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Scholarship in France 2024 Without IELTS – Admissions Open!

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International students can now apply for fully-funded Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS in France on different degree levels and degree offerings and if you want to kno why you should consider studying in France then i am glad to tell you France is often associated with beauty, galore, aesthetics and class which makes it a prime example of a tourism-driven country where you can enjoy your next higher degree studies. People from all over the globe travel to France to experience the movie-like atmosphere and the aesthetic brilliance it offers. What is always undermined is the French Education System with France being ranked at 5th in the Education Rankings by Countries.

Why Study in France?

Many people tend to undermine the education setup of France and ask this certain question. Well, not only does France has wonderful and pleasing architecture it doesn’t lag behind in the educational field as is perceived. In terms of competition, it is a far relaxed market where it is easier to land scholarships and get away from the tiresome journeys of submitting hundreds of applications every day.

In addition to that, the degree programs in France are much more affordable as compared to the UK and USA. This means that in the case of a partial scholarship it might be easier for you to deal with the university expenditures.

French Scholarships Coverage Plans:

If anyone of you manage to win a fully-funded French Scholarship then get ready to receive any or all of the following academic funding plans by French departments;

  • Free education in French University or college
  • Admission application fees waiver
  • Exam application fees waiver
  • No cost research funding
  • No cost books
  • Monthly funds allocation for personal or food expenses
  • Residential facility

Educational Scope in France

Consisting of many business-based universities France is a country that is often recognized for its abundance of business institutions. Along with that the French education system also welcomes technological recognition with various universities offering courses in different technological fields.

Research is another field that is gathering support within the country and the world with more scholarship programs being aimed at that each year. France consists of some of the most renowned scholarship programs, so let’s check out the top scholarship initiatives:

  • Erasmus+ Program

Supported by the European commission it was initiated in 1987. A large number of students have benefitted from the program in various states including France. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship under this banner is available for applicants from all countries. The scholarship covers the program cost, travel expenses and offers a living allowance.

To apply you will first have to consult the program’s website and prove whether this is a suitable course for you. This will be followed by an application process. A lot of other scholarships are also initiated under the banner. The scholarship does not require IELTS.

  • Eiffel French Government Scholarships

Initiated by the French Government this is a fully-funded scholarship for Doctoral and Master programs. The scholarship includes coverage of tuition fees, monthly allowance, stipend, and housing/accommodation allowances. 

For eligibility for the Masters’s program, the applicants must be 25 years or above whereas for the Ph.D. program the minimum age limit is 30 years. IELTS and TOEFL are not required to get enrolled in the scholarship.

  • The Ministry of French Higher Education’s Scholarships

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research gives out a number of scholarships to international students every year. The applicants should be French residents for at least 2 years being taxpayers to be eligible. In collaboration with other organizations and regions, the Ministry of Higher education provides scholarships in the field of research.

  • Scholarships By Regional Authorities

The regions provide allocations to students admitted in their areas. This initiative may also be part of a collaboration with foreign institutes. The scholarship may provide grants to doctoral postdoctoral students. The scholarship does not require IELTS.

  • Emily Boutmy Scholarship

Funded by different organizations it is a program that enables foreign students to study at Science Po. It is specifically designed for students outside of the European Union. At the Bachelors’s level, the scholarship is divided into 4 tiers depending upon the academic performances of the applicants. In the 3rd year of the undergraduate program, an additional living grant is awarded to the students. The tiers include:

1)13000 euros for 3 years
2) 8,800 euros for 3 years
3) 6,000 euros for 3 years
4) 3,600 euros for 3 years

As for the Master’s program, the scholarship is valued at 12,200 euros per annum for a 2-year Masters’s program. In case of invalidation of the academic year, the scholarship is lost.

For application purposes, there might be requirements for payslips, pension slips, child support, and unemployment benefit details. This is primarily done to assess the financial conditions of the applicants.

  • Chinese Council Scholarships in France

A total of 50 students of Chinese nationality are supported to take up the Ph.D. program at the Universite Paris-Saclay. The program is independently funded by the Chinese Government. The Chinese Scholarship Council has signed a cooperation agreement with the University. The scholarship is valued at 1358 euros per month. The deadline for the program is 23rd January 2023.

  • French Government Latvian Scholarships

Scholarships handed out to Latvian students through French embassies are funded by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. These are available for master’s and doctoral degrees.

For Masters, it is available for 9 to 12 months while it is eligible for 3 months for 3 years on the Ph.D. level. The scholarships cover up to 700 euros for physics, mathematics and chemistry. The deadline is 1st April,2023 for the program.

  • Scholarships for Foreign Students in Nouvelle- Aquitaine

Specially designed for students outside the European Union this program enables students to study in the Nouvelle- Aquitaine region while pursuing Masters’s. The applicants will be eligible regardless of IELTS.

  • Galilee Institute’s International Excellence Scholarship

Merit scholarships are available at the Galilee Institute and its engineering school Sup Galilee. The students are automatically considered for the following scholarship on admission by filling out the scholarship application form.

The Masters’s program is valued at 7000 euros for 2 years and 2500 euros for 1 year for Master 1 and 2 respectively. For engineering, it is valued at 7500 euros for 2 years. The deadline for the scholarship is May 30, 2023.

  • MIEM Scholarships

It is funded by IDEX University of Scholarship. The scholarship covers four different fields which are as follows:

1) Faculty of Sciences: 35 scholarships are present in this field which are valued at 8000 euros per scholarship.
Faculty of Health: There are 28 scholarships each valued at 10,000 euros in this field.
3) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: 35 scholarships are valued at 8,000 euros each.
4) IPGP: 7 scholarships with each valued at 10,000 euros.

It is specifically a Masters’s level scholarship. The deadline for this is 1st March 2023.

  • Sophie Germain Masters Scholarships

This program takes in students from mathematics and applications. The scholarship is valued at 10,000 euros per year. The deadline for application is set at 31st January 2023. To apply you must have the following documents: CV, Degree Certificates and Transcripts, Study Plan Project.

  • 2560 Scholarships By French Government

2560 scholarships are initiated by the French government to increase the inflow of international students in the French educational system. The scholarships are fully funded in the courses of Masters, Ph.D., and other programs.

  • 282 PhD Scholarships in France

A total of 282 scholarships are provided in the postdoctoral courses to welcome and enable international students to undertake Ph.D. programs in France. It is available in a different field with it being fully funded over a vast majority.

So here was our list of the top French Scholarships without IELTS. I hope you would’ve found it helpful. Do let us know in the comment section!

Dr. Youasf Saeed

Dr. Rana is a renowned scholar and scholarship mentor, having received five Government Scholarships from Turkey, China, Portugal, USA, and Canada during his educational career. Students can turn to him for advice and guidance on applying for scholarships. His articles on scholarships and related topics such as immigration and jobs equip young students with the tools they need to succeed in life. As the #1 Scholarship Speaker, Dr. Rana travels widely to universities around the world to assist students in pursuing fully-funded scholarships.


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