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Malaysia Scholarships for 2023 Admissions: Free Malaysian Scholarships

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Malaysian Scholarships for the class of 2023 are open for online admission applications in 2023 for all national and international students for various level degree program subjects.

Literacy Rate of Malaysia: 95%

The current literacy rate of Malaysia is 95.08%, which has increased the global literacy rank of the country to #39 in the year 2020 as compared to #52, 5 years earlier back in 2015. This massive progress shows the advancement in the educational sector of Malaysia.

With the constant rapidity in the literary status at present times, an increasing number of students have turned to receive higher education. The adult literacy rate was around 89.5% back in 2001 and now, exactly 20 years later, it has almost doubled.

However, the increased literacy level in both men and women indicates an increased rate of people enrolling in universities and receiving higher education. The reason behind this rapid increase was the initiation of scholarship programs for both national, and interregional students to encourage the gain of education. 

What do Malaysian Scholarships Sponsor?

Applicants interested to apply for Scholarships in Malaysia will be happy to know the sponsorship packages of Malaysian Scholarships. The Scholarships in Malaysia are fully/partially funded that may cover all or any of the following listed grants:

  • Admission Application fees waiver
  • Subsidized tuition fees, or full waiver
  • Stipends for personal spending paid monthly
  • Student hostel room allocation with utilities covered, and life/health insurance
  • Some Malaysian scholarships may also cover airfare

IELTS Requirement in Malaysian Universities: Optional

English language proficiency requirement at Malaysian Universities for admissions and scholarships is mandatory. But this does not mean applicants are required to submit IELTS test results only. If an applicant has IELTS then that’s good, but if not; then consider submitting any IELTS alternative test results such as PTE, TOEFL, DET, CanTEST, Cambridge English tests, or an English proficiency certificate.

Even today, Malaysia forwards stipends to thousands of students to finance their higher education. A few of these Malaysian scholarship programs have been highlighted below:

Scholarships in Malaysia:

Malaysian universities are considered top-notch institutions, ranking among the top 200 universities in the world. These institutions welcome numerous international students on a yearly basis. At present, there are 150 international students studying on a scholarship basis in Malaysia. 

We have compiled here, a list of the top 5 scholarship programs in Malaysia:

#1 Taylors Research Excellence International Awards:

Scholarship for postgraduate degree levels 2023:-

If you are looking for a scholarship scheme for postgraduate degree levels, this program is just the one for you. The Taylors Excellence Award gives students the opportunity to look beyond traditional learning and explore new horizons of fieldwork, placement opportunities as well as networking events.

Host university:- Taylor’s University

Degree levels:- Masters and Ph.D. Level.

Perks and allowances:-

For Ph.D. Level:

  • 75% tuition fee concession.
  • Monthly stipend of RM 1900/-
  • 100% thesis exam fee waive

For Master’s level:

  • 75% concession in tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend of RM 1500/-
  • 100% thesis exam fee excision.


  • Residence.
  • Transport.

#2 Al Bukhary International Scholarships:

Scholarship for Undergraduate degree program for 2023:-

For those looking forward to taking admission to a renowned university of Malaysia in any undergraduate degree program, the Al Bukhary International Scholarship Program may be just the pick.

Granting scholarships to both national and international students, the Al Bukhary Institute is playing its part in funding the higher education of students across the globe. 

By getting this scholarship, you are likely to develop social entrepreneurship abilities and study in a widespread social atmosphere along with getting the opportunity to study the most beautiful piece of architecture one can find in Malaysia.

Host university:- Al Bukhary International University.

Degree level(s):- All undergraduate degree programs.

Perks and allowances:- Fully funded undergraduate degree.

Non concession:-

  • Residence.
  • Transport.

#3 Star Education Fund-Scholarship at Monash University:

For Undergraduate students 2023:-

Monash University has initiated an exclusive scholarship program for Malaysian students who excel in their academics. If you dwell in Malaysia and wish to earn yourself a scholarship, keep this one on your bucket list.

Monash University has a panel of award-winning teachers aiming at developing responsible citizens with bright minds. From a wide range of scholarships offered by the institute, this one is by far our favorite as it accommodates all sorts of programs on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Host university:- Monash University.

Degree levels:- Undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Perks and allowances:- 100% reduction in tuition fee.


  • Stipend.
  • Transport accommodation.

#4 Postgraduate Talent Scholarship:

Scholarship Scheme for Postgraduate Degree Program by UNITEN 2023:-

Want to complete your Master’s degree program in the field of business? We have got just the scholarship program to fund your degree. The Universiti Tenaga Nasional is hosting the Postgraduate Talent Scholarship Scheme for business-minded students on a pure merit basis.

Are you too looking for a top-notch university to fund your master’s degree and that too in your home country? Check this one out!

Host university:- University Tenaga Nasional.

Degree level(s):- Master’s degree programs.

Perks and allowances:- Amount up to RM 6000/- to suffice tuition fee requirements.

Non concessions:-

  • Stipend.
  • Transport accommodation.

#5 Malaysian High Achiever’s Scholarships:

Scholarships for International Students by the Multi-Media University 2023:-

We have saved the best for the last! The MMU is initiating the High Achiever’s Scholarships for international geniuses. The degree program is open to all those potential, international students willing to receive a post-graduate degree from a Malaysian university. 

This Malaysian Scholarships scheme is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those desirous of studying in a private university free of cost. Earning this scholarship will impart you with a practical approach to life through numerous practical strategies and countless career coaching sessions throughout your degree program.

Host university:- Multimedia University.

Degree level(s):- Postgraduate research programs.

Perks and allowances:-

This sponsorship covers the following expenses:

  • Registration fee.
  • Tuition fee.
  • University resource fee.
  • Student activity fee.
  • Subjects fee.
  • Smart card fee (once only).
  • Examination fee.


  • Initial deposit.

Apply for Admissions in Malaysia Now!

Whether you are an international student or a Malaysian national, we have brought you an ultimate list of Malaysian Universities offering scholarship programs to fund your higher education seamlessly.

Let us know the efficacy of this article in the comments section below. Until we come up with another freshly brewed piece of content, stay tuned!

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