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Snapchat Internships 2023 – Snapchat Recruitment Program

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Opening date August 11, 2022
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The Snapchat Intern Program has kicked off for session 2023. Snapchat is hiring global interns to work at the company with established mentors. Follow the article to know more about the application procedure, benefits, requirements, and the designations of this internship program.

Benefits of the Snapchat Intern Program

The Snapchat Intern Program provides numerous benefits to the interns. The internship will be paid and the interns will receive remuneration. Moreover, it will cover the medical expenses of interns.

From a fitness viewpoint, the interns will be given gym discounts and access, to fitness classes, physical activities, sports participation, and nutritional classes. The internship program will also take care of the social needs of interns. There will be numerous social gatherings such as Beach Days with interns.

What is the Snapchat Intern Program?

The Snapchat Intern Program aims to hire creative people from around the world to build an innovative team. Due to the company’s belief in collaborative work, the internship program will be based on the pairing of each intern with a mentor.

This is a brilliant learning opportunity for interns as they will be given various opportunities to grow at the company. The students will mainly work in fields like Engineering, Product, Research, and Business. The internship would extend to 3-4 months each year.

Eligibility Criteria for Snapchat Interns Program

Snapchat is looking for qualified students because they will be tasked with operating in different fields like Engineering, Product, Research, and Business. Therefore, the students must have a qualification of undergraduate to Ph.D. Undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. applicants will stand eligible for the Snapchat internships program.

How to Apply for Snapchat Internships?

Follow the steps below to apply for the Snapchat Internship Program:

  • Visit the Snapchat Internship Program website
  • Browse through the fields of internship
  • Click on the “Apply” menu of your desired field
  • Fill the required fields
  • Submit your application

Documents Required for internship application at Snapchat:

A CV will be the sole requirement for this internship program. While there can be other proof of education required, it may come at a later stage. During the initial application process, the applicant must submit a one-page CV. The CV shouldn’t exceed one page according to the application guidelines. The CV must cover the qualification of the applicant and their skills to make a strong case for selection.

Selection Process:

The selection for the internship will begin with the online applications submitted through the process we mentioned above. The selected candidates from this stage will be summoned for an interview. This will be a virtual interview. There will be a series of interviews that shall be passed before your finalization for the internship.

Snapchat Internships Application Deadline

Snapchat Internships and jobs are offered throughout the year so if you are interested to start your career at Snapchat then just make sure to check their jobs board regularly to find latest opportunities there. This concludes our guide about the Snapchat Intern Program. We hope that you found it useful! Leave your comments below for any questions!

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