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Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs for International Applicants

Recent graduates degrees and experience holders can not apply for high-paying VISA Sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands in 2023. High-paying jobs in the Netherlands at various companies are available for recruitment. If you are on the hunt to find a high-paying job then this article would provide you with all the information on which Netherlands companies are authorized to provide employment on Work VISA to international talent.

Want to start your professional career in the Netherlands? If it is a yes, here is your moment. Say goodbye to visa issue problems as hundreds of globally recognized companies in the Netherlands have announced visa sponsorship employment opportunities. International eligible applicants with work experience and relevant degrees can apply for these posts and enjoy unlimited benefits throughout their services.

Getting a visa for work purposes in the Netherlands is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of effort and struggle. Hence, considering these issues, interested applicants can now have the golden chance to apply for open positions in different departments offering visa sponsorship to facilitate international talent.

List of Netherlands Companies Authorized by Government for Hiring on Work VISA:

Below-listed companies have the authority to issue visas to non-residents of the Netherlands for work:

  • Infosys Limited
  • Jefferson Frank
  • Alpha FX Gr
  • ABN AMRO Bank
  • Optiver
  • Picnic
  • Stafide
  • Orange Quarter
  • Coolblue
  • Tripaneer
  • Hilton

List of Jobs in Netherlands for you

Let us discuss all such companies operating in the Netherlands hiring overseas candidates for well-paid sponsored jobs. If you want to be a part of any of these companies, try your luck and give your best shot. Plus, do not forget to check the salary package, benefits, and minimum qualification requirements below.

1# Infosys Limited Jobs:

The first name on our list is Infosys Limited, a multinational IT company with branches in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. That technology company has announced various job openings for potential international candidates. Interested ones can apply for the following posts; Senior Technology Architect, BMCS Manager, Corporate Legal Counsel, Data Science Consultant, etc.

As far as minimum qualifications are concerned, applicants with a BS degree and three years of work experience in CCM platforms with knowledge of Integrated Communication systems are preferred.

However, the salary ranges from $59k – $92k/ year with other luxuries, like accommodation, insurance, etc. The pay scale might vary based on recruitment post and experience.

2# Alpha FX Company Jobs:

It is another reputable name in the Netherlands, welcoming international candidates to share their expertise and work with the country’s best Capital Market Organization. Meanwhile, selected applicants will also get sponsored visa to obtain their work permit in less than two months. On the other hand, Alpha FX believes in making plans and strategies that play a vital role in helping investors and institutions in the management of currency.

Being an overseas applicant, you can also be a part of their task force and work at the following positions: Business Development Manager, Foreign Exchange Dealer, Compliance Analyst, Full Stack Developer, Sales Force Developer, etc.

Minimum qualifications include a simple BS degree with profound knowledge of the B2B Exchange Market and fluency in English. However, benefits include a competitive salary of £120k or more with facilities of a private gym, barber shop access, mentoring sessions, residential commission, and much more.

3# ABN AMRO Bank Jobs:

ABN AMRO is a name that needs no introduction with millions of clients in the Netherlands. On the other hand, that prestigious bank also offers visa-sponsored jobs to eligible applicants in various departments. By offering visa sponsorship, they help deserving talent to accomplish their goals faster.

Hundreds of available posts are here to which one can apply, like; as Assistant Accountant, Junior Market Officer, Business Expert, Compliance Officer, etc. On the other hand, working at ABN AMRO will give you well-paid salaries ranging from $45k – $77k with other exclusive benefits.

International applicants holding a BS/MS degree in Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, or Economics, with English fluency & three to five years of work experience are welcome. Additionally, knowledge of products, the finance market, and business development plans are also required for these posts.

4# Optiver Company Jobs:

Optiver is a leading trading and risk management firm in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with dozens of offices in different countries. Like the other above-listed companies, Optiver also contributes to providing visa-sponsorship jobs to non-citizens of the Netherlands with relocation facilities.

Students with BSc, MSc, or Ph.D. degrees are eligible for Optiver jobs and can work as Graduate Quantitative researchers, Network Engineers, IT Financial Analysts, Software engineers, etc.

However, knowledge of Java, and Python, with experience in Asset management, CMDB, & ITAM, are appreciable. Meanwhile, the average pay scale is $69k – $127k/ year.

5# Picnic Company Visa Sponsored Jobs:

Picnic is an online superstore in the Netherland with hundreds of vacancies available for various tasks. It was a small business that grew exceptionally in a short time and is now hiring people from every corner to expand its services. Overseas applicants are also welcome to apply for these jobs and enjoy free visa sponsorship with handsome salaries of €63,000 or more, free lunch & learning sessions.

