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Jobs in Germany 2023-2024 – Application Resume (CV) Invited

Applicants can now apply for the available Jobs in Germany for 2023-2024. Vacancies are open in German Government departments as well as in the private sector. This is going to be a lifetime opportunity for many individuals to settle in Germany.

Salary Packages in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries to grab a job and settle there for the rest of your life. This is because Germany provides high-class living opportunities with high-paying and stable job opportunities. The average salary in Germany for a mid-level designation is between €65,000 to €85,000; whereas, a majority of German citizens earn around €60,000 per anum.

There are many German companies, institutions, and sectors related to health, education, banking, Information Technology, Engineering, and Aviation; offering jobs in 2023. If you have skills, academic qualifications, and the required experience level then you can become eligible for most of the jobs offered in Germany.

Where Can You Find jobs in Germany?

Here, we will walk you through the career and job opportunities for International applicants in Germany in different sectors that can be helpful for you to make your career in Germany.

1# Health Sector Jobs in Germany

There are many job opportunities in the Health sector of Germany for international applicants. An applicant can apply to open vacancies in German health institutions to get a job.

The most popular German medical institutions looking for applicants from all over the world are Münster University Hospital, University Hospital Heidelberg, University Hospital Freiburg, University Hospital Bonn, Alfried Krupp Hospital Ruettenscheid, Treatment Traveller, Biorasi, and Sterling Medical Corporation.

The possible job opportunities in these German institutions where an International applicant can apply for open vacancies are Physician Assistant, Health Project Manager, Nursing, Anesthesiologist, Cardio specialist, Nutritionist, Health Advisor, Doctor, Clinical Assessment Manager, and Medical Assistant.

The average salary of a Doctor In Germany is €8,0960 EUR to €15,100 EUR per month. The average salary of a German Heath Medical Advisor is €102,521 EUR per year.

2# Banking Jobs in Germany

In the German Banking Sector, there are many job opportunities for national and foreign applicants to get highly paid jobs on different designations.

The job applicants can look forward to these institutions in the German banking sector; that are Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank Group, KfW Bankgruppe, Commerzbank, HypoVereinsbank (UniCredit Bank AG), Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB), Norddeutsche Landesbank (Nord/LB).

The possible job opportunities in the Banks of Germany for different vacancies are Front desk, Front Office Executive, Bank Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, Receptionist, Banking Consultant, and corporate.

The average salary of a Bank Manager in Germany is €6,650 EUR per month, whereas the average salary of a Front Office Manager in Germany is €2,530 EUR per month.

3# Education Sector Jobs in Germany

An International Applicant can apply for the open vacancies in German educational institutions to get jobs. In the German education system, if you are familiar with the German language, then it is a plus point for you to make your career in Germany. Otherwise, a scholar or scientist can find jobs in German Universities as a research assistant, research associate, or research experienced professional.

The German institutions that offer education jobs are the Humboldt University of Berlin, British International School Duisburg-Dusseldorf, Freie Universität Berlin, Kammer International Bilingual School, Accadis International School Bad Homburg, Technische Universität München, Josef-Schwarz School, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and Phorms School Frankfurt.

The possible open vacancies in these institutions where an international applicant can apply for a job are Science Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, Teaching Assistant, German Speaking Kindergarten Teacher, and Student Support Officer.

The average salary of a Teacher in Germany is €2,830 EUR per month. The average salary of a University lecturer or professor in Germany is €5,030 EUR per month.

4# Jobs Aviation Industry of Germany

There are many job opportunities in the German Aviation Industry for Foreigner applicants. If you have prior experience or skills related to this industry, you can apply to different institutions that offer aviation jobs.

In Germany, these institutions offer aviation jobs like CAE Parc Aviation, Altitude Global, Bostonair Group Limited, First2 Resource LTD, Connect 4 Aviation, Lupos Global Limited, and Excel Technical Consulting.

The possible job opportunities on open vacancies in these Institutions are Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Avionic Technician, Aircraft Electronics Technician, and A320 Type Rated Pilot.

