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Fully-Funded Business administration and MBA Scholarships 2023 applications are now open for applications in universities situated in various global destinations for international students. MBA Scholarships for the class of 2023 are available without the IELTS requirement. Application fees is also not required to apply for an MBA Scholarship.

No doubt MBA is becoming one of the most recommended degrees to acquire for sure; to step into the world of business and administration. Even if you are completing your degree on-campus or online, overall MBA degree will take almost 2 years to get completed!

This degree is popular for its rigorous curriculum. Just like the MBA curriculum, the tuition fees along with other hidden charges of an MBA programme are quite much on the higher side.

So, why not look for an MBA scholarship? In this article, we are going to uncover the list of all MBA Scholarships with minimum eligibility criteria that are open for applications online for all students.

What is the Tuition Fees for an MBA Degree?

To get an MBA degree, you have to pay an average tuition fee of US$25,000 if you wish to study in an average grader business school. And you will have an opportunity to apply for scholarship funding as well but in each business school, the tuition fees will have a different awarded amount.

If you are not able to pay such huge tuition fees for the completion of your MBA degree, then the best opportunity you can avail yourself of is to apply for MBA scholarships. In case of not win a fully-funded MBA scholarship, consider applying for partially funded scholarship grants as well. With the help of partial scholarship funding, you can easily cut down enough on your tuition fee and a few other expenses.

Fully-funded MBA Scholarships 2023

To help you a bit, here we have discussed a few popular and most recommended MBA & Business Administration scholarships 2023 to which you should apply right now.

  1. Jiangsu University Business School Scholarships

This Jiangsu University Business school scholarship is available for both part-time and full-time students interested to study in China. All those students who are interested in government finance can apply for this scholarship.

Awarded Amount: $1,000–$10,000

  1. Turkey Government Business School Scholarships

Next, we have Turkey Government Business School scholarships for the students in the HR, MBA, and Business administration fields. Only those students can apply for this scholarship program that is currently pursuing a full-time degree in the field of MBA, Human Resources, business administration, or either in Human Relations.

Awarded Amount: Up to $16,000

3. Association of the Insurance Compliance Professionals (AICP) Scholarship Program

This scholarship is a complete merit-based program/scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, the applicant needs to have at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA and must be involved in some extracurricular activities. Only those students can apply who are currently enrolled in the study of business or insurance-related fields.

Awarded Amount: $1,400

  1. Dan Reichard Jr. MBA Scholarships

To apply for this MBA scholarship, the candidate should have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or even higher. Special preference will be given to the candidates who already have some background in the fields of management, public transportation, or business administration. It is also required for the student to have an internship certificate sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association.

Awarded Amount: $2,500

  1. Harvard Business School Scholarships

These Harvard Business School scholarships are specially designed for students who are keen to study the business and management programmes at Harvard University for free! Students with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 can apply for this golden Harvard Business School scholarship program.

Awarded Amount: More than $500

  1. Staver Law Group National Scholarship

This is another most recommended scholarship for 2023 for business administration studies. This scholarship is announced annually and a student with a GPA of 3.0 can apply for it.

Awarded Amount: $5,000

  1. Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Program

This Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs management and business school scholarship has been introduced for all those students who are currently studying in a two-year master’s degree program in the fields related to the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service. Extra preference will be given to the student who has working experience with Foreign Services.

Awarded Amount: $37,000 annually

  1. Forté Fellows Program

This Forté scholarship is awarded to females who are currently enrolled in the MBA program. To apply for this fellowship program, a candidate has to apply to the participating school.

Awarded Amount: Varies based on school

  1. Military MBA and Business School Scholarships

Next, we have the Military MBA and Business School Scholarships that are open to all those students who are enrolled in a master’s degree in business. Preference will be given to the applicants that belong to a military service background. Only the students from the military MBA schools can apply for this scholarship.

Awarded Amount: Depends on the ranking of military school

  1. Columbia Business School Management and MBA Scholarships

To apply for the Columbia Business School MBA Scholarship, make sure you are currently studying at Columbia Business School. You can also apply for some other scholarships offered by Columbia University based on merit criteria.

Awarded Amount: $7,500–$30,000

  1. AfterCollege Business Student Scholarships

If you are currently enrolled in a business degree program then you are free to apply for this scholarship program. Make sure your GPA must be 3.0 or higher.

Awarded Amount: $500

12. National Founder’s Graduate Business Student Scholarships

This is another most recommended scholarship 2023 opportunity for the students who are enrolled as full-time MBA students. Any student with a GPA of 3.0 can apply for it.

Awarded Amount: $500

You Are Now All Set to Get Ready to Apply for MBA Scholarship Now!

So these are a few of the most recommended MBA scholarship programs available in 2023 in which you should apply to pursue higher education in the field of MBA. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to be a part of top-ranking business schools.

Apply for it now!

Dr. Youasf Saeed

Dr. Rana is a renowned scholar and scholarship mentor, having received five Government Scholarships from Turkey, China, Portugal, USA, and Canada during his educational career. Students can turn to him for advice and guidance on applying for scholarships. His articles on scholarships and related topics such as immigration and jobs equip young students with the tools they need to succeed in life. As the #1 Scholarship Speaker, Dr. Rana travels widely to universities around the world to assist students in pursuing fully-funded scholarships.

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