Letter of Recommendation for Scholarships [Download Template – 2024 Version Available]

Best Guide to Write a Recommendation Letter: Recommendation Letter for Scholarship Application

Applying for a scholarship or admission into a foreign University will definitely require you to submit a recommendation letter. Especially the US, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, and Saudi educational institutions and scholarships are known for asking ‘recommendation letter’ along with the scholarship application. It plays a very crucial role in the success of your scholarship application. Hence, paying attention to it is necessary.

Letter of Recommendation is a document issued by the candidate’s previously attended institution’s [professor, in-charge, or manager]; for recommending [him/her] into another organization for [scholarship, admission, or job position]. The recommendation letter is a witness proof of the high morale character, good academics, and other skillsets of the candidate. It tells the reviewers why this candidate will be an asset for the organization.

What is a Recommendation Letter? 

As a candidate who is applying for a scholarship, you need to be recommended by a professor, mentor, or any senior official of your contemporary institution for the scholarship. The recommendation from the professional is drafted and attached to the scholarship application. Henceforth, this document is commonly termed a ‘letter of recommendation.’ 

Why is a Recommendation Letter Required?

The institution or the organization offering scholarship wants to know about you. They can do this by asking you to write a statement of purpose, motivation letter, or letter of intent. But, in other cases, the institution or organization may ask you to hand in a recommendation letter that is written not by you but by your teacher, mentor, or supervisor. Hence, it facilitates the scholarship-providing institution and lets them have a look at a professional analysis of your academic as well as personal profile.

What to Write in a Recommendation Letter?

An impressively written letter of recommendation states the following:

  • Student-Teacher PR

This section can acquire a complete paragraph. Your teacher or mentor expresses the present relationship between him/her and you. It describes how respectful you have been throughout the entire period of engagement. Also, your teacher can state the level of comfort you both had while working with each other. In short, this part of the letter is focused on your social qualities.

  • An analysis of your academic career

Your teacher/mentor gives an analysis of your academic activities that he/she has been related to. Your teacher will describe your attitude to academic challenges and your work ethic to deal with those challenges. He/she will also shed some light on your weakness and also the recommendations to fix those issues. Furthermore, your teacher expresses his/her opinion on your overall performance as well as the progression over the period of engagement. To make this part look good, the primary emphasis should be on the qualities you possess.

  • A brief note on your accomplishments

This paragraph states all the goals you accomplished during the engagement with your teacher. Moreover, your teacher can add all your achievements of yours so far, but emphasizing the recent ones would be better. The paragraph ends with a statement on your potential to achieve more. 

  • The final comments

This is the concluding paragraph. It summarizes the content of the letter and proves your case for the scholarship. It brings the discussion back to square one; the merit that makes you the perfect fit for the scholarship and institution. It states, in brief, all the factors that made the teacher/mentor recommend you for the scholarship.

Letter of Recommendation Template

[Insert Name of the Recipient],
[Insert designation & other details of Recipient],
[Insert Address of Recipient].

[Insert Name of the Sender],
[Insert designation & other details of Sender],
[Insert Address of Sender].

Subject: [Insert Subject line of Recommendation Letter] Date: [Insert Date].

To whom it may concern,

I was the [mentor/professor/teacher] of [Student name here] for [years]. I am aware of [Student name here] application for admission and scholarship in your [educational institution name here]. I like to recommend [Student name here] for admission and scholarship because of [His/Her] abilities, and academic competency. It is my assessment and project that [Student name here] will be an asset to your institution for sure. [Student name here] completed all the assignments that i request in a timely manner with excellent quality standards and i believe [Student name here] will keep on doing the same quality work in the future. [Student name here] Possesses high morale, good nature and proven to be a self-motivated person, and has the ability to cope with unforeseen challenges. Therefore, i would like to recommend [Student name here] for higher studies at your institution.

If you seek any further information or need to know anything about [him/her] further, then please get in touch with me at the following email or contact number.


[Professor Name Here],
[Professor Email & contact number Here],
[Professor Sign Here],
Professor Stamp with a date here].

What NOT to Write in a Recommendation Letter?

    • Many students face failure just because they come up with a substandard letter which is not acceptable at all. Downloading a sample letter won’t help you, no matter how good the letter is.
    •  Moreover, the vocabulary of letters, sometimes, creates problems for the reader. The letter contains extraordinary words which are difficult to interpret. The more difficult it is to understand, the fewer chances you have to qualify. 
    • Irrelevant content should be kept at bay. Your letter should not contain any fact, point, or argument that seems irrelevant to the cause.

Some helpful Tips for Letter of Recommendation Writeup:

    • Keep the written expression very specific. if you are getting a recommendation letter from a professor of computer science, the language of the letter should manifest the qualification of the writer. 
    • Get a letter that can be useful at multiple forums. You won’t be disturbing the senior faculty every time you apply for a scholarship!
    • The emphasis of the letter should be on appreciating your plus points.
    • The letter should follow a set plan. It should not be an amalgamation of random thoughts.
    • You can download a sample letter if you want. It will surely assist in setting the pattern of the letter.

Now it’s time to act and get the job done! 

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