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Apply for the Australian Government Jobs at the Department of Home Affairs. There are many job vacancies available in the department of home affairs for recruitment.

With rising existential demands, people are on the hunt for fruitful job opportunities. While those who have job accommodation suffer to make ends meet, jobless people are faced with strenuous situations to keep afloat amidst the rising inflation. This has prompted people to look out for job openings that are not only rich in salary but offer other perks. It is primarily due to the expenditures faced by people concerning health and travel. Therefore, they prefer job openings that come with their perks. However, it is highly difficult to hunt down such openings or close out on the job.

While closing down on the job remains your headache, we are here to let you know about the job openings in the Australian Department of Home Affairs, their perks, allowances, application procedures, and required documents. So to find out the best job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, follow the article till the end!

Salary Benefits of Jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs

The employees of the Australian Department of Home Affairs enjoy various perks and benefits. Job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs are conceived as brilliant opportunities. They are not only rated as great financial options but provide loads of experience for the employees.

Salaries of Employees at the Home Affairs Department:

The employees at the Australian Department of Home Affairs are offered various salary packages depending on their capabilities. Specific salary bands are determined to offer salary packages catering to the capability of the employee. Coupled with the salary, the employees are given a 15.4% employee contribution to the superannuation. This is a brilliant initiative by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

The reason why this comes as a commendable initiative is that it establishes a performance-based environment within the organization. The Australian Department of Home Affairs also issues allowances to employees. These allowances may be performance or need-based. Additionally, some job openings cover health and travel expenses.

Leaves for Employes at Home Affairs Department:

The employees are also offered generous leaves recognizing the burnout that employees face due to strenuous work hours. These leaves include 20 days per year in the category of annual leaves, 18 days per year for personal or carer leaves, and unpaid leave in the case that the paid leave is used up. Moreover, the employees are accommodated for travel expenses in case they are called back from an issued leave.

Few organizations have flexible leave policies. Most organizations have established unpaid leave policies which affect the livelihood of employees. However, the Australian Department of Home Affairs is a great employee destination because it recognizes employee needs.

Work Environment at Home Affairs Dept:

The Australian Department of Home Affairs also provides a healthy working environment which comes with the department’s aim to take care of the employee’s mental health. To achieve this aim, the organization has established an employee wellness program and a social club. This helps the employees to breathe away from work and interact socially far from work environments that can be tiring.

Moreover, employees are often subject to numerous happenings in their personal lives. This can affect their mental health and ultimately their productivity at work. Therefore, the provision of mental health services by the organization is ensured to look after the mental health of the employees. They are also offered free flu vaccinations to prevent influenza.

Why Work at Home Affairs Depart?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is a great job destination because it gives various opportunities to employees. Recognizing the need to maintain work-life balance, the organization provides flexible working hours which include flextime hours and time-in-lieu arrangements. This helps the workers to offload the workload and lead healthy lives. The organization also offers the opportunity for employees to negotiate part-time working hours. Moreover, they have an option of job-sharing which is not included in many organizations. The organization also offers telework ensuring flexible working arrangements.

Details of Jobs in the Australian Department of Home Affairs

The Australian Department of Home Affairs deals with various subject matters to ensure national security. Therefore, the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs cover vast categories which makes it possible for individuals of different professions to pursue a job opening at the organization. There are numerous categories consisting of numerous job opportunities. Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • National and Transport Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Management
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Settlement Services
  • Immigration
  • Border-Related Functions

Note: Job openings in each category may be office or field-based.

Application Method to Apply for a Job at Home Affairs Dept:

Many people wonder about application procedures for a job opening. It is the primary reason why many people don’t apply for jobs. To apply for job vacancies at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, follow the steps below:

There is often a concern surrounding the documents required to apply for jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Some documents required to apply for the job include a resume, personal statement, experience letter, etc.

How do keep track of the jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs?

While you may find various articles informing you about the arising job opportunities at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, they can’t cover all job positions. Therefore, it might be possible that you’re unaware of a job vacancy in your preferred area. Moreover, these job vacancies are updated from time to time which can’t be discovered in articles.

Therefore, you need to explore the job vacancies at the Australian Department of Home Affairs on your own. The most authentic way of staying informed about the job vacancies at the organization is by visiting their pages that inform about job vacancies. The Board, Career, and HR pages of the Australian Department of Home Affairs frequently inform the users about emerging job vacancies at the organization. Through this, you can apply for the position instantly and have an increased chance of landing the job.

Jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs

At this moment, there are 50+ vacant job positions in the home affairs department of Australia. Some of the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs include:

1# Fleet Manager

Recently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs posted a job post for a Canberra-based fleet manager. The fleet manager will be primarily responsible for the technical management of eight Cape Class Patrol Boats or four larger hulls or 30 smaller hull vessels.

2# Policy Officer

The Australian Department of Home Affairs requires a policy officer who can analyze the visa policies and advise the Senior Executive and government officials surrounding visa programs that can fit the development of Australia. The salary package for the policy officer position ranges from $81, 879 to $96,873.

3# Assistance Director-SAP Governance and Monitoring

The role is associated with developing financial frameworks and governance to ensure that the SAP financial IT system serves positively to businesses. Moreover, the Assistant Director will be responsible for ensuring that the provision of roles is aligned with Segregation of Duties (SoD) principles. Given that this is a pivotal role, the salary for Assisnatnce director SAP ranges from $103,424 to $121,293.

4# Transport Security Inspector

The position is a highly demanding role that requires the Transport Security Inspector to collaborate with intelligence agencies and develop on-the-spot strategies to deal with arising difficulties. It requires quick thinking given that it’s a fast-paced environment. The Transport Security Inspector ensures the security of goods and travelers moving through Australian waters. The salary package of the transport security manager job ranges from $75,381 to $81,196.

5# Business Manager- Architecture, Design, and Security

The position requires refined communication skills to deal with various parties. The primary role of the business manager will be to advise the Assistant Secretary (AS) on architecture, design, and security. Therefore, the position requires sharp analytical skills. Moreover, it requires commendable organizational skills given high levels of interaction with different stakeholders. The salary package posted for the Business Manager job ranges from $103,424 to $121,292.

6# Statistical Analyst

The role of a statistical analyst is highly important for the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It is because the role demands technical skill and credibility. The statistical analyst will be required to analyze data which will require technical skills. However, confidentiality remains the primary demand of the organization given the sensitive information. Moreover, the Statistical Analyst must have good communication skills to interact with stakeholders. The salary for the Statistical Analyst role ranges from $69,127 to $74,562.

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This concludes our guide concerning the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, their benefits, and application procedures. We hope that you found the guide helpful! Leave any queries below and we will be happy to help you out!

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