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University of Kentucky Scholarships 2023 to Study for free in Lexington

Deadline April 15, 2023
Opening date January 20, 2023
Days Remaining Closed
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Admission applications for the University of Kentucky scholarships for the class of 2023-2024 are now being accepted at the admissions department of the University. It is one of your best chances to study for free in Lexington USA.

In fact, the largest university in the state – the University of Kentucky made its name among the top 20 public US research institutions in terms of overall rankings in recent years. If that is new information to you, then wait till you get more shocking information about admissions to the University of Kentucky that will surely urge you to seek admission in the University for earning your higher education degree.

English Language Requirements at the University of Kentucky

IELTS is not a mandatory requirement to apply for admission at the US University of Kentucky because TOEFL and Duolingo tests are also accepted as English language proficiency requirements. The University of Kentucky requires IELTS of a minimum of 6 bands, DET of at least 95, and TOEFL of above 71 iBT, IPT 543+.

Application fees of the University of Kentucky is US$50.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our discussion on admissions at the University of Kentucky.

Admissions Acceptance Rate of the University of Kentucky was 96%

The University of Kentucky is a public land grant institute in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky University comprises 16 colleges and a graduate school that offers more than 93 undergraduate programs, 99 master’s programs, and 66 Ph.D. Programs. 

The University of Kentucky is one of the two Kentucky-based land grant institutes which have the highest enrollments, the other being the Kentucky State University. In 2019, the University of Kentucky enrolled more than 30,500 local and international students in the fall semester only. 

Here is the actual percentage depicting the acceptance and rejection rates at the University of Kentucky:

Acceptance rate at the University of Kentucky 2022: 96%

The annual applicant acceptance rate at the University of Kentucky is much higher as compared to its rate of applications refusal. The acceptance rate at the University of Kentucky as of 2023 was 95.9%.

Rejection rate at the University of Kentucky 2022: 4%

The annual applicant rejection rate at the University of Kentucky is 4.1%. This implies that 4 out of every 100 applications received by the admissions panel at the University of Kentucky are turned down while the remaining 96 applications are processed for admissions.

Scholarships Available at the University of Kentucky:-

According to a study conducted this year, the University of Kentucky advances $393 million on research and development programs alone. And that is not the only investment the institute makes.

The University of Kentucky also spends a considerable amount on funding the education of its enrollees each academic year in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans, and emergency funds. These awards are made on the basis of pure merit and without any regard to the nationality, gender, course program, religion, race, or creed of the students.

Some of the most prestigious US scholarship awards that the University of Kentucky advances to its students are listed below as follows:

  • Kentucky Governor’s Scholar Presidential Awards for Kentucky residents
  • Kentucky Governor’s Scholar Provost Awards for Kentucky residents
  • Bluegrass Spirit Awards for International Students
  • Kentucky Presidential Awards for International students
  • Otis A. Singletary Awards
  • William C. Parker Diversity Scholarships
  • Kentucky Educational Expense Scholarships (KEES)
  • Hope Scholarships for Lifetime Learning
  • Transfer Academic Scholarships
  • Competitive Transfer Scholarships
  • Trustees Scholarships
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
  • Levis D. Mc Cullers Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Lexington’s Women Club Scholarships
  • Suburban Women Club’s Scholarships
  • UK Woman’s Club Scholarships
  • UK Women’s Forum Educational Assistance Award
  • Bluegrass Alliance for Women Legacy of Leadership Scholarships
  • Child Care Grant
  • The Felix E. Martin Junior Scholarships
  • Rogers Scholars Scholarships 
  • Richard Van Florence Committee of 101 Scholarships

Waiting List System at the University of Kentucky:- 

Despite the fact that the University of Kentucky admits more than 95% of its applicants, the Office of Admissions at the university also maintains an efficient waiting list system for those students who could not get admission in their desired course program. 

How does the waiting list system at the University of Kentucky work?

The waiting list system at the University of Kentucky works on a self-service basis. 

Students are required to sign up for the waitlist and get their seat numbers. The students can then add or subtract a course and also view the position on the waitlist. 

Once a seat becomes available to be filled, the university management contacts the first student on the waiting list and offers to them the seat. If the student gives a confirmation message under the time duration specified, then they will be given the seat. If not, then the university will move on to making an offer to the second person on the list.

Note: If a student drops off the waiting list, and then rejoins, they will be given the last seat on the list rather than their previous one.

Application Deadline University of Kentucky: April 15, 2023

You can submit an application for admission at the University of Kentucky before 15 April 2023 for the academic semester of 2024 batch.

Start Working on your applications for the University of Kentucky today!

Did you get to learn something new from this educational news story? If so, then make use of this information by applying to the University of Kentucky on a scholarship. Better hurry up with preparing your applications because the University of Kentucky will open its web portal for accepting online applications for its upcoming semester shortly.

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