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Scholarships With Deadline in August 2022 | Hurry Up!

Fully-Funded Scholarships for August 2022

Deadline August 31, 2022
Opening date August 1, 2022
Days Remaining 21 Days
Category Fully Funded Scholarships 2023
Type Fully Funded
Location All Locations

The list of fully-funded Scholarships with Application deadlines falling in the month of August 2022 are listed here. Applications for the fully-funded scholarships approaching the application deadline in the month of August 2022 are available for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies. Eligible students can apply for these fully or partially funded scholarship schemes even without IELTS scores.

The month of August has brought many amazing opportunities for the international candidates facing financial hardships in getting their degrees abroad. Dozens of fully-funded scholarships without mandatory IELTS requirements are waiting for deserving candidates. If you are interested in these scholarships offered by the Government, Universities, and Charitable Foundations, here is your moment. Apply within the due date after checking the required criteria below and take a step ahead for a brighter future.

Sponsorship Package by the August Scholarships:

Various scholarships are open for the month of August. Potential candidates can apply for these programs and win exciting benefits, like:

  • Medical/Accident Insurance
  • High Scholarship Rewards
  • Tuition Fee Discounts up to 100%, 75%, 50%
  • Free Language Training Course
  • Family/Child/Spouse Allowances
  • Living stipends every month
  • Travel grants with free Round Air Tickets
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Handsome Monthly Salaries
  • Food/Relocation/Accommodation Services with no charges

List of the Scholarships with August Deadlines:

Below listed are the available scholarships with an application deadline of August. Check out the eligibility and document requirements with relevant information.

  • Young Professional Fellowship Program
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference
  • McCall MacBain Scholarship
  • IUCN Leaders Forum Event
  • The Gates Scholarship Program
  • Korean Government Scholarships
  • DAAD Germany Scholarships
  • Swedish Scholarships

1# Young Professional Fellowships in Bangkok: Deadline August 10, 2022

International students aged 16-35 years with great talent and passion have the golden chance to become part of the most prestigious Young Professional Fellowship program. It is about to happen this August in Bangkok, organized by MAPS. Young Professional Fellowship is a four-day program based on building and polishing entrepreneur and leadership skills. Participants here will get the opportunity to learn many things from the prominent personalities related to different fields, like business, politics, and humanity, and their experiences.

On the other hand, this fellowship offers a wide range of applauding benefits for the 25 partially funded, 10 fully funded, and 65 self-funded students. Meanwhile, eligible applicants are bound to pay a $25 non-refundable application fee before the deadline.

However, only the applicants with the above-stated age limit, having devotion and enthusiasm with a history of participating in social activities can apply for this program without IELTS/ TOEFL scores.

Fellowship Deadline: August 10, 2022
Results Announcement Date: August 24, 2022

2# United Nations Climate Change Conference: Deadline August 19, 2022

The next we have is the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a program owned by the UNFCC to discuss the problems associated with climate change and its impact on the world. Here, the participants will enjoy free-of-cost accommodation, food, and travel services with stipends. On the other hand, it is a virtual and in-person conference. This year, the UN Climate conference is about to be held in Egypt in November 2022.

Hence, applicants are requested to meet the deadline and abide by the eligibility criteria. An applicant aged 18 to 35 years with one year of experience in journalism is preferred. Moreover, IELTS & TOEFL scores are not needed.

Application Deadline: August 19, 2022.

3# McCall MacBain Scholarships: Deadline August 25, 2022

Another worthy scholarship with a deadline for August is the McCall MacBain Scholarship. It is a scheme offered by the McGill university for students planning to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree from this amazing institution. That is a fully-funded scholarship program that accepts applications from every corner of the world. On the other side, winners of these scholarships will get the opportunity to meet and work with experienced and talented mentors and participate in the leadership program.

Meanwhile, sponsorship coverage includes a monthly stipend of $2,000, and a relocation allowance, with tuition fee coverage. Similarly, IELTS, CAE, CPE, DET, CAEL, PTE, & TOEFL scores are required to become eligible for the McCall MacBain scholarship scheme. Around 20 Canadian and 10 international candidates will get selected for this scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline: August 25, 2022

4# IUCN Leaders Forum Event: Deadline August 8, 2022

International and Indigenous youth from South Korea, local communities, and minority groups are welcome to apply for the IUCN Leaders Forum. It is an event that gives a voice to the young generation to speak about nature conservation, global changes, and much more. This time, the IUCN Leaders Forum is planned to take place in Jeju Province of Korea in October 2022, emphasizing climate and nature issues and their solutions concerning public and private sector collaboration.

Students between 18 to 35 years with a record of working in biodiversity, climate change, etc., are the ideal candidates. However, applicants currently working on innovation projects related to the IUCN Leaders Forum’s primary objectives are also the preferred choice.