Jobs are available in different sectors, like Commercial, Creative & Design, Customer Access, Facilities & Admin. Meanwhile, applicants can opt for the following vacant posts; Assortment Assistant, Customer Support Officer, Digital Designer, Product Designer, etc.

Required qualifications plus salary package may vary due to academic degrees, work experience, and other skills. However, candidates with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and diplomas in health & nutrition, diabetics, with information about Adobe, Marvel, Figma, etc., are the ideal choices. In the meantime, having a strong grasp of English is cheery on top.

6# Stafide Company Jobs:

Next is Stafide, an online recruitment portal in the Netherlands helping people to find suitable jobs in the desired area with high salaries and other advantages. Hence, applicants with a BS or MS degree can apply for the below-listed posts. However, they must have know-how about Java script, Web-based applications, and business models, with 5 to 6 years of experience in the relevant field.

Open positions at Stafide are; Business Analyst, SAP Workzone Consultant, Software Development Engineering, Transition & Program Management, etc.

The salary scale for the above posts lies between $85,000 – $90,000/ year with visa sponsorship perk, travel allowance, relocation support, etc.

7# Orange Quarter Jobs:

Orange Quarter is a modern recruitment consultancy, bringing the golden opportunity for Software Developers, Marketing Engineers, and Data Scientists to find suitable jobs in relevant sectors. Interested applicants can apply for numerous jobs, like Full Stack Engineer, Product Designer, UX Designer, Senior Marketing Manager, etc.

Meanwhile, the Orange Quarter, with other organizations in the Netherlands, offers the above-listed vacancies with competitive pay packages & other comforts. Potential international applicants with a degree in a relative field and work experience in UX designs, management, & JavaScript skills are eligible.

8# ZIVVER Visa-Sponsored Jobs:

Zivver is a leading software company in the Netherlands, offering hundreds of exciting jobs in different niches. International applicants can also apply for these posts and enjoy €1.000 as a personal development budget, relocation perks, etc. However, to become eligible for the Zivver jobs, interested individuals must have QA experience and a high educational degree with skills to work on API testing, SMTP, DNS, and much more. Similarly, fluency in Dutch & English languages is also significant.

Available vacancies are; Sales Engineer, Enterprise Account Executive, Data Engineer, Technical Support Specialist, & others. And the salary scale at Zivver for selected applicants is €32,870 to €72,000 above, considering employment status and educational degrees.

9# Tripaneer Jobs:

Tripaneer allows you to book a memorable and safe trip to your favorite destination, like yoga, wellness, & mental retreat trips. On the other hand, they have also stepped forward to hire some outclass and extra smart employees who can take their business to new heights. For this reason, several positions are open and waiting for the right candidates. International professionals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in journalism, HR, marketing, etc., are most desirable.

However, remote and office-based jobs are available that require applicants with good verbal and communication skills, English & Dutch proficiency, 5 years of work experience in creative designing, office administration, commercial awareness, etc.

Apply for the following open vacancies in no time and enjoy an average salary of $59,881/year; HR Associate, Junior Recruiter, Freelancer, Marketing Specialist, etc.

10# Coolblue Jobs:

The very famous Coolblue is an e-commerce company operating in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium with only fifteen physical stores. However, it has a wide range of electronics, digital, kitchen, and home appliances. That company is on a mission to extend its venture on a large scale. That is why it has begun its hiring process & well-paid vacancies are looking for suitable candidates who can do justice to the posts.

Eligible applicants can opt for the following high-paid posts; Front Web Developer, Product Owner Delivery, Translator German, Online Category Manager, etc. Moreover, employees will get salaries ranging from $31,555/year to $47,444/year, travel grants, free lunch, 25 days of holiday, and much more.

Graduates and Professionals with analytical, technical, problem-solving, & Cloud Computing skills are welcome. However, the minimum acceptable qualifications are a BS/ MS or equivalent degree in the desired field with language proficiency.

11# Hilton Company Jobs:

Hilton is a multination company with hundreds of hotels and resorts in various countries of the world. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of jobs in corporate, hotels, universities, & HRCC. People who want to be a part of the Hilton family can apply for these jobs; Restaurant Server, Payable Accountant, RTR Supervisor, Brand Performance Support Director, etc.

Any applicant with a nationality from other countries can apply for these posts and receive a salary of $8 or more per hour with monthly subsidies and holiday packages.

However, minimum qualifications include; an Undergraduate or postgraduate degree in IT, Accounts, HR, etc., with 2 years of work experience. However, hotel jobs require excellent communication skills, English fluency, and a degree in hotel management.

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