How to Apply for Xiamen University CSC Scholarship 2024?

Xiamen University High Level Postgrad CSC Scholarship 2024 Batch

If you’re an international student aiming to pursue your academic dreams in China at no cost, the Chinese Government Scholarship-University Program at Xiamen University in 2024 might be your golden ticket! This program is a fantastic initiative for exceptional students who meet certain age requirements, providing a full-ride scholarship to study various degree programs at Xiamen University.

The scholarship not only covers tuition fees but also provides for housing and a monthly living allowance, making it a comprehensive package for students looking to immerse themselves in the educational and cultural life of China. Our article breaks down everything you need to know about this opportunity, including the eligibility criteria, the range of courses offered, and the steps to apply. Delve into the details and find out how you can leverage this scholarship to fulfill your educational aspirations in China.

Sponsorship Announced by Xiamen University 2024 September Batch

For students keen on studying in China without the financial burden, the Xiamen University CSC Scholarship offers a lucrative opportunity.

This CSC scholarship at Xiamen University for 2024 batch significantly reduces your educational expenses by covering tuition fees and providing a monthly living allowance, which varies depending on the level of study: CNY 2,500 for undergraduate students, CNY 3,000 for master’s students, and CNY 3,500 for doctoral candidates.

Moreover, the scholarship ensures you have a comfortable stay by offering free accommodation in university dormitories or a housing allowance if you prefer to live off-campus. Additionally, it includes medical insurance coverage up to CNY 800 annually, adding a layer of security for your health needs during your studies in China. This comprehensive support system is designed to make your academic journey in China both affordable and enriching.

Age Limit Set by Xiamen University for Scholarships

If you’re a prospective bachelor’s degree student, you should be under 25 years old and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. For those looking to pursue a master’s degree, the requirement is to be under 35 years old with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification. Lastly, doctoral degree applicants need to be under 40 years old and possess a master’s degree or its equivalent.

Application Process of Xiamen University CSC Scholarship 2024

To apply for the CSC Scholarship at Xiamen University in 2024, the process is twofold.

Firstly, you need to secure admission to a program at Xiamen University. This involves filling out the university’s admission form, available on their official admissions webpage. Once you have been admitted, the next step is to apply for the China government scholarship itself.

The CSC scholarship application is completed online through the China Scholarship Council’s website with documents. Here, you’ll need to fill out the necessary details, including the agency number for Xiamen University, which is 10384, and select the ‘Type B’ CSC scholarship option. Postgraduate applicants are also required to obtain a pre-acceptance letter from their prospective supervisor at the university and upload this with their application.

Application Deadline of Xiamen University High Level Postgraduate Scholarship 2024-2025

The window for applications will remain open from December 1, 2023, to February 15, 2024 to accept online applications for admissions at Xiamen University for their High Level Postgrad CSC Scholarship 2024-2025 batch starting classes in September 2024.

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