Application Submission Due Date: August 8, 2022

5# The Gates Scholarship Program: Deadline August 30, 2022

The Gates Scholarship is a program initiated by the very reputable Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, open to financially challenged overseas applicants willing to study in the USA. High school seniors with the Federal Pell Grant aim to get admission to an accredited college and university with a GPA of 3.3 out of 4.0 and are eligible for this scholarship. However, students from Alaska or American Indian nationalities must submit tribal enrollment proof.

As it is a fully-funded scholarship program, it provides all types of financial and academic assistance to the winners. Meanwhile, applicants with outstanding leadership skills and good academic records are the most suitable candidates for the Gates scholarship. Additionally, applicants from Hispanic regions, America, Africa, Alaska, Asia, & Pacific Islanders can apply for this program.

Gates Scholarship Due Date: August 30, 2022

6# Korean Government Scholarships: August 30, 2022

The Korean Government and renowned Korean universities have announced many valuable scholarships for international candidates without IELTS scores. Such scholarships are open for undergrad, grad, and postgrad students covering health, living, and study expenses. However, applicants will also get their hands on a free language training program for one year.

Korean Scholarships, like GKS, are open for undergraduate or Associate degree students. Meanwhile, the KGSP scholarship is available for Ph.D. students. Similarly, applicants can apply for the KAIST scholarship, UST Korean Scholarships, SNU Scholarships, etc.

However, the scholarship duration for Bachelor’s degree is 5 years, for a Master’s degree is 3 years, and for Ph.D. students, it is 4 years.

For the application process, applicants are bound to submit two recommendation letters, study plans, and Research proposals.

7# DAAD Germany Scholarships: Deadline August 31, 2022

Students from developing countries who wish to study for MS or Ph.D. degrees in Germany can turn their dreams into realities by applying for the DAAD Scholarships. These scholarships require two years of working experience with the completion of BS degrees in less than six years. Moreover, MS students will be entitled to receive 750 Euros and 1000 Euros for Ph.D. students with other benefits under the DAAD scholarship programs.

While applying for the DAAD scholarships, applicants must submit a Research proposal, a CV, a Recommendation letter, Motivation Letter, and a professional referral letter from the ex-employer. However, IELTS scores are mandatory for DAAD scholarships to meet the requirements.

Closing Date for DAAD scholarships: August 31, 2022

8# Swedish Scholarships: Deadline August 15, 2022

The Swedish universities and government have made all the arrangements to welcome overseas students willing to opt for the BS, MS, or Doctoral degrees in Sweden under the fully funded scholarship programs. The first round for the Spring intake is currently open and accepting applications online. So, hurry up, collect all the required documents, and apply before the due date for the following scholarships; SISGP Scholarships, KTH Scholarships, Stockholm University Scholarships, and Adlerbert Scholarships.

Meanwhile, the requirements for IELTS & TOEFL scores are not mandatory. Candidates can submit the other alternative language tests.

Deadline for Swedish Scholarships: August 15, 2022

Other Available Opportunities in August:

Rather than the scholarships open for the August applications, there are a few intriguing opportunities to which one can apply and make the most of it.

1# World Forum for Democracy:

The 10th World Forum for Democracy has opened its application for international applicants, which will occur in France, Strasbourg. This seven-day conference will cover visa, food, travel, and accommodation expenses funded by the European Council. Meanwhile, approximately 60 young professionals will get the chance to attend this conference and discuss democracy evolution and innovation. Applicants aged 18 to 30 years with excellent communication and English skills with a knowledge of democracy and its related challenges can apply for this conference.

Deadline for World Forum Conference: August 12, 2022

2# CERN Administrative Student Program:

One of the most famous European Organization of Nuclear Research, CERN, has announced a fully-funded internship program for overseas undergraduate and graduate students. The CERN Administrative Student Internship is a short program of a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve months in Switzerland that covers all the expenditures of interns with no IELTS or other language test requirements.

Meanwhile, applicants being the national of CERN member countries and from HR management, law, logistics, finance, IT, etc., can apply for this internship program.

Internship Application Deadline: August 15, 2022

3# UK Governmental Jobs by Commonwealth:

Hundreds of employment opportunities are open for eligible overseas applicants offered by the government of the UK. These jobs are available in healthcare, international trade, & the climate change sector to bring the youth to the front for the betterment of the state. Meanwhile, the average estimated salary for these jobs is £29,070/ year with many allowances and other perks.

Interested ones can apply before August 18, 2022

Dr. Rana

We are delighted to have Dr. Rana on this platform as a scholarship mentor for international students. Dr. Rana inspires and motivates young students to pursue their academic dreams. Dr. Rana is a famous mentor who himself won three fully-funded Scholarships to complete his studies abroad. Now he guides students on how to win international scholarships and study abroad for free. Dr. Rana is a famous scholarship speaker and for that reason, he keeps visiting Universities across the globe to deliver lectures on scholarships.

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