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Royal Bank of Canada RBC Internships 2023 – Fresh Graduate Recruitment Drive

Deadline October 31, 2022
Opening date September 6, 2022
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The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has initiated various internship programs and graduate recruitment drives for students currently enrolled in their degree programs at Canadian universities. Join our Google Groups to get the Exclusive Internship winning preferences. The RBC Internship program is initiated to help students transition from their student life to their professional life. It is often difficult to land your first job. Therefore, the Royal Bank of Canada ensures that the students get a kickstart to their professional careers.

The initiative involves Co-ops & Internships, Graduate Rotational Programs, and Diversity Programs. Follow the article to learn more about the internship programs and graduate recruitment drives underway by the Royal Bank of Canada, the benefits of these programs, and the application procedure.

Benefits of Internships of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

The Royal Bank of Canada internships and graduate recruitment drives offer ranging benefits to the selected candidates. The recruited people have access to a world-class professional environment. This provides an opportunity to grow and prosper. Moreover, they receive mentoring from the leading experts in the industry amplifying their practical knowledge and making them a better package.

The candidates also receive handsome salary packages for internships and these rotational programs that beat the market wages. Other benefits include health insurance, accidental allowances, accommodation, free coaching, etc.

RBC Jobs & Internships Application Procedure

To apply for internships or rotational programs at the Royal Bank of Canada, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Royal Bank of Canada Students & Graduates Jobs website
  • Click on Co-ops & Internships or New Graduate Rotational Programs
  • Click on your desired program or internship offers
  • Click on the Apply Now button shown below Save on the following menu
  • Index your details in the relevant fields
  • Attach your documents to the relevant spaces
  • Submit your RBC application

RBC Internships 2023

Following internship programs are offered by RBC Canada for the 2023 academic year:

A Financial Analyst is required at the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Financial Analyst will assume a full-time position in Sales and Advisory. He/she will serve at the Office of the CFO. The Financial Analyst will be tasked with developing tasks sheets and other analytical sheets to develop a strong analysis of the internal and external performance metrics.

The Financial Analyst will be deeply involved in the financial and management reporting for Capital Markets (CM). The selected candidate will be given full-time duties to fulfill tasks related to their position including a deep financial analysis. The applicants must have strong analytical skills coupled with the potential to operate in pressure situations. The selected candidate will work 37.5 hrs/week. The Financial Analyst will receive an undefined salary. The final date for application submission is 26th September 2023.

A candidate is required for the mentioned position in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The selected candidate will work in the Sales and Advisory department. The Finance Internal Auditor will be required to conduct financial audits. However, the role of the selected candidate won’t be restricted to auditing. Students having less knowledge concerning auditing may also be accepted for the position.

The primary requirement of the position is to have the will to learn auditing principles and techniques. Moreover, the applicant must have a high standard of critical thinking to challenge certain trends relating to auditing for improving the work conditions at the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Financial Internal Auditor will participate in planning sessions to employ auditing strategies which will be crafted using data analytics. The preparation of management and visualization reports will also be the responsibility of the Financial Internal Auditor. The recruited candidate will work 37.5 hours/per week. The final date for application submission is 26th September 2023.

The Municipal Finance Summer Analyst will work in a full-time position in New York, United States. The recruited person will be placed in the Human Resources department. The Municipal Finance Summer Analyst will work to provide analytical, research, and transactional support to investment bankers. The selected candidate will provide advisory services.

The position requires brilliant analytical skills for the selected candidate to analyze different aspects relating to finance. The Municipal Finance Summer Analyst will be required to operate in the municipal market to increase the use of departmental information to induce better outcomes. The applicants must be undergraduate students entering the last year of their degree program and scheduled to graduate in December 2023 or Spring 2024. The recruited person will work 40 hours/per week. The selected candidate will be remunerated on a salary basis. The final date for application submission is 15th September 2023.

RBC Graduate Recruitment Drive

The Royal Bank of Canada aims to recruit fresh graduates to instill skills to make Canada a skills economy. The major initiatives under this drive are as follows:

The RBC Career Launch Program is initiated for fresh graduates looking to start their professional careers. The RBC Career Launch Program is a one-year paid internship providing various growth opportunities to fresh graduates. This includes an opportunity to build a network, resources to develop modern skills, mentoring from the best in the industry, etc.

The applicants must be below the age of 24 to be eligible for application. Moreover, they must be allowed to work in Canada and the cities where they are placed to work. They must have graduated from their universities or colleges by 17th January 2023. They must also not be in the guardianship of an Executive or Managing Director at the Royal Bank of Canada.

The RBC Leadership Development Program aims to cultivate future leaders. The selected candidates will receive formal training where they will be placed in four six-month rotational programs. During these programs, they will collaborate or assist leaders on complex assignments helping them to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge.

The selected people may also get an opportunity to work in international rotations providing exposure to a global environment. They will also receive one-to-one mentoring ensuring practical growth. There are different streams in this program that cater to graduates with different skills including the CFO Group, Internal Audit, Group Risk Management, Enterprise, and Personal & Commercial Banking.


This concludes our guide concerning the internships and graduate recruitment drive at the Royal Bank of Canada. Follow us for more such articles!

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