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South Korean UST Scholarships 2022-2023: Accepting Online Applications Now!

University of Science & Technology (UST) Scholarships 2022-2023

Deadline October 25, 2021
Opening date September 5, 2021
Days Remaining 2 Days
Category Scholarships in Korea
Type Fully Funded
Location South Korea

University of Science & Technology (UST) Scholarships 2022-2023 are now open for applications for all international students. South Korea is 22nd on the list of the most educated countries in the world. Almost every resident of South Korea holds a degree of third level or post-secondary education.

The level of education is very high and this is the reason why education is pretty expensive in South Korea. But there is a way, how you can achieve a degree from a prestigious university in South Korea.

By getting a scholarship to one of the best universities in South Korea, you can fulfill your dream of achieving a high-profile degree that will attract career opportunities like no others. But doing the whole research on universities and then applying for scholarships without any solid reference can be hectic. Here, we make an incredible entry and save you from all the hard work, as in this article, we’ll tell you all about a scholarship program that will lead you straight to South Korea.

UST South Korean Scholarships

The UST South Korean Scholarships is a scholarship program planning to give away scholarships for masters, master’s leading to Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs. This scholarship is for both the national and international levels. This scholarship program is a project of the University of Science and Technology in South Korea. This world-beating, first-class university has more than 21 different departments which are research-based in the different fields of science and engineering. 

Students having an ardent of research related to any field of science or engineering are always welcome to apply for a scholarship and get their place in this reputable institute.

Degrees offered under the UST South Korean Scholarships:

As you know that the UST is a research university that focuses on science and engineering, so here are the programs offered by this esteemed university for scholarships, that lay under the field of science and engineering:

  • In the field of Sciences:
    1. Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology
    2. Marine Sciences
    3. Bio-Analytical Science
    4. Medical Physics
    5. Nano Science
    6. Science of Management 
    7. Food Biotechnology
    8. Industrial Technology
    9. Bioscience
    10. Biotechnology
  • In the field of Engineering:
    1. Information and Communication Technologies
    2. Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering
    3. All Fields

Tuition Expense Coverage and Non-Coverage:

After holding the scholarship for UST, the candidates will be awarded some perquisites, while they will have to bear some of the expenses on their own.


    • Full tuition fees will be paid by the university.
    • 1,100 $ per month stipend will be provided to the students on the Master’s level.
    • 1,600 $ per month stipend will be provided to the students on the Ph.D. level.
    • Health Insurance
    • Orientation
    • Airfare (one-way)


    • Accommodation Support
    • Laptop/Computer

Acceptability Criteria for UST Scholarship Program:

The students who are suitable and eligible for studying at UST will be provided the golden chance to achieve a scholarship. The eligibility criteria of students for both masters and Ph.D. level is given below:

Acceptability Criteria of candidates for Maters Level:

    • This scholarship is for any student willing to apply whether from South Korea or any other country.
    • The interested candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree of 4 years. 
    • Any other degree that is equivalent to the 4-year bachelor’s program is also acceptable and can apply for the master’s level.
    • If you are a student of a bachelor’s degree, you can still apply only if you are sure to get the degree by February 2022.

Acceptable Criteria of candidates for Ph.D. Level:

    • This scholarship is for both national and international levels and anyone from any country can apply.
    • The interested candidates should hold a master’s degree of 2 years.
    • Any other degree that is equivalent to the 2-year master’s program is also acceptable and can apply for the Ph.D. level.
    • If you are a student of a master’s degree, you can still apply only if you are sure to get the degree by February 2022.

The process to apply for a UST Scholarship:

The procedure of applying for a scholarship starting from creating an account to submitting the required documents is listed below in steps.

    1. First of all, you have to create an account on the official website of the UST Scholarship Program.
    2. Second of all, fill the form carefully and recheck it twice.
    3. Third of all, submit and upload the form, once sure.

Documents Required by the Candidates of UST Scholarship Program

    • Acceptance Letter (this is optional as it is not necessary but it will prove to be a plus point and increase your acceptance chances)
    • Submit the Professional CVs (the CVS are supposed to be written professionally and in a good manner as CVs with content besides the point will decrease your chances of entrance)
    • A printed copy of the Academic Record
    • English Language Test Scores
    • Photograph
    • Medical Report
    • Study Plan, research proposal, motivation letter, an intent letter, and SOP.

Deadline for UST Scholarship Application:

The last date for submitting the application forms for the UST Scholarship Program is October 25, 2021. So make sure that you submit your documents before this date as the seats will get full.

Best of Luck!

Dr. Rana

It is our honor to have Rana as our guest author. He is a very famous educationist, motivational speaker, and winner of a prestigious fully-funded scholarship. His articles inspire young students to find global opportunities.

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