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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships in 2022

Deadline May 24, 2022
Opening date April 3, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Europe
Type Fully-Funded
Location United_Kingdom (UK)

The Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships in 2022 for the session of 2023, accepting applications online from all the least developed and lower-income commonwealth countries. So, collect all your essential documents and apply for them as soon as possible. All the bright and shining students who cannot afford their higher education in a prestigious university can apply for this commonwealth scholarship.

A Brief Idea About Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2022-2023:

It is a full-time Master’s study program for specific courses with the joint co-efforts of the UK Department of International Development (DFID) and UK universities with the University of Birmingham.

Their sole focus is to provide chances to all the underprivileged students who cannot pursue their education in the United Kingdom due to financial incentives. So, if you are eligible enough with good academic records, then give this article a read. Here we are going to discuss all the things about Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship. They will help you to have a clear about it.


The Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship is offered for the following six subjects:

  1. One can go for the scholarship in Strengthening health capacity and system.
  2. Developmental Science & Tech subject.
  3. Strengthening resilience and crisis response.
  4. Opportunity, access, and inclusion subjects.
  5. Promoting global prosperity.
  6. The last category is, Strengthening good governance, global peace, and, security.

Funding Allowances of Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships:

It is a funded British scholarship by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) and various British Universities in the UK:

  1. It covers the complete tuition fee.
  2. It covers airfare from your home country to the UK.
  3. It offers a monthly living allowance of £1,116 and £1,369 for those living in metropolitan areas.
  4. Grant thesis cost £225 to prepare a thesis or dissertation.
  5. It also provides a travel grant of £200.
  6. However, it also gives a child allowance of £478 monthly for the first child and £118 monthly for the second child to all divorced, widowed, and single parents. 

Who Can Submit an Application for Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship?

The eligibility criteria to apply for Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship include:

  • The applicant must belong to a commonwealth country or have refugee status, granted by the eligible commonwealth partner country.
  • He needs to be a permanent resident of a commonwealth country.
  • Must start the academic semester in the UK from September/ October 1, 2022. It is the academic year of the UK.
  • He has never studied or even worked in any upper-class country, not even for one academic year.
  • Also, 75% is the minimum score required in any undergraduate or master’s degree. 
  • Must be unable to study at any of the University of UK without a scholarship.
  • Along with this, the applicant must be able to provide all the documentation required.


Following is the list of all the countries that are eligible to apply for Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships.

  1. Cameron
  2. Papua New Guinea
  3. Tanzania
  4. Malawi
  5. Solomon Islands
  6. Ghana
  7. Sierra Leone
  8. Kiribati
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Kenya
  11. Nigeria
  12. Sri Lanka
  13. Vanuatu
  14. Rwanda
  15. The Gambia
  16. Pakistan
  17. Eswatini
  18. Uganda
  19. Zambia
  20. Mozambique
  21. India
  22. Lesotho
  23. Tuvalu

Process of Application for Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships:

If you are confused about the procedure of applying for the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship, then here you go.

  1. The students must enroll in at least one master’s degree program in the application form under the scheme.
  2. You will ask to fill in your country name.
  3. Then, a new page will display with the login page.
  4. Now, fill out the Common Wealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Application Form with the complete required and correct details.
  5. After this, upload the required documents mentioned in the application form.
  6. Then, press the Submit button.
  7. To avoid any inconvenience in the future, keep a printout of it for future use.


Below is the list of all the documents required to apply for the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship.

  1. The first thing is the Citizenship or refugee status proof.
  2. Also, submit complete Transcripts of all your qualified education.
  3. Letter of motivation, study plan, research proposal, and a CV
  4. Reference letter from at least two individuals. On the other hand, the referee details must get submitted on the online application system portal.


All the required documents must get uploaded to the commonwealth scholarship application system portal. However, the size of uploaded documents should not be more than 5MB. Also, do not forget to upload the documents in the following formats, like PDF, doc, docx, odt, jpg, jpeg. However, the files uploaded in other formats like zip files or PDF portfolios are not acceptable.

Application Deadline for Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarships:

The application window closing date for the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for the session of 2022-2023 is May 24, 2022. So stay ahead of the crowd and start preparing for all documents required for Commonwealth Scholarship Application Submission.

Fully-funded Scholarships

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