerequisites, and work permit conditions, and apply for the below-listed valuable job as soon as possible.

In this article, we have discussed the jobs that will allow you to earn more or less €10,000 Euros each month with tons of exciting benefits. So, check them out and turn your dreams into realities.

Funding Benefits of Jobs in Europe Paying €10k Salary in 2023:

Regardless of the chosen field for working in Europe, the employees will get the following benefits during their services:

  • Salary (Paid Monthly Basis)
  • Health & Medical Premiums
  • Paid sick & maternity leaves
  • High Bonus advantages
  • free dental facilities
  • Monthly leaves
  • Paid holidays
  • Retirement funds or Pensions

List of High-Salary-Paying European Countries in 2023

Following is the list of the top 6 Highest Salary Paying Countries in Europe:

  • Denmark (Considered the happiest country on the planet)
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Norway
  • Iceland

List of High-Paying European Jobs in 2023 for Direct Applications:

The following are the most applauded jobs in Europe that pay a salary of nearly €10,000 Euros per month:

1# Software Developer Jobs:

The first one on our list is the Software Developer Jobs. It is the most in-demand yet highest-paid job in Europe, allowing employees to share their expertise and talent with multinational companies.

Meanwhile, employees can earn around €10K Euro in a month with dozens of amazing perks throughout their services. So, if you want to work as a professional software developer in Europe, make sure you have a valid work visa, relevant work experience with a degree in software engineering, and knowledge of JavaScript, game development, etc.

On the other hand, countries, where there is a high demand for talented software developers, are; Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, & UK. Meanwhile, interested ones can find suitable jobs at European Bioinformatics InstituteDELLu-blox, etc.

2# Medical Practitioner (Doctor/Surgeon) Jobs:

Next is Doctor Jobs, another noble professional that plays a significant role in serving humanity. Working as a professional doctor in Europe opens many exciting opportunities for deserving candidates. One can serve as a surgeon or practice as a physician in different countries, like the UK, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, etc. In such countries, they are not only paying high salaries to the doctors, but they are also hiring them in significant numbers.

Salary might vary in every European country because of work experience, job status, and working hours. But most healthcare professionals can make €10,000 Euro or maybe more than that on average in a month. Moreover, a good salary package with unlimited health and job benefits are some of the perks.

If you want to practice as a licensed doctor in Europe, make sure to abide by the eligibility criteria, like a valid working visa, doctor’s license, work experience, a Bachelor’s degree in medicine, etc.

Vacant Posts are available at Pendleside HospiceSt Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trustgpac, and more.

3# Compliance Officer Jobs:

Being a Compliance Officer in any European company allows you to make a hefty amount of money every month. It is a valuable job that enables talented employees to earn more or less €10K euros each month with other luxuries. However, if you are more experienced in your field and have worked with many reputable names, there is a high chance of earning more than the estimated salary.

As a compliance officer, it is your responsibility to ensure all the companies’ policies and corporate processes must comply with legal and regulatory requirements. On the other hand, working in the banking sector as a compliance officer promises a brighter future.

Working as a compliance officer demands a BS degree in Economics, accounting, etc., with analytical & critical thinking skills, legal plus moral integrity, & work permit. In the meantime, countries like UK, Norway, Germany, & Spain are in dire need of skilled and professional compliance officers.

Jobs are open at HaysCignaIMC Financial Markets, etc.

4# Accountant Jobs:

Indeed, Europe is known to be the second biggest accounting and financing market on the globe, with an aim to take it to the sky. In this regard, European countries, for instance, France, Ireland, Germany, & Belgium, have announced many job opportunities for these international accountants who can bring a dynamic change in the market.

The salary of an accountant in European countries is also high, especially for people with a work experience of 3 to 4 years in the relevant field. However, generally, an accountant can earn approximately €10,000 euros or more. It all depends on one’s capabilities, expertise, and enthusiasm.

Being an accountant, it is your job to meet the company’s targets in the available but limited budget. Meanwhile, educational requirements to serve as an accountant in Europe include a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with ACA/ACCA/CIMA qualifications. One can serve as an HRM Manager, Chartered Accountant, General Audit Specialist, and much more.

Find suitable jobs at Morgan McKinleyBNP Paribas CorporateHygraphMichael Page Belgium, etc.

5# Lawyers Jobs:

Next on our list is the Lawyers. For the people who do not know, it is known as the most highly-paid job in countries, including Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Luxembourg. If you hold a minimum of two years of work experience practicing as a lawyer, there are greater chances for you to make around €10k euros in a single month.

Being a lawyer, you can provide your services as a solicitor, attorney, international lawyer, legal advisor, etc., and can work for many renowned clients & international legal firms.

All you need is to have a valid working permit with a Bachelor’s degree in LLB or a specialized Master’s degree in LLM. On the other hand, the candidates need to pass the Bar Council Exams to officially practice as international lawyers.

Interested ones can apply for the jobs at MetaAirHelp, ESA – EFTA Surveillance, & United Nations – Office of IIIM-SYRIA.

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