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Jobs in US Multinational Companies 2023 – Immigrate to USA

Apply for High Paying Jobs in Multinational companies of the USA in 2023. Multination companies in the USA continue to bring fruitful recruitment opportunities for people. These multinational companies contribute heavily to the state revenue due to which they offer unprecedented growth opportunities.

Moreover, they ensure added benefits to their employees. Therefore, these multinational companies are highly beneficial to work in. In this article, we will discuss the top multinational companies in the USA presenting various employment opportunities.

Jobs Openings at Multinational Companies in the USA

Here is a list of the top companies in the USA which have urgent job vacancies:

1# Amazon Jobs

Amazon is an e-commerce giant which finds strong roots in the USA market. The recruitment program of Amazon focuses on achieving excellence in talent acquisition due to which there is a pinpoint focus on talent assessment, business intelligence, learning and development, and process improvement during the recruitment process.

The candidates are required to showcase these skills for eligibility for job positions on Amazon. Due to the wide scale of Amazon, there are various employment opportunities available at the company ranging from warehouse duties to office duties based on your qualifications and expertise. The company extends its warehouses and office settings throughout the USA which means that you can work in your home state without traveling to another state for employment.

Common job positions at Amazon locations include pickers, cleaners, warehouse managers, business intelligence managers, directors, data analysts, data scientists, etc. The maximum base salary for corporate workers is increased to $350,000 by Amazon whereas salaries for other workers fluctuate. The minimum wage for Amazon warehouse workers is projected to stand at $15 per hour.

2# Walmart Jobs

Walmart is another e-commerce platform making a large revenue by working in the USA because of which there are huge employment opportunities for workers in the USA. Walmart is a highly-paying multinational company because of its built reputation and strong financials. Walmart has introduced various recruitment programs for people from different fields.

The company focuses on hiring passionate individuals to work at the company while recognizing the importance of experience which is given huge importance during the recruitment process. Walmart offers numerous job opportunities for workers throughout the USA because of its settings in different USA states.

The most common job positions at Walmart include Sales Associates, Cashiers, Unloaders, Truck Drivers, Store Managers, Directors, Software Developers, etc. The minimum wage at Walmart currently stands at $12 per hour which falls below the $15 standard. The employees can earn over $100,000 through working at Walmart in important positions at the company.

3# CVS Health Jobs

CVS Health has garnered unprecedented success in the USA working as a multinational company providing health solutions. The company also owns a pharmacy named CVS Pharmacy and a company named Aetna which is a health insurance provider. Therefore, with its various entities and relatively large scale, CVS Health has a lot to offer to people hunting for job opportunities. With its brilliant work environment and beneficial work conditions, CVS Health is an impressive employment destination.

The recruitment programs of CVS Health target passionate people who can come up with innovative health solutions. There are support recruitment programs in place to help needy people. CVS Health operates at various facilities across the USA providing lasting health solutions. Therefore, candidates coming from various states can apply for these jobs.

The common job positions at CVS Health include Nurse Practitioners, Staff Pharmacists, Store Managers, Pharmacy Technicians, Registered Nurses, and Technicians. The minimum pay rate at CVS Health is offered to Retail Associates who make $10.46/per hour. The highest pay rate is offered to Pharmacy Managers who make up to $59.96 per hour.

4# Berkshire Hathaway Jobs

Berkshire Hathaway is an American conglomerate holding company. The company works in various fields including rail transportation, energy production, and distribution, retailing, manufacturing, and insurance. The company has various employment opportunities for experts in different fields because of the wide operational scope of the company.

The recruitment programs of Berkshire Hathaway aim to hire people that show an appetite to excel and come up with innovative approaches to help the company improve on its standard procedures. Berkshire Hathaway operates in various states of the USA such as Tennessee, Coppell, Irvine, Los Angeles, New York, Irving, etc. This means that people from various states can work for this company.

Common job positions at Berkshire Hathaway include Graphic Designers, Realtors, Customer Relations Managers, Office Administrators, Accounting Experts, Human Resource Managers, etc. The average salary for employees ranges from $10 to $95 per hour at Berkshire Hathaway.

5# Exxon Mobil Jobs

Exxon Mobil is a multinational oil and gas company. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. The company has initiated various recruitment programs providing vast employment opportunities for youth and experienced individuals. This includes on-campus university hiring programs and apprenticeship opportunities. The primary requirements during these recruitment programs are to showcase innovative skills and a practical approach to the technical aspects of the company’s expertise.

Exxon Mobil is spread out across the USA with numerous locations surrounding states of the USA. Recently, the number of Exxon Mobil locations in the USA was estimated at 12,227. Popular job positions at Exxon Mobil include Sales Representatives, Market Intelligence Advisors or Managers, Marketing Planners, Petrochemical Experts, Engineers, etc. The average pay rate at Exxon Mobile lingers between $17 and $150. This average remains above the standard of $15 which makes it a well-paid opportunity.

6# Alphabet Jobs at Google

Alphabet is another American conglomerate holding company that ensures to provide the plans and freedom to potential projects for helping them achieve their desired conclusions. Alphabet is attributed as one of the leading technology companies internationally because of its high value in ensuring project completion.

