Tourists Can Work in UK on Tourist VISA in 2024

The United Kingdom, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, has always been a top destination for tourists and professionals worldwide. In a groundbreaking move, the UK government has now updated its immigration rules, effective January 31, 2024, allowing visitor visa holders to engage in work-related activities. This change is set to reshape the landscape of travel and work in the UK.

What’s New in the UK Visitor Visa?

1# Expanded Opportunities

Under the new policy, tourists can now conduct work-related activities during their stay. This is a significant shift from the previous rules that restricted work opportunities for those on tourist visas.

2# Scope of Work Activities

The policy allows visitors to work remotely, provided their primary purpose of visit is not work. This opens doors for professionals like scientists, researchers, and academics to conduct short-term research. However, digital nomads and certain academic professionals applying for longer stays are excluded from this provision.

3# Legal Professionals

Lawyers visiting on tourist visas also benefit from expanded activities, allowing them to engage in certain legal tasks while in the UK.

Benefits and Impact

1# Boosting Business and Tourism

This policy is a strategic move to enhance business and tourism prospects. By allowing tourists to engage in work activities, the UK is set to attract a broader spectrum of visitors, potentially boosting the economy.

2# Opportunities for Professionals

Professionals in various fields now have the opportunity to combine work and travel, making the UK a more attractive destination for short-term business engagements and academic research.

Requirements and Limitations

While the policy is liberal in its approach, it comes with specific requirements and limitations. The work conducted must align with the visitor’s purpose of travel, primarily tourism or non-work-related reasons. The exclusion of digital nomads suggests a focus on short-term and specific nature of work.


The UK’s new visa policy marks a pivotal shift in how tourists and professionals can experience the country. It not only enhances the appeal of the UK as a travel destination but also opens up new avenues for international collaboration and professional growth. This policy update is a testament to the UK’s evolving approach towards tourism and business, adapting to the changing needs of a globalized world

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