Research Proposal for Scholarship Applications with Example [Pro Guide]

A research proposal is a scientific letter proposing a scientific project with research objectives, plan of execution, enlisting expected challenges, briefing on required equipment or facilities, and funding grant. An impressive research proposal also shed some light on the impact of the proposed research outcomes on society and, environment.

A research proposal is an integral part of the scholarship application purpose, whether national or international. Preparing a document like a research proposal is always considered a hectic task. But, as you are reading this article, you better do not worry anymore! This article is going to address all the queries you have about writing an impressive yet detailed research proposal, and also provide you a pro guide that you can use to start writing your research proposal today.

What does a Research Proposal do?

The research proposal serves as the introduction of your entire proposed research study. Moreover, it is drafted in a way that it actually guides the reader on what the research is going to be with what results can be expected from it. It provides insights on expected challenges, required facilities, and funding too. Besides all that, it lets the reader know what measures have already been taken to enhance the outcomes of the planned research. Also, it manifests your skill levels and the level of knowledge you possess in the relevant field. Furthermore, the research proposal gives the reader some hints about the methodology you are going to pursue. 

Why do I need to write a research proposal?

A research proposal assists you in presenting your proposed research in a comprehensive manner. It lets you explain the important objectives of it. Also, you get to address the potential questions in advance. So when you are being interviewed, the interviewer is left with a limited number of questions as the most significant questions have already been answered by the proposal itself. In short, it is your chance to express the ‘core objective’ of your research. 

How long should a research proposal be?

According to contemporary standards, a research proposal should be spread across 4-6 pages and consist of around 2500-3500 words.

ProGuideguide to Draft a Winning Research Proposal:

#1 Prepare a cover page

The cover page is undoubtedly the first impression of not just your proposal but the entire research. It should contain the following key elements:

      • Title of the research
      • Your name
      • Supervisor’s name
      • The name of the affiliated institution

Moreover, give your cover page some suitable background and choose formal font style. Make it look professional and decent.

#2 Write the introduction with Research Objectives

Introduction enjoys the starting part of the proposal. It plays a very crucial role in setting the mood of the reader. After a decent-looking cover page, if the reader encounters a well-formatted and well-written introduction, the chances of success automatically go high. The fundamental task of the introduction is to introduce the objective of the research. Moreover, it also states the background and the precious developments in the relevant field. In addition to all that, the emphasis should be on the gaps that have been left behind by the previous researches in the same field. Your attitude of filling the current gaps makes the reader acknowledge your professionalism. Moreover, you also need to shed some light on the possible outcomes of your research.

#3 Give due attention to the literature review

You mention the literature you have concerned in the process of learning more about your research objective. The literature review shows the reader your enthusiasm for your research. Moreover, it also manifest that your research is not something novel and has a background. Another plus point of a well-formatted literature review is its capability to let the leader know what has already been accomplished in the relevant field and what exactly your research is going to contribute.

#4 Write down your research methodology

In this part of the proposal you simply mention the steps you are going to take to achieve the desired outcomes. In other words, the ‘research methodology’ states your approach to the research. This helps the reader assess the practicality of your research. Hence, you have to be very accurate with this portion of the proposal. You better analyze every point you mention as an examiner too. See whether your points make sense or not. Also, mention the limits of your methodology. In short, be realistic with your approach.

#5 Mention a timeline

Divide your research into a number of stages. Then mention the possible time you need to reach each stage and also the standard time you like to allot each stage. The timeline includes everything; from the start to the very end of the research including the literary work. The timeline helps you as well as the institution keep track of the research. Moreover, it serves as a reminder when you are into the depths of your research giving excessive time to a specific stage.

#6 State the required funds

You simply mention the budget of your entire research. To make it understandable, you have to break the research into parts and state how much will each part cost. Carefully mention all the expenses. As once you have been allocated an amount, you hardly get any additional cash. 

#7 Bibliography or referencing

This includes references to research papers, articles, or books you have mentioned anywhere in your entire proposal. 

Research Proposal Must Be Factual and Write it in Scientific Tone!

    • Do not give your research an ambiguous title. Be straightforward and simple with it.
    • The writing should manifest relevant jargon. However, the language should be understandable- in other words, reader-friendly.
    • If you don’t consider yourself too good’ with language, you can seek the help of a language professional. Unfortunately, language errors have a very negative effect on the overall outcomes. 
    • Write brief sentences. Sentences that state the core idea only.

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