The average salary of a Pilot in Germany is €6,510 EUR per month, while the salary of an Aircraft Mechanic is up to €1,840 EUR per month.

5# Jobs In German IT Industry

Applicants seeking jobs in Germany having experience in Information technology can apply for jobs in the German IT sector as well. There are plenty of IT Institutions in Germany that hire workers throughout the world, some of which are European Recruitment Ltd, AstraZeneca, Microtech Global Limited, Ernest Gordon Recruitment, and IC Resources.

The possible job designations in the IT sector of Germany are Software Development Engineer, Senior Frontend Web Developer, Embedded C++ Software Engineer, IT Security Analyst, Hardware Engineer, and Java Software Engineer.

The average salary of a Software Engineer in Germany is €55,085 EUR per year or €27 EUR per hour. The average salary of a Web developer in Germany is €3,300 EUR per month.

6# Jobs In German Tourism Industry

The tourism Industry of Germany is also a good career opportunity for International Applicants to apply for a job. The foreigners can apply for open vacancies and get jobs as tourist facilitators in the German tourism Industry. The German travel institutions that offer jobs for international applicants are TUI, Ventura Travel, Luxury Dreams, BCD Travel Corporate, TripActions, World, Travel Perk, and Tulane.

The possible job opportunities in these travel agencies and tourist companies are Travel Operations Specialist, Travel Consultant, Travel Manager, Travel Agent, Multi-lingual Travel Agent, and Tourism Product Supply Specialist.

The average salary of a travel agent and consultant in Germany is €2,420 EUR per month. The average salary of a German Travel Manager is €61,146 EUR per year.

7# Insurance Jobs in Germany

The German Insurance sector also provides a lot of job opportunities to national as well as International applicants. An International applicant can get a job in the insurance sector on different designations according to the needs and requirements of different German insurance companies.

The companies that offer different insurance jobs in Germany are Deloitte Consulting GmBH, ELA International GmBH, Solera, Inzmo, Beazley, IREKS, Clark Germany GMBH, Neither & Co, DKV German health Insurance Klaus Jansen, and MAVISTA GmBH.

The possible job opportunities in these insurance agencies are Claims Consultant, Insurance broker, Insurance agent, Insurance office Manager, and Insurance Representative.

The average salary of a claims officer in Germany is €5,300 EUR per month. The average salary of a person working in German insurance as an Advisor or consultant is €3,820 EUR per month.

8# Engineering Jobs in Germany

There are massive chances of career building and job opportunities in Germany for engineering applicants. If you are an engineer in a specific engineering field, you can apply for open vacancies for these jobs. The different companies and industries that offer engineering jobs in Germany for international applicants are Schlumberger, BASF, HCL Technologies, Quicktron Robotics, Quest Global, and KEWAZO.

The different open vacancies in these companies where an applicant can apply for a job are Project Engineer, Quality Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, and Production Engineer.

The average salary of an Engineer in Germany is €3,410 EUR per month. The average salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Germany is €3,490 EUR per month.

9# Office Jobs in Germany

Germany provides a lot of office job opportunities throughout the world in every sector of life. If you are good at office work and have relevant skills and experience, then you can apply for an office job in Germany in different companies.

The German companies that offer office jobs are Brains Werbeagentur GmBH, HomeToGo,  SPARS, Safestay PLC, ECA Economics, Oetker Digital GmBH, and Soho House & Co.

The possible job opportunities in these companies for applicants are Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Receptionist, Team Assistant, Office Assistant, and Administrative Assistant.

The average salary of an Office Manager in Germany is €47.624 EUR per hour. The average salary of a Receptionist in Germany is €1,760 EUR per month.


In this article, we have discussed and gone through the job opportunities in Germany for International applicants. There are many job opportunities in Germany in different fields, departments, Industries, and institutions for experienced and skillful International applicants. We hope this article will be helpful for you in getting a reasonable job in different companies and industries in Germany.

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