Scholarships in Korea 2023

South Korean UST Scholarships 2023-2024 – Fully-Funded Korean Scholarship

UST Korea Scholarships 2023

Deadline December 31, 2022
Opening date September 27, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Korea 2023
Type Fully-Funded
Location South Korea

University of Science & Technology (UST) Scholarships for the class of 2023-2024 are announced for all disciplines. International students can apply for admission at UST Korea.

Korean UST Scholarships are acclaimed academic sponsorships globally because of their high funding. The UST Korean Scholarships are offered at the University of Science & Technology. The University of Science & Technology is one of the leading research institutes in Korea. The university is a government institute that delivers top-notch research education to local and international students. The UST Scholarships are primarily aimed at international students.

The scholarships are funded by the Korean Government. These scholarships provide international students an opportunity to study at the University of Science & Technology without worrying about financial burdens. Follow this article to learn more about the UST Korea Scholarships, coverage & benefits, eligibility criteria, degree levels, application procedure, required documents, English Language requirements, and application deadline.

UST South Korean Scholarships Degree Levels

The UST Scholarships are specifically awarded to Master’s or Ph.D. students willing to undertake their degree programs at the University of Science & Technology. The scholarships are also offered to potential entrants at the University of Science & Technology. These scholarships ensure that Master’s and Ph.D. students are provided comprehensive research opportunities to provide a suitable platform for the launch of their professional careers.

UST South Korean Scholarship Coverage

The UST Scholarships provide various benefits to the awardees. They cover various expenses of the awardees ensuring a hassle-free stay in Korea. Tuition fee is a major concern for international students because of the other expenses that need to be catered to. However, the UST Scholarships cover the full tuition fee of the awardees. The students are also offered health coverage. This can be utilized if the students contract a disease, face a health risk, or are involved in an accident.

The students are also given a monthly stipend to cover their daily expenses and fulfill other arising needs. A stipend of $1,100 is offered to Master’s students. The stipend increases to $1,600 for Ph.D. students. The students will be required to undertake numerous research projects during their degree program. The awardees will have their expenses covered for all the research projects.

Orientation will also be delivered to provide the awardees the relevant practical knowledge. Students may also be required to travel back home during holidays. The scholarship program will cover the travel airfare for the students. This may be scheduled once a year.

UST Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

The students will be required to meet the prescribed criteria to land the UST Scholarships. The main requirement for the scholarship program is that the students must not belong to Korea. The scholarship program is primarily aimed at international students. The students holding dual citizenship are not eligible to apply for the scholarship scheme. Besides these requirements, students from all countries are eligible for applying for the UST Scholarships.

Students will also be required to showcase their previous degrees. For Master’s students, it means that they must present a Bachelor’s degree for eligibility. For students who have their degree ongoing, they can still apply for the scholarship program if the degree is scheduled to be completed in February 2023. The Ph.D. applicants must submit their Master’s degree for eligibility. Students can still apply for the scholarship scheme if their Master’s program is scheduled to be completed in February 2023. Students can submit alternative degrees to Bachelor’s or Master’s for eligibility.

How to Apply for UST South Korean Scholarships?

Follow the steps below to apply for the UST South Korean scholarship programs:

  • Access the UST Korea Scholarships website
  • Click on their application form
  • Fill the relevant details in the empty boxes
  • Attach the required documents
  • Submit your UST Scholarship application form 

Documents Required to Apply for UST Korea Scholarships:

The students will be required to submit various documents during the application process to be considered for the UST Scholarships. They will be required to submit a study proposal, statement of purpose, photographs of the prescribed size, motivation letter, medical report, letter of intent, CV, academic transcripts, thesis, Certificate of English as the Language of Instruction or English Language Proficiency Test, and a recommendation letter.

English Language Requirements at UST Korea:

The students are required to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency through the submission of the required documents. The language of instruction at the University of Science & Technology will be English. Therefore, the students will be required to showcase their fluency in the English language for the administration to understand that they can process and learn the course material through the standard medium of instruction.

To prove English Language Proficiency, the students must submit the Certificate of English. The Certificate of English is proof that the student has undertaken his/her degree program in the English language. However, it can only be provided by students having taken their Bachelor’s or Master’s program in the English language.

The students who have not undertaken their degree programs in English can prove their English Language Proficiency through the submission of English Language Proficiency Test results. The test results accepted by the University of Science & Technology include IELTS, TOEFL, DET, and Cambridge tests.

UST Korea Scholarship Application Deadline: December 30, 2023

The applications for the UST Scholarships close on December 30, 2023.

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