Governments Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS to Study Abroad for Free

Fully-funded Scholarships With IELTS Exemption for International Students

International Universities and Governments are offering admissions on fully-funded Scholarships without IELTS requirement for the class of 2024-2025; for undergrad, postgrad, short courses, and exchange programs and this is why i wrote this article for all of my students to save this page and keep applying for all of the below listed scholarships to see yourself in abroad while enrolled at a top class university and studying there for free!

So Hello, folks!

This article includes information about the list of scholarships that do not require IELTS scores so if you want to study abroad without taking the IELTS exam then start preparing your documents for these scholarships now.

Studying abroad appeals to everyone however, most people give up on this because of IELTS requirement as this test is now very expensive to take so why not we select and apply for those international scholarships which do not require us to submit IELTS exam.

Fully-funded Scholarships Without IELTS are Available in 2024

Most international scholarships are fully funded and you will be happy to know that you do not need to submit IELTS or TOEFL certificate in submitting an application for these scholarships actually.

You can finish your undergraduate, masters, or Phd degree course without taking IELTS exam because i have compiled a list of scholarships that do not require IELTS test but please keep in mind you still might be asked to submit English language proficiency certificate or an any IELTS alterative test.

All of these Scholarships without IELTS are fully funded academic opportunities:

#1 Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarships

So i started with Doha Institute for Graduate student scholarships which is sponsored by Qatari higher education institution for master’s degree subjects without IELTS exam requirement.

Location: Doha, Qatar
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#2 Toyohashi University Scholarship in Japan

You will be glad to know Toyohashi University of Technology is willing to pay for education of international students for subjects of Masters or Doctoral degrees and to be eligible for this scholarship, students no longer need to learn Japanese language in advance or pass IELTS exam.

Location: Japan
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#3 Schwarzman Scholarship China

Schwarzman Scholars is also on my list of IELTS exempted scholarship list because this is a fully-funded Chinese masters degree scholarship which is offered at Tsinghua University in Beijing for international students.

Location: China
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#4 Gates Cambridge Scholarship United Kingdom

Now let me share a scholarship from UK and that is also announced for class of 2024-2025 and all my foreign students are encouraged to apply for this Gates Cambridge  scholarships without IELTS requirement.

Location: United Kingdom
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#5 NCTU Scholarships in Taiwan

You can also apply for NCTU Scholarships 2024 in Taiwan which is now accepting applications for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs without the need of IELTS exam.

Location: Taiwan
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#6 Islamic Development Bank Scholarships

I also recommend you to apply for Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarship which is now accepting applications for undergrad, masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral research programs, as well as vocational education and under this Islamic Development Bank Scholarship, you will be able to study at some of the world’s best universities, including those in the United Kingdom, Oxford, and Turkey. 

Location: around the world
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#7 University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarships

Applications for the 2024 intake are now being accepted. All expenses are covered by the UBD Scholarship and there is no application fee needed and no IELTS certificate is required to apply for this Brunei government scholarship which is offered for the subjects like islamic studies, business, arts, science, Health sciences, Asian studies, policy studies, education, biodiversity, and integrated technologies.

Location: around the world
IELTS Requirements: No
Financial Aid: Fully Funded

#8 Scholarships in Australia without IELTS

I also recommend you to take a look at Australian universities and government sponsored scholarships which are open for applications in 2024 for all international students who can speak English langauge and are highly committed to conduct good research if given good laboratory facilities. So, the following Australian scholarships are among my top choices that i suggest you to apply for in 2024:

#9 Scholarships in Canada without IELTS

If you wish to study abroad without taking the IELTS or TOEFL then also consider applying for admission in Canada which might be the right place for you because several top-ranked Canadian colleges do not require TOEFL or IELTS exams for admission at any of these following Canadian universities:

#10 Scholarships in Germany without IELTS

Let me surprise you by saying this that the education in Germany is totally free and let me further surprise you by saying this that IELTS is not needed and fully funded German scholarships are also offered to international students and if i got your attention then feel free to check scholarships from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Germany in 2024 which are open for applications.

#11 Scholarships in Malaysia without IELTS or TOEFL

If you want to study abroad without taking the IELTS then Malaysia is a good option after Singapore because entry requirement for admissions at Malayian Universities for international students is easy and also because Malaysia is one of Asia’s top study destinations so there is no requirement for IELTS. And please consider any of the following listed scholarships in Malaysia for 2024 batch intake:

#12 Scholarships in Thailand without IELTS or TOEFL

Please check the webpage of Asian Institute of Technology which provides a fantastic opportunity for international students to study in Thailand for free on a scholarship without having to take the IELTS or TOEFL exams.

#13 Scholarships in Lithuania without IELTS or TOEFL

Lithuanian Scholarship applications are open for all International Students and you can study at Lithuania’s best colleges without worrying about any educational expense if you manage to win a fullyfunded Lithuanian scholarship and for that you need to submit an application and there is no IELTS requirement for that. 

Location: Lithuania
Level of study: Masters & PhD
Scholarship Status: Full fee waive offered
Eligibility: All International applicants
Deadline: 10 December

#14 ANSO Scholarship in China

ANSO scholarship of China was renamed from CAS-TWAS Scholarship and i strongly suggest all my students to please check your eligibility for this Chinese scholarship because this is very very highly paid and cover all educational fund whereas this also gives you a chance to learn Chinese language for free during your stay in China.

Country: China
University: Peking University
Course Level: Masters Only
Value: Fully Funded

#15 Chinese Scholarships without IELTS

International students without IELTS certificates and no application fee funding and interested to study undergrad, or MS or doctoral degrees abroad can now apply for fully-funded Chinese Government Scholarships at 270+ Chinese Universities and all these China fully funded scholarships will be covering full tuition fees, monthly stipend disbursements, and medical and residential allowances.

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