Due to this large scale, Alphabet has vast employment opportunities for interns and experienced individuals. Alphabet has underlined its dedication to shaping strong leaders through its innovative recruitment programs focusing on excellent talent acquisition which is then shaped through competent job awareness programs and workshops. Alphabet is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

However, it extends throughout the USA where it offers various employment opportunities to the workers. The common job positions available at Alphabet in the USA include Software Engineers, Full Stack Developers, IT Consulters, Strategy Counselors, Business Intelligence Experts, etc. The average salary provided by Alphabet yearly is estimated at $130k.

7# Apple Jobs

Apple is a multinational company operating globally have gained immense popularity for its consumer electronics. Apple provides consumer electronics, software, and online services to customers. Apple has initiated various recruitment programs to onboard the best talent in the industry. These recruitment programs are aimed at identifying young talent and nurturing them for the future while also hiring experienced professionals to take the company forward.

There are various employment opportunities at Apple stores and factories across the USA. Apple stores and factories are located in Austin, Denver, Dallas, Cerritos, Beaverton, Anchorage, etc. The top positions at Apple outlets include Store Managers, Business Experts, Technical Specialists, Managers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, etc. Apple has increased the starting wage for its employees in the USA to $22 per hour from the previous $20. The average salary at Apple is $127,197 per year in the USA.

8# UnitedHealthGroup Jobs

UnitedHealthGroup is a multinational company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company works to provide healthcare products to consumers and also works as an insurance provider. The company has a set motive to make the health system more inclusive and effective to address people’s needs. UnitedHealthGroup provides various recruitment programs to students and experts.

The students can work as interns or in graduate roles at the company to help them gain valuable experience working in the practical field. These students are nurtured for them to work at the company in the future. The experts are hired through a systematic process because the company that operates in the healthcare system requires responsible professionals.

The company offices are situated in various states like Minnetonka, Las Vegas, Trentwood, Wausau, Houston, Fruitland, Brownwood, etc. Therefore, people situated in these areas can apply for job opportunities at the UnitedHealthGroup. The most common jobs at the UnitedHealthGroup include Software Engineers, Customer Service Advocates, Associate Directors, Data Analytics Leaders, Data Engineers, etc. The UnitedHealthGroup pays an average salary of $51,208 to its employees per year.

9# McKesson Jobs

McKesson is an American multinational retail company providing medical equipment, supplies, care management tools, pharmaceuticals, and health information technology. The company has a huge setup because of its venture into important healthcare products.

Supply chain maintenance requires a large number of employees. Therefore, the company presents vast employment opportunities for the people in the USA. McKesson employs transparent recruitment programs believing in the power of communication. The hiring processes outline the people required for the job positions to create an informative process helping the candidates to better prepare for these jobs. Interested candidates can apply online for these job positions.

McKesson is located in different states of the USA including Atlanta, San Francisco, Oklahoma, Auburn, Lakeland, etc. The top job positions at McKesson include Supply Chain Managers, Warehouse Workers, Clinical Pharmacists, Delivery Drivers, Operation Managers, QA Analysts, Medical Assistants, etc. The average salary at McKesson for employees is estimated at $93,688.

10# AmerisourceBergen Jobs

AmerisourceBergen is a multinational company based in America. The company deals with drug distribution that remains within treatment guidelines and the provision of consultancy relating to medical business operations and patient services.

The company works toward improving healthcare trends by working on counseling and key retail frontiers. The company has started various recruitment programs. This includes a handful of internship programs underway for undergraduate students. The candidates applying for jobs at AmerisourceBergen are required to review the qualifications and requirements for the job to fill out an online application form.

The company finds its office in various locations in the USA including Shakopee, Kansas City, Williamston, Chesterbrook, Grapevine, etc. The common job positions at AmerisourceBergen include Delivery Drivers, Clinical Pharmacists, Warehouse Managers, Registered Nurses, etc. The average hourly pay rate at AmerisourceBergen ranges between $14.33 to $28.65.

11# Costco Jobs

Costco is an American multinational company that is attributed as one of the biggest retail companies worldwide. The company sells computers, furniture, appliances, outdoor living products, jewelry, and electronics. Moreover, it retails organic food items, prime beef, chicken, and wine. Costco has numerous recruitment programs underway at its store and factory locations. The company requires swift planners and innovative thinkers to improve the company’s recent standards. Interested candidates can apply online for their desired job positions at Costco.

Jobs at various departments of Costco are now available. Costco has various stores and factory outlets across the USA which brings numerous employment opportunities for the workers in the USA. Costco is located in various locations including Anchorage, Brooklyn, Federal Way, El Centro, Chula Vista, etc. The most common job positions at Costco include Bakers, Cake Decorators, Forklift Drivers, Licensed Opticians, etc.

The estimated starting salary for a Costco employee is $35,335 per year in the United States. The highest paid job at Costco is projected to be of an Engineering Manager making $362,855 annually.

12# Chevron Corporation Jobs

Chevron Corporation is a US multinational company that works toward filling the growing demand for energy globally. The company has extended its efforts to explore oil and natural gas reserves. The company also works toward refining the explored reserves. It also markets gasoline to meet the industry demands for energy production. The Chevron Corporation hires experts in their respective fields because of the technical nature of the company’s tasks.

The company works toward exploring reserves that need proper knowledge of the field. The candidates can explore these jobs on the official jobs websites of the company. The job openings are available throughout the USA in locations such as Richmond, Pasadena, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, etc.

The common job positions at Chevron Corporation include Tax Analysts, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Automation Technicians, etc. The average annual salary provided by Chevron Corporation to its employees annually is $111,439.

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