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Taiwan Government Scholarships 2023-2024 for International Students

Apply for Taiwanese Government Scholarships 2023

Deadline January 17, 2023
Opening date October 31, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Taiwan
Type Fully-Funded
Location Taiwan

International students are eligible to apply for the Taiwan Government Scholarships 2023-2024 batch of admissions. These Taiwanese Scholarships 2023 may come from different sources, such as MOE of Taiwan, NTHU, government institutions, and private organizations. Please follow the steps and processes required for a particular scholarship program.

Sponsorship Coverage of Taiwan Government Scholarships 2023

Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOE of Taiwan will provide the following coverage plan for Taiwanese Government Scholarships:

  • NTD 30,000 per month or NTD 360,000 per year for arts subjects
  • NTD 30,000 per month or NTD 360,000 per year for science & engineering
  • Doctoral students: NTD 20,000 per month, tuition up  to NTD 80,000 per year = NTD 320,000 per year
  • Master’s students: NTD 20,000 per month, tuition up to NTD 80,000 per year = NTD 320,000 per year
  • Bachelor students: NTD15,000 per month, tuition up to NTD 80,000 per year = NTD 260,000 per year\
  • MOE will pay up to NTD40,000 each semester for each recipient’s approved tuition, the remaining amount must be paid by the student.

7 Steps of Application for Taiwan Government Scholarships

1 Go to NTHU International Student Online Application System (Link at the end of article)
2 Create Your Account

Create a Login ID (email account) and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to set up an account. Once you have an ID and a PIN, please click “Send.” The system will create an account for you. You cannot begin applying without first setting up your account.
A valid email is required to continue the process, as this will be our primary means of communication with you. If you do not have a valid email account, please create one before proceeding.

3 Fill Out the Application Information

The application has five sections, which are “Applicant Information,” “Family Information,” “Education Background, “Language Background,” and “Other Information.” When finished with each section, please click “Save” and then “Next” to proceed.

4 Fill Out Recommenders and Send the Notice

Fill out your recommenders and click “Send Notice” to proceed.

5 Pay the Fee and Upload the Requirements

Pay the application fees and prepare the materials required for uploading. The applicant must upload all application requirements listed on the checklist.

6 Confirm and Submit Your Application

The applicant must confirm and click “Submit” to complete the application.

7 Track Your Application

After submitting, the applicant can track the application status using the NTHU International Student Online Application System.

Taiwan Scholarship 2023 Application Documents Requirement

#1  An online application form for Taiwan Scholarships
Complete and print out the online application form at National Tsing Hua University Online Application for International Students

#2 A photocopy of diploma in English or Chinese
Applicants for bachelor’s degree programs must provide a photocopy of their high school diploma.
Applicants for master’s degree programs must provide a photocopy of their bachelor’s degree diploma.
Applicants for doctoral degree programs must provide a photocopy of their master’s degree diploma.

#3 Official transcripts in English or Chinese
Applicants for bachelor’s degree programs must submit an official high school transcript.
Applicants for master’s degree programs must submit an official bachelor’s degree transcript.
Applicants for doctoral degree programs must submit official transcripts from both bachelor’s & master’s degrees.

#4 Statement of purpose (SOP)
Please provide a concise study plan with a maximum of three pages. In the study plan, applicants are encouraged to describe their motivation for choosing NTHU, and for choosing the specific department or program that they are applying to. For graduate students, potential contributions to the department and research interests may also be included.

#5 Two recommendation letters
Letters of recommendation are preferably from faculty members capable of evaluating the applicant’s academic qualifications and research potential.

#6 Financial certificate
All applicants are required to provide a financial statement issued by a financial institution showing their financial sustainability (minimum US$ 4,000) for study in Taiwan, or a certificate of scholarship. If the submitted financial statement is not under the name of the applicant, then the applicant’s sponsor(s) must provide an affidavit indicating their relationship to the applicant and their intent to provide financial support throughout his/her period of study.

#7 Declaration form
Print out the declaration form and sign it at the bottom after reading it thoroughly. If applicable, we may ask the applicant to submit a copy of the statement of travel record, or their Forfeited Nationality Permit Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Non-Household Registration Declaration.

#8 Verification of nationality
Applicants must provide a copy of their passport or some other acceptable verification of their nationality.

#9 Program-specific requirements
Applicants must read through the admission instructions for any additional application instructions and/or required documents of the department or program that they are applying to. If applicable, these should be submitted at the same time as their general application.

#10 Pretest
Applicants for Bachelor’s programs must download the Pretest Instructions from Online Application System and submit the pretest (if any).

#11 Application Fee
The regular fee is TWD 2,000 per department/graduate institute. Where an applicant applies for three or more departments/graduate institutes, the fee is TWD 1,500 per additional application from the third application onwards.

#12 Study Plan or Research Proposal
Candidates are required to submit a study plan if they wish to apply for a master’s degree but if the applicant is applying for a doctoral degree then need to submit a research proposal.

Application Deadline for Taiwan Government Scholarship: 17-1-2023

Taiwan Government Scholarships Applications will open in December 2023. The application deadline for these Taiwan Government Scholarships is January 17, 2023 (before 15:00). Please note that late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Deadline for International Students: February 2, 2023, 15:00 pm (Taiwan Time)
Undergraduate Admission Deadline: January 17, 2023, 15:00 pm (Taiwan Time)

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