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New Year 2023 Jobs in Dubai (UAE) for International Applicants

Jobs in Dubai

The high-paying job positions are now open in UAE opened for international applicants for the new year 2023. There are many companies, institutions, and sectors related to health, education, banking, Engineering, Information Technology, and Aviation which offer jobs for International applicants.

If you have skills, knowledge, and relevant experience in your profession and want to migrate to Dubai on a working Visa, then you must have the basic information about jobs in different sectors of Dubai where you can apply.

List of Jobs in Dubai (UAE) in 2023

In this article, we will discuss the most popular and highly-paid jobs in Dubai in different sectors. We will discuss the visa process and work permit for Dubai to legally sustain and get a job all over Dubai.

1# Dubai International jobs in Health Sector

Dubai is a country that provides efficient and high-salary-based jobs in the health sector. An international applicant can apply to different companies and health sectors to get reasonable health jobs in different designations.

The institutions and healthcare departments that offer jobs for foreigners are The Emirates Group, Manzil Health Care Services, Saudi German Hospitals Group, Via Medica Intl, Idex Consulting, First Response healthcare, and  NMC Healthcare Ltd.

The possible job opportunities in these institutions are Clinic managers, Doctors, Medical representatives, Nurses, Cardiologists, Child, and adolescent psychiatrists, neurology specialists, healthcare administrators, and Specialists in Endocrinology.

The average salary of a doctor in Dubai is 47,100 AED to 51,700 AED per month, whereas the average salary of a nurse in Dubai is 20,800 AED per month.

2# Dubai International Jobs in Education Sector

Applicants with good educational backgrounds and qualifications can apply for a Dubai visa to get a job in the education sector. A number of universities and educational institutions hire many applicants from all around the world every in different educational fields.

The most popular institutions that offer jobs in the education sector are Dubai British School Jumeirah, GEMS Education, Academia Management Solutions Internationals, Zayed University, MENA College of Management, and Al Salam Community School.

The possible open vacancies in these institutions are Student counselors, Teachers of Physical Education, Admission Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Science Teacher, University lecturers, and teaching assistants.

The average salary of a teacher in Dubai is 10,000 AED per month, and the average salary of a University professor in Dubai is 25,000 AED per month.

3# Taxi Driver Jobs In Dubai For International Applicants

If an applicant is good at driving and has experience in driving, he can get a reasonable job in Dubai in different Companies. Many companies in Dubai hire a number of international applicants throughout the world for driving purposes.

The companies in Dubai that offer Taxi driving jobs are Raj Transport, First Call HRC, Al Huda Facilities Management, International Market Group of General Services, Dar Al Huda Transport, Hire Hub Global, and Dubai Taxi Corporation.

The possible jobs in these companies are Taxi Driver, Limousine Driver, LTV Driver, and Bus Driver.

The average salary of a Taxi Driver in Dubai is 3326 AED per month.

4# International Jobs In Dubai Aviation Industry.

The Dubai Aviation industry is also a great opportunity for those applicants who want to make their careers in Australia.

Here are some institutions and companies where an international applicant can apply for a job. These institutions are AirHub Aviation, Dubai Airports, Aviation Services Management, Air Arabia, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, and GE Aviation.

The possible job opportunities in these companies and industries are Flight Data Specialist, Aviation Logistics, Aviation Consultant, Aviation Engineering Services Team Member and Airline Safety Specialist, Air hostess, and Aircraft Engineer.

The average salary of a Pilot in Dubai is 39,500 AED per month, and the average salary of an Aircraft Engineer in Dubai is 21,500 AED per month.

5# Construction Worker Jobs for International Applicants in Dubai

Like all other Gulf Countries, Dubai also is a great place for workers who have experience in construction. An International Applicant can apply to different construction companies in Dubai on different high-paying designations.

The companies and industries offering construction jobs in Dubai are Archirodon Group N.V., Royal Brand Corporation, Bronze Electromechanical Bros, Blue Bahar Engineering, Green Initiative, and Al-Bahar Alalami Technical Services.

The possible job opportunities in these companies where an International Applicant can apply are Civil Foreman, MEP Supervisor,  Commercial Coordinator, Pipe Fabricator, Construction Manager, and Civil Site Engineer.

The average salary of a Construction worker or Laborer in Dubai is 45,734 AED per year, and the average salary of a Foreman in Dubai is AED 2,986 per month.

6# International Jobs in the Dubai IT Industry

There are a lot of job opportunities in the Dubai Information Technology industry. Many companies and Institutions in Dubai recruit skillful and experienced professionals from all around the world every year.

International applicants can get in touch and apply for open vacancies in these companies, Alpha Data Processing Services, RapidData Technologies LLC, Vigil Technologies LLC, Sobha LLC, Maxtouch Computers LLC, and The Emirates Group.

The possible vacancies in these companies are IT Support Officer, IT Technician, Software Engineer, IT Specialist, Computer Operator, and IT System Administrator.

The average salary of an  IT Technician in Dubai is AED 3717 per month, whereas the average salary of a software engineer in Dubai is AED 10,000 per month.

7# International Jobs In Dubai Tourism Industry

An international Applicant can also get a job in the tourism sector of Dubai on different designations. These companies hire applicants for vacancies related to tourism,

Regal Dubai Travel Agency, Voyage Journeys Travel, SkyLife Holidays, KDS Travel And Tourism LLC, Pacific Destination Tourism LLC, One Go Travel and Tours LLC, and Unique Desert Tourism.

The possible job opportunities in these tourist agencies and companies are Senior Travel Consultant, Travel Coordinator, Manager Tourism and Events, Tourism Services Officer, Tourism Product Supply Specialist, and Tourism Support Officer.

The average salary of a Travel Manager in Dubai is AED 4,870 per month, and the average salary of a Travel Consultant in Dubai is AED 5,000 per month.

8# Heavy Machine Operator Jobs in Dubai

The applicants who have great heavy machine operating experience can get a reasonable job and salary package in Dubai as a Heavy Equipment Operator.

The companies that hire applicants from all over the world for operating heavy machinery are Serco Plc, Nomac, Al-Futtaim, IKEA, Manpower Middle East, and Chiltern TMC.

The job opportunities in these companies where an applicant can look forward to the job are Heavy Equipment Operator, Forklift Operator, Heavy Vehicle Operator, Machine Operator, and Supervisor.

The average salary of a heavy machine operator in Dubai is AED 150,798 per year.

9# Banking Jobs in Dubai for International Applicants

In the Dubai Banking Sector, there are many job opportunities for foreign or International applicants to get highly paid jobs on reasonable designations.

The international Applicant can seek and look forward to these institutions in the Dubai banking sector to get a job; these Institutions are Merriott International, World Bank Group, Deutsche Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and Dubai Islamic Bank.

The possible job opportunities for applicants in these banking institutions of Dubai are Front desk, Associate Accountant, Front Office Executive, Bank Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, Receptionist, Banking Consultant, and corporate.

The Average Salary of a Bank Manager in Dubai is  AED 35,300 per month, whereas the average salary of an Accountant in Dubai is 5000 AED per month.

In this article, we have discussed and walked you through the job opportunities in Dubai for International applicants. There are many job opportunities in Dubai in different fields, departments, Industries, and institutions for experienced and skillful International applicants. Once you obtain a job in Dubai then being a non-UAE citizen you will be required legally to obtain a UAE work permit to start working there.

We hope this article will be helpful for you in getting a reasonable job in different companies and industries in Dubai.

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