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Fully-fundedscholarship.com was founded by Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed. Fully funded Scholarship website is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to providing detailed information and guidance on scholarships opportunities, exchange programs, internships, academic conferences, and career coaching. This fully-fundedscholarship.com is designed to assist students, and fresh graduates in their search and application process for various educational opportunities, helping them secure the right path towards academic and professional success.

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Dr. Engr. Yousaf Saeed, the visionary behind this Fully-fundedScholarship portal, is a distinguished scholar with a track record of securing three prestigious international scholarships for his undergraduate and postgraduate education, including the Australia Awards, CSC, and HKPFS. A proud affiliate of IChemE and a former associate engineer at Aramco, and BYCO oil refinery, his research has been recognized in leading SCI journals, a testament to his academic prowess showcased on his ResearchGate profile.

Driven by a passion for education and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scholars, Dr. Saeed launched this website as a beacon for international students seeking to broaden their horizons through education abroad. Recognized as an eminent educationist and mentor, he excels in guiding students through the intricacies of research and publication, paving their way towards securing intellectual property (Patents).

On this mission, Dr. Saeed offers invaluable insights and mentorship to students, illuminating paths to fully funded scholarships, exchange programs, internships, and rewarding career trajectories in research.

Renowned for his artistry in presentation design, Dr. Engr Yousaf has garnered acclaim as a top-tier presentation artist, with his portfolio accessible on presentationwork.com. His freelance expertise shines on platforms such as freelancer.com and peopleperhour.com, where he is recognized as a leading professional. Beyond freelancing, he has a knack for digital entrepreneurship, having successfully launched and scaled multiple online ventures before strategically exiting them.

The inspirational story of Dr.Engr Yousaf Saeed was also featured by platforms like StartupPakistan, TechBullion, Mediabites etc. To delve deeper into Dr. Saeed’s educational background and entrepreneurial exploits, as well as to discover the milestones that mark his professional and motivational journey, visit his personal website at www.Mentorship.page.

You can get in touch with him on his Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram channel.